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America as a World Power

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1 America as a World Power
Chapter 18-4 p. 565

2 Russo-Japanese War 1904 - Tsar Nicholas II declared war on Japan
Japan launches surprise attack on Russian fleet in Pacific Second fleet destroyed too Wins land battles in Korea and Manchuria Japan begins to run out of resources

3 Roosevelt the Peacemaker
First meeting took place on Presidential Yacht Treaty of Portsmouth Nobel Peace Prize

4 The Panama Canal Philippe Bunau-Varilla sells private French company route (40 mill) Need Columbian Permission Panamanian Rebellion Nov. 3rd, 1903 Independence 10 Million Plus annual rent of 250,000 for the land


6 The Roosevelt Corollary
Latin American nations develop debt Monroe Doctrine (1823) Stay away Europe! Roosevelt Corollary U.S. would use force to protect its economic interests in Latin America Dollar Diplomacy William H. Taft’s policy Guarantee loans made to foreign countries

7 Woodrow Wilson’s Missionary Diplomacy
U.S. had a moral responsibility to deny governments that were… Oppressive Undemocratic Hostile The Mexican Revolution Francisco Madero leads overthrow of government, but is poor leader Killed by General Victoriano Huerta “Government of butchers” - Wilson

8 “Watchful Waiting” April 1914 - Americans accidentally arrested
Huerta regime collapses 1915 Wilson recognizes Venustiano Carranza Withdraw troops

9 Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata
Opposed Carranza’s gov. (1916) American engineers - invite turns deadly 2 months later Pancho’s men kill 17 Americans Brigadier General John J. Pershing Troops clash in 1916 Facing war in Europe Both sides back down

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