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A sneak peek.

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1 a sneak peek

2 About Us IT company specializing in Products, Design & Development
Founded in April 2000 Run by a team of IT professionals with diverse background in Advertising, Communication, Finance and Marketing Hallmark – Simply Creative

3 What We Do Products Design & Development
Customized Software Development GUI Design

4 Product and Services Services Products LAMP CiviCRM Website Store AIMM
JAVA Indura – OneSite Indura – OneSource K-Class K-Content .Net RiskSpan CMS IBH – WFMS Upstream Inspection Reporting Tool Products Office ScreenPen WA-CRM WA-Presenter EPF WA Survey Online Forms Educational Virtual Camera CVBT Web Exam MusicMaker Course Evaluation Survey Financial DataSpan Edgar Converter Shipping RHMP digiORB iView WA-TAPS Guarantee Claims Insurance Tracker

5 LAMP : CiviCRM Constituent Relationship Management (CRM)
Designed for Non-Profits, NGOs, Advocacy and Political Campaigns Project of Social Source Foundation (501c3) Open source (free) software supported by a community of users, developers and technology providers Integrates with Drupal and Joomla Content Management Systems CMS’s Internationalized

6 LAMP : CiviCRM Features
Store contact information for constituents (donors, members, clients, volunteers, affiliate organizations, etc.) Define custom fields specific to your needs Organize constituents into groups Flexible search capabilities Track interactions such as meetings, phone calls, s, and define custom interaction types Easy site configuration using Administration Panel Easy Import and Export of data CiviContribute - Manage Contribution CiviMember - Membership Management CiviEvent - Event Management CiviMail – Mass Mailing

7 LAMP : Website Store Custom designed, industry specific websites
Be up and running online in as little as 10 Days. Search Engine friendly designs. Completely customizable to suit your business image. Multiple location websites available. State-of-the-Art OFFERS module. Conversion friendly designs.

8 LAMP : Website Store Features Fast sites, pages load quickly
Search engine friendly designs Conversion friendly designs Professionally written and designed by industry experts Industry specific photos Dynamic OFFERS module Instantaneous sales inquiry notifications Easy to customize with your copy and photos Manage multiple locations 8

9 LAMP : AIMM More impact for less money.
Results without a large investment. Up and running immediately. Setup in about 30-minutes.

10 LAMP : AIMM Features Trackable toll-free telephone number(s)
Record incoming calls Call performance dashboard Track campaign Cost per Lead easily Track campaign Cost per Acquisition easily Easily see ROI by campaign source Real time ad optimization Track offline and online campaigns Ad campaign performance dashboard 10

11 JAVA : Indura OneSite Indura OneSite is a shrink-wrapped solution for eBusiness support and IT OneSite monitoring solutions provide real-time visibility on how your eBusiness is performing and helps identify areas of concern OneSite provides the ability to view any customer’s or the caller’s session in full graphic detail Monitors and records all critical transactions at your site Automatically detects and notifies appropriate personnel of all exceptions – both technology and business related Ensures that site problems are caught instantly and resolved before they escalate 11

12 JAVA : Indura OneSite Features
OneSite ensures trouble-free online experiences for your valued customers, partners and suppliers With OneSite Service, you will be the first to know of any site issues the instant they occur OneSite enables you to leverage your management time to focus on the top issues Navigation Results Contents

13 JAVA : Indura OneSource
OneSource is a comprehensive platform for managing complex business processes The system not only spans multiple systems, but also entities across your value chain It complements existing applications and IT infrastructure, with additional business and operational logic It is designed to rapidly create tailored solutions that address specific business requirements Typical implementations times range from days based on complexity, and cost a fraction of traditional systems 13

14 JAVA : Indura OneSource
Features Enables accurate and timely business decisions Improves the velocity and control of key processes Improves productivity of employees by enabling management by exception Measures key performance indicators (KPIs) of your business Keeps pace with changes to your business and markets Menu Options Product Location Product Brand

15 JAVA : K-Class A Simple, Language-independent learning environment, with access to all content and content resources K-Class is a resource rich learning environment for all subjects Customization to subject specific learning Built-in utilities Link to internal and external resources 15

16 JAVA : K-Class Features
K-Class is a book library, music library, video and animation library and image bank K-Class is virtual labs for all subjects The product is easy to use Totally customizable application Flexible & evolving library management system Navigation Menu Content Area Hide Floating Menu

17 JAVA : K-Content K-Content is an easy-to-use content creator
It enables ordinary users to quickly create high-impact content Creating complex multi-media presentations is a breeze Complex transition effects including gradients, rotations, are a click away Allows CLO’s integrated with K-Class to be created Creates dynamic and high-impact presentations Integrated with K-Class Allows creation of Comprehensive Learning Objects Seamlessly uses Independent Learning Objects from within K-Library 17

18 Selection of Functional Menu
JAVA : K-Content Features Text Formatting Adding Images, Audios, Videos, Animations Gradients, Rotations, Graphics shapes, Flip flopping objects Hyperlinks, Transition effects Open, Save and Edit presentations Export and Import slides and Preview Work Area Selection of Functional Menu Preview Thumbnails 18

19 .Net : RiskSpan RiskSpan provides a web-based, integrated, and zero maintenance service It combines seamless and real time data integration, risk management, analytics, and reporting for both intra-day and end-of-day processes Its goal is to be the premier application service provider for trading, sales and risk professionals globally The technology represents the next generation of flexible, customizable, web-based solutions for tier-one institutions, hedge funds and financial professionals globally RiskSpan's real-time portfolio risk analytics and data optimization put risk professionals in the driver's seat The product is well ahead of current industry standards RiskSpan’s range of solutions optimizes decision making through real-time capability and extensive instrument coverage Impressive computational time on instruments and sample portfolios increases flexibility in trade management 19

20 .Net : RiskSpan Features Capabilities
Integration. Integrated with external feeds or can feed external systems Distributed Computation. Faster computation, unlimited scalability, proprietary parallelization and caching algorithms Architecture. Optional inside-the-firewall installation Service-Oriented. Functional services and easy-to-plug custom models Keeping Current. Ongoing development and integration of new models Advantages Confidentiality. Each client assigned a proprietary database to control confidential data Complete Functionality. Allows for trade capture; position management; journal entry; counterparty and account management Web Services. SOAP interfaces; web-based service access to all functionality Processing. Straight through processing Maintenance. Zero maintenance; reduces the need to develop in house systems

21 .Net : CMS -Clinic Management System
Clinic Management software is suitable for a clinic with multiple doctors and consulting rooms It was developed keeping polyclinics and specialist doctors in mind The emphasis for CMS is mainly on the ease of use and portability Clinic Management software which helps in efficient clinic management It allows to manage Doctor’s appointments Medical billing Patients treatment history Diagnostics information The administrative activities of a clinic or small hospital 21

22 .Net : CMS - Clinic Management System
Features Manage Appointments. Manage Client Relationship Manage Accounts Prescription Management Strong Reporting Features Doctor Panel Services Offered Time allotment for service

23 .Net : IBH-WFMS WFMS has significantly improved productivity
Additionally has improved measurability across all parameters and tasks Performance appraisal has become objective and measurable Clients ability to have a real time view of progress has increased transparency and client confidence End to end workflow management system for a publishing BPO Allows even clients to see status of jobs Extensive MIS system 23

24 .Net : IBH-WFMS Features Client can login and add jobs, remotely
Client can view status of the current jobs Client can view the past job reports Users can view the jobs summary Users can view the current jobs progress Alert mails can be set to automatically be set before completion of job Admin can create different types of roles and assign different roles to different users, dynamically Admin can restrict each page access to different types of users Main Menu Job Results Page Summary Report

25 Upstream Inspection Reporting Tool
This project is created to automate the Pipe Quality Reporting System and make the reports available online to SGS’s various customers. The application will facilitate uploading of inspection data, screens for entering master specification data, apply data range to different types of drill pipes, drill collars and heavy weight drill pipes, facilitate generation of reports and make these reports available online to the clients.

26 Upstream Inspection Reporting Tool
Features Admin Add/Edit/Delete/Search a Client/Company, User, Rig, Purchase Order and Item Specification (Drill Pipe, Heavy Weight Drill Pipe, Drill Collar) View User Logs, Roles and Privileges, and Reports of all clients. Take Print and Export to Excel of reports Inspector Enter inspected data Save the partially filled report and complete it later. Submit the report. All Submitted reports can be viewed after clicking Submitted Report menu. Quality Controller View Submitted Report by inspector, modify report if necessary, and can submit approved reports Hide/ Show report to client. Client Client have the facility to view existing reports (Inspection or Draft) Add/Edit comments in the report

27 ScreenPen ScreenPen is a presentation tool that will make your presentations stand out Screen Pen works on any screen and allows you to highlight, write, erase When you pull out your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, or any other file, ScreenPen can be used to make your point Making presentations interactive, visible and understandable Blending proven aids like the chalk, marker pen and highlighter with modern tools like Excel, the Internet, pdf’s It also allows you to magnify selected areas during your presentation 27

28 ScreenPen Features ScreenPen can be easily started at any time using a hotkey Can change the thickness of the Hi-Liter, as well as change the colors during highlighting Standard Colors i.e. Red, Blue, Green & Yellow included, as well as a Color Palette for highlighting On Startup, the applications resides quietly in the System Tray waiting for user input All the controls available via Hotkeys for ease of operation Can change the thickness of the Hi-Liter Standard Colors i.e. Red, Blue, Green & Yellow included, as well as a Color Palette for highlighting All the controls available via Hotkeys for ease of operation

29 WA-CRM WA-CRM is a Customer Relationship Management tool with a difference. It’s simple The product is targeted at SMBs and emerging business WA-CRM helps manage customer relationships from the beginning of the sales lifecycle, Leads to the on-going relationship management, support and scheduled communication WA-CRM is a commercial solution that helps enterprise businesses to manage customer relationships in a highly organized and efficient way In today's competitive market, it is essential to build and sustain relationship with customers, while keeping costs low WA-CRM allows you to deliver results better than ever before 29

30 Manageable customers’ information. Compatible with Mail server.
WA-CRM Features Multiple users with different roles Fully customizable system and server settings Editable user information Manageable vendors’ information Manageable customers’ information Filtering of customers and vendors through search and advance search features Compatible with Mail server Automatic Routing of Incoming Mails Auto responses sent to customers according to their cases Filtering of customers and vendors through search and advanced search features Manageable customers’ information. Compatible with Mail server.

31 WA-Presenter WA-Presenter is a highly recommended product for research agencies Currently being tested by 1 of the world’s leading research agency Makes the task of creating multiple standardized presentations faster, better and more accurate WA Presenter is a presentation tool, which will let you relax, while it does the hard work of creating presentations with Charts from your Survey Data The presentations are created in a time that is 90% lesser compared to the conventional manual method, saving large amount of time wasted by doing the same manually WA Presenter works on any system that has Office 2007 installed and allows you to create PowerPoint Presentations An Accuracy of nearly 99% can be achieved upon successful completion of the PowerPoint creation process 31

32 Template and CSV file selection
WA-Presenter Features Decreases time by 90% Accuracy of nearly 99% when the Final Presentation is produced. Continuous Survey presentation automated creation Learning the software is easy as no technical Skills are needed User friendly User-Interface and hence less confusing Template and CSV file selection Chart file info Progress bar

33 EPF The Executable Presentation Format has been created to make training easy to deliver Its in-built navigation and productivity tools allow trainers to conduct a non-linear training based on the flow of the course Allows standardized presentations across multiple trainers Allows for common updates and version tracking Easy to use presentation tool for training Simple navigation and productivity tools such as black board and white board in-built Secure Non-editable 33

34 EPF Features PowerPoint input Non editable Multi level navigation
Support for multiple modules Links to files, internal, external as well as on the web Home Navigation Navigation menu Content Area

35 WA-Survey The incredibly feature rich and powerful WASurvey application It allows you to easily deploy surveys. It provides tools to create, administer, and analyze surveys. WASurvey provides intuitive and visually appealing interface to your surveys. Print survey responses in pdf or simply export to csv or excel files. WASurvey provides you with the flexibility of options. Survey Creation Easy Design Advanced logical transitions Themes Advanced Invitation System Template Based Approach Summary Reports Graphical Reports Import Participants Import Test Participants Export Participants Course & Instructor Evaluation 35

36 WA-Survey Features Basic Survey Administration
Multiple Question Templates Easy Design Question Bank Advanced logical transitions Themes Advanced Invitation System Template Based Approach Multiple Distribution Options Conduct Test Surveys 36

37 Online Forms Web based online system LDAP enabled
Simplifies form management process Makes form tracking and monitoring a click away Reporting system for tracking form submission and record keeping 37

38 Online Forms Features Identify and upload employees Upload forms
Select forms to be filled with deadline of completion Send notification s to all employees required to submit the form(s) with deadline of completion on one click of mouse Employees select the forms applicable to them, fill and submit online Monitor status of form submission – form wise and department wise Generate status reports Send reminder mails Print completed form(s) centrally Electronic record of filled forms mailed to employees automatically Facilitate employees to maintain tracking sheet to record transactions of benefits received Fill forms partially and save for completion later Ethics Office can review the completed forms 38

39 Virtual Camera Virtual Camera is a hands-on training tool
Photography students are able to understand the concepts of framing and composing The tool is able to illustrate the difference between an ordinary photograph and an extraordinary one Virtual Camera is a learning tool for composition of photos Its abbreviated name is ‘vcam’ 39

40 Virtual Camera Features Fast loading of image Easy snap shot tool
Save multiple snaps Snap view Click Button Control Buttons

41 CVBT - Computer Video Based Training System
CVBT has been effectively used to train adults in skills required at the work place The explanations provided with each question after every module, and the trial tests have been effectively used by users of the product, for learning The assessment module has allowed user organizations to measure the learning at an individual level It’s primary application is in creating self learning training programs 41

42 CVBT - Computer Video Based Training System
Features Easy-to-use Self paced Learning validation through questions after each module Tracking of completed training Comprehensive assessment module Question and Numbers Navigation Video and Explanation 42

43 Web Exam A web enabled online testing tool
Allows you to easily create your own tests and administer it to multiple users Web Exam is a web enabled online examination framework that allows you to Create a question bank Create multiple tests Administer the tests to multiple users View reports Using this tool you can divide a test into one or multiple sections Define pass questions or overall pass percentage for the test Assign marks to questions in a section You can also create multiple tests for diverse requirements Its extremely reasonable cost, makes it a must have product for training institutes 43

44 Unanswered Question Numbers
Web Exam Features Manage Categories and search Categories Manage Examiners and search Examiners Manage Examinees and search Examinees Manage Questions and search Questions Examinee Information Unanswered Question Numbers Section Wise Info

45 MusicMaker A unique software for young music lovers to release their creativity by having a virtual orchestra and recording studio at their command MusicMaker allows you & your child to Create, Play, Edit and Compose your own music on your Home PC The software has got 4 modules Synthesizer Rhythm Studio Player Editor 45

46 All the controls available via Hotkeys for ease of operation
MusicMaker Features Easy to use Synthesizer 16 tracks for recording & editing music Advanced Rhythm Studio Ability to edit / mix music Octave to Key Mapping 128 Instrument Panel Sound Tuning All the controls available via Hotkeys for ease of operation

47 Course Evaluation Survey
The incredibly feature rich and powerful WASurvey application It allows you to easily deploy surveys. It provides tools to manage courses, students and faculty. WASurvey provides intuitive and visually appealing interface to your surveys. Print survey responses in pdf or simply export to csv or excel files. WASurvey provides you with the flexibility of options. Survey Creation Easy Design Advanced logical transitions Themes Advanced Invitation System Template Based Approach Summary Reports Graphical Reports Import & Export Students, faculty and courses Course & Faculty Evaluation 47

48 Course Evaluation Survey
Features Basic Survey Administration Multiple Question Templates Easy Design Question Bank Advanced logical transitions Themes Advanced Invitation System Template Based Approach Easily import students, faculty, courses in csv fomat. Filter reports by courses and faculty. Students can easily view all surveys associated with their courses on login. Faculty can view reports of their courses on login. 48

49 DataSpan DataSpan is a data mining tool that extracts desired data from the defined files and populates a database DataSpan is closely related to the bonds and derivative market Its ability to parse multiple pdf and excel formats and generate a mineable database makes it lethal It has multiple applications, especially in the financial sector 49

50 DataSpan Features Issuer of the bonds releases a monthly report of the current bond status about its balance; interest paid; realized losses etc DataSpan is designed to capture all these released reports, parse the reports and populate the client database with required information The software is able to parse 1000’s of deals and populate a database in minutes PDF Parser Sub Menu for Deals Main Menu

51 Edgar Converter The EDGAR converter is a simple to use application
It quickly and efficiently converts word based html files to EDGAR compliant files 51

52 Edgar Converter Features Automated EDGAR conversion
Supports different kinds of rules, based on client requirements Desktop application Main Selection menu Conversion Button 52

53 RHMP - Rest Hours Monitoring and Planning
RHMP is a REST HOURS MONITORING and PLANNING for the shipping industry It monitors the working and rest hours of crew members It performs compliancy checks by applying defined rules Generates compliancy reports, in IMO approved formats The entire application has been divided into different modules as listed below Login Module User Module Employee Module Employee Login Details Module Rules Module Groups Module Reports Module Admin Module Planning Module Biometric Device Interface Module 53

54 RHMP - Rest Hours Monitoring and Planning
Features Integration with biometric devices Allows manual entries and modifications Audit trail logs all modifications Calculates compliancy for different sets of international regulations Compliancy reports generated for various different parameters including crew based and time based 54

55 digiORB Digital Oil Record Book – digiORB
digiORB as it states is easy to use automation software It addresses the problems faced by ships as well as owner/ship manager in terms of identifying entries to be made in their traditional oil record book. 55

56 digiORB Features Automate calculations in entries
Warnings for the unexpected ORB entries Checking and approval of correct entries by the Chief Executive/Chief Officer Electronic confirmation by the Master Maintains electronic backup Zipped records can be forwarded to Ship Manager’s System Create entries that are copied into the official ORB 56

57 iView iView is a vessel performance monitoring system that logs the performance attributes details for various ships Analyzes the performance statistics. It also acts as the inventory management system It assess and optimizes the inventory purchase process across the company. 57

58 iView Features Comprehensive Cost & Revenue work flow management system. Assesses and optimizes the inventory supply management process. Views, tracks and analyzes performance statistics for the various vessels. Reduce delay and increase transparency in the inventory purchase process. Analyzes Cost Revenue performance at macro as well as micro levels Tracks the system to make it more elucidate and updated. 58

59 WO-TAPS TAPS is a web application developed for a leading South Eastern Asia’s Tanker Pool Management Company. TAPS manages all records of expenses and revenue of voyages according to the Pool Agreement Algorithm.   Pool Manager Report is maintained month wise as well as quarter wise. 59

60 WO-TAPS Features Approval of Estimated voyages created by the Pool Operator from Pool Manager. Automatic calculation of expenses and revenues of voyages. Passage performance report and Periodic reports. Estimate, perform and modify the voyages. Quarter and month wise Pool Manager Report. Adjustment factor for Pool and FVC. Access to view pool data and reports according to roles . 60

61 Guarantee Claims Guarantee Claims is a system that assist in keeping track of guarantee claims for new equipments that have warranty from the yard, supplier or manufacturers. In addition the system can be used to exchange data related to the claims within and outside the shipping company

62 Guarantee Claims Features Manage logs of guarantee claims
Describe the consequences of a product failure and follow up until it is fixed. Track the correspondence regarding the guarantee claims Track the action and cost related to the product failure. Involve personnel related to the ship in data exchange. Helps the ship staff to monitor the progress on items identified which require attention. Allows the analysis of claim data for multiple orders from same yard. Allows the analysis of claim data across yards for similar equipments. Privilege based system.

63 WA Insurance Tracker WA Insurance Tracker is an customized IT system developed for an European Shipping Company. A wide range of customized functionalist is enclosed in the WA INS Tracker. It collects stores and analyzes vessel insurance data in a time sensitive environment and automatically all required periodic reports. It tracks the insurance status of the assets of the fleet.

64 WA Insurance Tracker Features
Maintains insurance data in an organized, structured and traceable manner. Presents the data in graphical manner Provides ease of entering and updating the data. User friendly data presentation which can be easily understood. The output (Reports/Graphs) can be ed/ shared in MS office formats. Managing the contact/ brokers and the company related to them. Maintain the vessel insurance details; apply the policies under which the insurance are made, manage the insurance claims and an alert for the premiums to be paid. Dynamic reporting tool.

65 and 1 compulsive reason … EFFECTIVE
Why Web Access 7 Good Reasons Creative Innovative Tangential Professional Committed Experienced Value-for-Money and 1 compulsive reason … EFFECTIVE

66 Interested ? Contact Us Tel: +1 203 554 7644 +1 415 762 0245

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