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Welcome to Walnut Springs Middle School Curriculum Night

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1 Welcome to Walnut Springs Middle School Curriculum Night
Jeffrey Holmes 6th Grade Social Studies

2 Westerville City Schools Mission Statement
Our mission is to prepare students to contribute to the competitive and changing world in which we live.

3 Discovering World Geography: Eastern Hemisphere with World History
                                                                                                McGraw Hill Networks Discovering World Geography: Eastern Hemisphere with World History Ohio Edition Username: FIRSTNAMELASTNAME (JEFFREYHOLMES) Password: WCSstudentID# (WCS111999)

4 Course Overview Map and Graph skills Geography of the world
Five Themes of Geography Location, Place, Human/Environmental Interaction, Movement, and Region Modern Cultures of the world Governments and Economies Ancient History Climates, Economies and Governments

5 Ohio New Standards Social Studies Grade 6
Geography Spatial Thinking and Mapping Skills Places and Regions (Five Themes) Human Systems (Five Themes) Cultural Practices of the world History Historical Thinking and Skills Early Civilizations: Eastern Hemisphere Government Civic Participation and Skills Roles and Systems of Governments

6 Ohio State Academic Standards Sixth Grade Social Studies
Economics Economic Decision making and skills Scarcity Markets Financial Literacy Social Study Skills and Methods Students organize information from multiple sources to draw geographic conclusions

7 Geography Units Five Themes of Geography Modern World Early Humans
Geography, Citizens, Governments, Economies, and Cultures Early Humans From Hunter Gatherers to Beginnings of Civilization Ancient Civilizations Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China

8 Tools for Academic Success
Binder Today’s Targets & Prove It Statements Projects Power Point, Publisher, and Internet Research Academic Content Standards Literacy Initiative: Writing Across Curriculum

9 Technology Library resources Internet research Power Point Publisher

10 Online Resources Mr. Holmes Online Classroom McGraw Hill Connect
Accessible through Walnut Springs Web Page- Teacher Pages Class Information McGraw Hill Connect Username: lastnamefirstname (JEFFREYHOLMES) Password: WCSstudentID# (WCS111999) Online mapping and atlas resources Username: lastnamefirstname Password: Student ID #

11 Expectations Celebration of Learning
Target for a mastery level of understanding of New Ohio Standards Essential Questions and Enduring Understanding Check Homework Log Learning Success

12 What can you do? Check Power School
Offer your support and encouragement Check the homework logbook Check Weekly Targets & Prove It Statements Contact me if you have questions.

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