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World War II Review Game. How WWI led to WWII Great Britain and France wanted to avoid war so they followed this policy of giving into Hitler’s demands.

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1 World War II Review Game

2 How WWI led to WWII Great Britain and France wanted to avoid war so they followed this policy of giving into Hitler’s demands The failure of this international peace-keeping organization created after WWI was due to the US not joining it The U.S. abided by this foreign policy in the 1930s to avoid war Germany was angry over this document that ended WWI and made them take blame for the war, lose their colonies, and reduce their army Hitler was able to come to power in Germany due to the anger over the Treaty of V. and economic depression created when Germans printed too much money to pay back these compensations for war damage

3 Road to War This party became the most powerful party in Germany because they effectively played on public discontent and promised to revive German greatness Great Britain and France did not enter the war until Hitler invaded this country At the Munich Conference, Britain and France gave in to Hitler’s demands for this region of Czechoslovakia This country agreed to a non-aggression treaty with Germany because it would them safe The Treaty of Versailles and economic depression lead to a rise of these leaders who rule as individuals and often need military force to enforce their power

4 America Before WWII Pearl Harbor which took place on this date led the US into WWII What program allowed the US to loan arms to Britain without them having to pay cash? These acts made it illegal to sell arms to any country at war This act signed by Roosevelt and Churchill committed the US to a post war world of freedom of the seas, open trade, democracy, nonaggression Roosevelt created these zones in order to protect British cargo ships in the Atlantic from German Subs

5 German WWII Battles This battle on June 6, 1944 would establish a 2 nd front in Europe Hitler tried to terrorize the British into surrendering by bombing this British city Who won the Battle of Britain with the use of their air force? As a result of the Allied attack on Sicily, he was removed from power Allies placed a dummy army along the British coast across from this French city to convince the Germans that we were going to land there

6 German WWII Battles This battle put the Germans on defense on the Eastern Front Germany was able to take control of France by going through this Forest Control of North Africa was important because it kept shipping lanes open along this body of water Hitler used this method of violent offensive attacks called ‘lightening war’ to defeat the Polish Because Churchill and Roosevelt felt that their countries were not ready for a full-scale invasion of Europe they launched an attack in 1942 on this region

7 War in the Pacific One of the most feared aspects of the war in the Pacific was the Japanese soldiers’ willingness to fight till death as shown by these suicide pilots American and Filipino soldiers were forced to march for miles or be beaten or shot by Japanese soldiers during this This last stop on the island hopping campaign made a mainland invasion of Japan possible Secret American Program to build an atomic bomb This battle changed the balance of power in the Pacific and was the turning point of the war

8 American Homefront Blue Points and Red Points were a system of limiting the purchase of products to ensure enough availability for military use called this Americans helped fund the war by increasing taxes and purchasing these that could be cashed in for more money in 10 years She was the main symbol of the campaign to hire women to work in factories during the war Many people believe that the jobs created during WWII officially ended this event of economic struggle that took place through most of the 1930s This group helped the Allies regain the Pacific by using their native language to code messages that the Japanese could not decipher

9 American Minorities during WWII This campaign urged African Americans to support the war to win against racism abroad and at home The success of the Tuskegee Airmen and other African American units in WWII led this president to fully integrate the military in1948 Migrant farm workers became an important part of the Southwest’s agricultural system as a result of this program This court case ruled that the relocation of Japanese Americans was constitutional because it was based on military urgency

10 Ending the War Atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and this city At the Tehran Conference, Roosevelt and Stalin agreed to divide this country International organization founded in 1945 created to encourage cooperation among nations and prevent future wars by intervening in conflicts August 15, 1945 is referred to as this day which marked an end to the war with Japan This battle was Hitler’s last stand and Germans defeat meant that the Allies would continue their march toward Germany

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