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Ohio Department of Transportation District 9 I RONTON -R USSELL B RIDGE R EPLACEMENT 2012-2016.

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1 Ohio Department of Transportation District 9 I RONTON -R USSELL B RIDGE R EPLACEMENT 2012-2016

2 Inception & Design  In 1999, ODOT undertook a replacement project study, which was furthered with four corridor options for the construction of a new bridge. By 2003… EIS completed Preferred alternative selected ROD issued  The alignment to relocate the bridge from Second and Jefferson streets in downtown Ironton to the U.S. Route 23 viaduct, south of downtown Russell in Kentucky, was selected based on public opinion and following numerous meetings with the general public and local community leaders from both Ironton and Russell. Ironton-Russell Bridge Replacement


4 Inception & Design  Original cost estimate: $75-$80 million (2005) Final state’s estimate: $99 million (2006)  Original contract bid amount: $109 million (2006)  Cost inflation at bid letting due to structure type, design, geometrics and materials.  Bids were rejected; project was reviewed and evaluated for redesign.  Redesign process began in late 2006, with consultants undertaking changes to the structure type, working within the selected footprint to maximize cost efficiency for construction of a new bridge.  Changes included: Constructing two towers rather than one Eliminating the sidewalk Reducing the overall width Ironton-Russell Bridge Replacement


6  Two-lane, cable-stayed bridge consisting of three spans: Total length = 1,640 feet Width = 32 feet Navigational clearance = 805 feet Although other bridge types were considered, the cable-stayed design was selected due to construction cost, aesthetics, constructability, maintenance, serviceability and inspection.  Two, Delta-shaped cast-in-place, reinforced concrete towers: Height = 300.72 feet (top of the towers to the river at normal pool) The towers measure 216.22 feet from their top to their base at the deck. Design & Specifications

7 Ironton-Russell Bridge Replacement

8  One hundred twenty cables: Fifteen pairs in the Ohio back span Thirty pairs in the main span Fifteen pairs in the Kentucky back span Made of steel, the number of strands in each of the cables varies from a minimum of 14 located in the cables nearest both towers to a maximum of 35 in the cables farthest from the towers on the back span sides. The cables at the mid-span contain 31 strands each.  One abutment, one pier on the Kentucky approach; four piers in the main span (two of which are towers); and one abutment, three piers on the Ohio approach. Pier 2 is tallest pier at 80 feet Pier 1 is widest pier at 60 feet All abutments, piers and towers will be cast-in-place, reinforced, concrete. Design & Specifications

9 Ironton-Russell Bridge Replacement

10  The contractor for the project is Brayman Construction Corporation.  Construction began March 2012; as of February 2013, construction was approximately 20 percent completed.  The interim completion is Spring 2016, with the new bridge open to traffic.  Final completion for the entire project, which includes demolition of the existing bridge, is set for Fall 2016 – Spring 2017.  Construction cost is approximately $81.4 million, which is funded through ODOT’s Major New Bridge Program. Schedule & Cost

11 Ohio Department of Transportation District 9

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