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Western Piedmont Bicycle Plan Initial Survey Results October 22 nd, 2013.

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1 Western Piedmont Bicycle Plan Initial Survey Results October 22 nd, 2013

2 Age Question 1

3 Gender Question 2

4 Employment Status Question 3

5 County of Residence Question 4

6 City or Town of Residence Question 5

7 Bicycle Ownership Question 6

8 Bicycle Use Question 7

9 Average Distance of Bicycle Trips Question 8

10 Fiets Maan Racing Team League of American Bicyclists Bikes Belong Hickory Velo Club Caldwell County Pathways Morganton Cycling USA Cycling International Mountain Bicycling Association Club, Organization, or Advocacy Group Membership Question 9

11 Reasons for Regularly Riding Question 10

12 Important Route Factors Question 11

13 Discouraging Factors Against Riding Often Question 12

14 Usually round trips all over Unifour - all counties Lightning Cycles Shop in Conover Granite Falls Lake James Loop Downtown Lenoir Downtown Hickory Grocery store Greenways Baker's Mountain Virginia Creeper Trail Wilson’s Creek The globe Common Destinations Question 13

15 Most Used Roads for Transportation Jamestown Road Hwy 18 Enola Rd. (Burke) Sanford Dr/Fleming Dr (Burke) Power House Rd. Morganton Blvd. Hwy 121 Lenoir Greenway Hwy 127 (Hickory/Catawba) Union Street (Morganton, Burke) Harper Ave. (Lenoir, Caldwell) Carbon City Road Hwy 70 Sterling St. (Morganton) Burke- Independence Blvd 1 Ave SW (Hickory, Catawba) Hwy 321 Blowing Rock Blvd. 29th (Hickory) Harper Ave. 4th Street – (Hickory/Catawba) Meeting Street (Morganton, Burke) West Ave. (Lenoir, Caldwell) Question 14

16 Most Used Roads for Recreation Black Oak Ridge Highway 126 Business Hwy. 70 (Burke) Greenway, Burke County Sterling St Saint Mary's Church Road Bost Road-Piedmont Rd- Greenway Morganton Greenway Piedmont Road Wildlife Access Springs Road, Hickory (Catawba) Connelly Spring Rd. Enola Road (Burke) Powerhouse Rd Sanford Dr/Fleming Dr (Burke) Brown Mountain Beach Road (Wilson Creek) NC 126 (Burke and McDowell) Union St Hwy 126 Johns River Road Falling Creek Teague Town (Alexander) Bethany Church Rd. (Conover) Question 15

17 Highway16 South Highway 64 (Burke) Independence Blvd. (Burke) Saint Mary’s Church Rd. Bost Road-Piedmont Road Enola Rd. (Morganton) Highway 70 Enola Road (Burke) Highway 127 – North and South (Catawba and Alexander) Highway 16 (Alexander) 1 st Ave SW (Catawba) Benfields Landing Rd. (Burke County) Highway 18 South (Burke) Roads Dangerous for Cycling Question 16

18 Challenges for Bicycling Question 17

19 Most Important Improvements Question 18

20 Most Important Improvements, Continued Question 19

21 Wear bright colors Ride single file Respect drivers Wear reflectors Use mirrors Obey laws of the road Use front and rear lights Ride in bike lanes and allow traffic to pass Use road during low traffic times Observe traffic regulations Learn the rules and laws pertaining to bicyclists Actions Bicyclists Can Take to Make the Road Safer Question 20

22 No distractions and stay alert Slow down Pass cyclists at safe speed Be observant Obey laws of the road Watch for cyclists Treat bicycles as vehicles Give bikes space when passing Actions Motorists Can Take To Make The Road Safer Question 21

23 Strategies for Infrastructure Improvement Make improvements on major traffic corridors that offer the quickest routes between destinations. Establish alternate routes away from the major traffic corridors in order to avoid heavy motor vehicle traffic. Establish a network of off-road bicycle paths that connect destinations. Concentrate on spot improvements at intersections, bridges, and other site- specific locations. No improvements are needed. Question 22

24 Funding Options for Bicycle Infrastructure Question 23

25 Most Important Benefits or Uses of a Regional Bicycle System Question 24

26 “I appreciate the fact that someone is seeing the need to take a closer look at this in our area.” “I see a lack of shoulders on roadways as the largest hurdle for any bike routes or increase in bike traffic.” “Please remove the gravel from the roads. Gravel is dangerous for all bicycles and motorcycles. Keep designated bike lanes clear of gravel, debris and parked cars. Teach drivers not to honk at cyclist.” “Bicycles are a public nuisance..... they should be banned from the greenway entirely. Nothing but a bunch of inconsiderate IDIOTS...” Final Comments Question 25

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