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The U.S. Before WWII.

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1 The U.S. Before WWII

2 Isolationism Avoiding political and/or economic involvement with other countries. Most people did not like that we got involved in WWI. Roosevelt did not want to sit back and do nothing. He felt aggressive nations should be quarantined. He recognized the threat of the Axis Powers and did not want to sit back and let them gain too much power. Public opinion forced Roosevelt to take a cautious approach.

3 Neutrality Acts Designed to keep the U.S. out of war.
No arms sales or loans to countries at war. This included civil wars (Spain).

4 Cash and Carry Policy Revision to the Neutrality Acts.
Allowed arms sales to countries that would pay cash and transport them with their own ships.

5 Selective Training and Service Act
16 million men were registered for the draft First peacetime military draft.

6 Lend Lease Act Replaced cash and carry policy
President could lend or lease arms to countries whose defense was vital to the U.S. Most aid to Britain, but also aid to USSR

7 Atlantic Charter Secret meeting between Roosevelt and Winston Churchill on a ship in the Atlantic. The two leaders spelled out the reasons WWII was being fought. (Before U.S. joins) The Atlantic Charter became the basis of A Declaration by the United Nations, which stated the common goals of the Allied nations that were fighting the Axis powers.

8 U-boats German submarines began attacking U.S. ships
Roosevelt authorized U.S. ships to fire on German ships on sight German attacks still not strong enough to sway the isolationist feelings in the U.S.

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