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Welcome to ADITnetwork A New Way to Advertise Your Business!

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1 Welcome to ADITnetwork A New Way to Advertise Your Business!

2 ADITnetwork Income Disclosure Statement For 2012
The earnings used as examples in any presentation of ADITnetwork or of other affiliates already involved with ADITnetwork, are not necessarily representative of the income, if any, that an ADITnetwork Affiliate can or will earn through his or her participation in the ADITnetwork Compensation Plan, but simply are used as examples. These figures should not be considered as guarantees or projections of your actual earnings or profits. Any representation or guarantee of earnings would be misleading. Success with ADITnetwork results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence, and leadership. Your success will depend on how effectively you exercise these qualities. “Luck is a dividend of sweat. The more you sweat, the luckier you get.” - Ray Kroc

3 Who is ADITnetwork and What Do They Have to Offer?
ADITnetwork is a Global Online Advertising Platform, Which Provides REAL Services, That Today’s Businesses Desperately Need. With Amazing Leadership and a HUGE Long Term Vision, ADITnetwork Has Created One of the Most EXCITING Opportunities for Individuals to Get Involved in the Rapidly Growing Online Advertising Industry. ADITnetwork is Here to Support Businesses and Entrepreneurs in Achieving Their Financial Goals, Worldwide! ADITnetwork is a Global Online Advertising Platform, Which Provides REAL Services, That Today’s Businesses Desperately Need. With Amazing Leadership and a HUGE Long Term Vision, ADITnetwork Has Created One of the Most EXCITING Opportunities for Individuals to Get Involved in the Rapidly Growing Online Advertising Industry. ADITnetwork is Here to Support Businesses and Entrepreneurs in Achieving Their Financial Goals, Worldwide! 3

4 Global Business Operations:
On May 18th, 2012 ADITnetwork Officially Began It’s Operation in Burnaby, B.C., Canada. This Office is Primarily to Serve the N. American Market in Sales and Customer Service, but Also Houses Part of the IT Department to Help Assure 24/7 Web Support. On Aug 18th ,2012 ADITnetwork Opened It’s New Corporate Office in Hong Kong. This Office Houses the Head IT, Training, Legal, Rep/Customer Support, PR, Advertising, and Financial Departments. MetroTower 1, Burnaby, B.C. Canada Office On Aug 16th, 2012, Hong Kong Corporate, as Part of Their Global Expansion, Met With a Group of 7 American Affiliates, to Help Structure the Official Launch of ADITnetwork into The United States! Part of ADITnetwork’s Global Expansion Will Include a Branch in the United State, Expected to Open Around the End of 2012. ADITnetwork Also has Operations in Shenzhen, China, Which Houses the Advertising and Yellow Page Directory Side of the Company Known as the “Marketplace”. This Division Works with the Merchants to Establish Discounted Pricing for It’s Members. As of Aug 24th, 2012 ADITnetwork Had Already Built Its Sales Force to Over 40,000 Affiliates Throughout East Asia, Canada, and a Few in The United States. Picture Taken From Reception Area of One Harbour Front, Hong Kong Office 4

5 Consumer Endorsements
) Business Concept Perfect Timing The Speed of the Internet Allows Us to Effectively Build Advertising Platforms For All Walks of Life, With Results That Can Be Seen Daily. Local Offices ADITnetwork is a Global Business That Has Strong Business Operations Overseas and soon to be in Every Part of the World. Consumer Endorsements Word of Mouth Spreads Far and Wide and We Get Full Support From Consumers and Businesses Around the World. Share the Wealth All ADITnetwork Members Can Share in Up To 75% of the Company’s Business Revenue. Each Member Has an Equal Opportunity to Grow Their Business and Become Successful With ADITnetwork.

6 INTERNET MARKETING It is Predicted That in the Near Future, Over 60% of ALL Advertising WILL Be Done Online! (The Following Graph Shows the Profits Per Second of the Top 5 Websites) (2009 Statistics Data)

7 According to This Chart, It is Clearly in Advertising Revenue!
Where is the Opportunity? According to This Chart, It is Clearly in Advertising Revenue! $20B $18B $16B $14B $12B $10B $8B $6B $4B $2B $0B Ads Revenue Others Ads Revenue Everything else

8 The Choice is Up to Merchant
Two Major Changes in Advertising: 1. Serious Decrease in Print Advertising 2. Amazing Increase in Online Digital Advertising WHERE WOULD YOU INVEST YOUR ADVERTISING DOLLARS?!

9 China’s Internet ads market from 2004 to 2013
HUGE Market Potential! China’s Internet ads market from 2004 to 2013 2010 First Time in History Online Advertising Surpassed Traditional Media 2009 $22.6 Billion 2010 $30 Billion 2007 $10.6 Billion Scale of Internet Ads Market It’s an Online GOLD RUSH!

10 ADITnetwork’s Plan Of Attack
To Build a World Class Internet Advertising Company Three Advertising Platforms that Will Generate Endless Ad Profits From the Merchants. Build a Global Marketplace that Will Create a Win-Win-Win Situation for the Merchants, Members and ADITnetwork. Build a Global Internet Yellow Pages Directory that Will Generate Endless Ad Profits From the Merchants. ADITnetwork Believes that By Teaming Up With a Global Network of Affiliates, We Can Build This Business to a World Class Internet Advertising Company in just 3 to 5 years! “The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.” - Bill Gates 10

11 First of Three Advertising Platforms
Online Ads Browser This Offers Exponential Growth of Traffic to Merchant’s Website World Class Internet Advertisement Platform. Area, Time and Quantity of Ads Are All Controllable and the Rate of Ads Exposure Can Reach 100%! To Find the Right Potential Consumers for the Merchants Without Wasting Valuable Marketing Dollars! Rapidly Increases Internet Traffic and Ranking. Enhances the Visibility of Merchant’s Products Immediately After Joining ADITnetwork. Website Traffic Will Explode! 11

12 Second of Three Advertising Platforms
ADIT Marketplace ADITnetwork Members are Increasing Day By Day, Which WILL Attract Many New Merchants From Cities Across the Globe to Become ADIT Marketplace Members. This WILL Create a Win-Win-Win Situation for Everyone! 12

13 Third of Three Advertising Platforms
ADITnetwork Global Internet Yellow Pages Starting From Large Cities Around the World, ADITnetwork Worldwide Directory Will Provide Information Including, Merchants’ Business Details, Maps, Category Searchs, and Much More. Major Advantage: With ADITnetwork Search Engine’s Rapidly Increasing Ranking, Merchants’ Information in the ADITnetwork’s Directory Will Get More and More Attention From Consumers and Thus Our Merchants Will See Major Increases in Revenue Growth!

14 Benefit One ADIT Marketplace & Directory
By Introducing Business Owners to the ADIT Marketplace & Directory, Affiliates Can Receive a Large Portion of the Ad Fees Paid to ADITnetwork. Benefit of the Marketplace & Directory Merchants: Receive More New Potential Consumer Traffic to Their sites to Help Increase Business Revenue, Along With Repeat Business From Our Current Members. Members: Receive Discounted Benefits From the Merchant Receive Consumer Credits for each Dollar they spends on a merchants site. 30% of the Advertising Rebate Fees Paid to ADITnetwork each month by one of the members personally referred small businesses. Up To 50% of Advertising Fees Paid to ADITnetwork by one of the members personally referred large businesses Large Business Advertising Packages. (ex. Buick Signs Up and Pays $100k For Advertising, the Referring Affiliates Would Share a $50k Commission) How Many Businesses in the World Do You Think Would Like to Increase Their Traffic and Monthly Revenue? 14

15 Benefit Two Consumer Credits
Consumer Credits (CC) Are the Credits Awarded to the Members for Making Purchases at a Merchant’s Sites Who Are Listed Merchants of the ADIT Marketplace. The More the Members Purchase Through Merchant Member’s Sites, the Quicker They Gain Consumer Credits. The Earlier the Members Obtain the Consumer Credits, the More Valuable the Credits Are, Since the Credits Within the System Automatically Continue to Increase in Value on a Monthly Basis. Once a Member Has the Consumer Credits, They May Choose to Hold Them While They Continue to Increase in Value Each Month, or They May Choose to Sell Them To Other Members. This May or May Not Create a Profit for the Member Selling the Credits, Depending on How Long They Held the Consumer Credits Prior to Selling Them. If the Consumer Credits Were in the Form of a Bonus/Reward, Then the Member Will Need to Hold Them for a Minimum of 4 Months. The Member May Choose to Purchase Additional Consumer Credits at Any Time. These Purchased Credits May be Used to exchange for Products, Sell Them at Any Time, or Hold Them While they Increase in Value.

16 Benefit Three Ad Points
What Are Ad Points Used For? Ad Points Are Used to Allocate Towards Marketing Your Ads/Websites. When Your Ad/Website is Browsed Once, One Ad Point is Deducted From Your Ad Point Balance. How Can You Get Ad Points? You Can Get Ad Credits Through Purchasing an Ad Package Or By Simply Browsing Other Merchants Ads Each Day. What Are Ad Points Good For? Ads Points Can Be Traded Among the Members or Sold to Merchants That Are Needing to Purchase More Ad Points. So the More Credits You Have, the More Options You Have With them.

17 Browsing Ads Creates Value and Creating Value Should Be Rewarded.
Benefit Four Allocation of Daily Business Revenue 25% of the Daily Business Revenue is Distributed Among the Qualified Members. The Daily Maximum Rebate That You Can Receive is 1% of the Value of the Ad Package You Purchased. You can Receive Up To 70% in Total Cash Rebate of Your Total Ad Package Value. You Will Also Receive Consumer Credits as Part of Your Ad Package. Example: Jane Doe Bought a $5000 Package. Every Day That Jane Browses 20 Ads, She Can Receive: $40, $35, $30, $50, $45, …Rebates Until it Reaches 70% 浏览广告有价值,浏览广告得报酬——这是广告现金分成的精髓所在。 $3,500 + consumer credits =Unlimited potential Browsing Ads Creates Value and Creating Value Should Be Rewarded.

18 Benefit Five Bonuses for Marketing Development ADITnetwork is a Company That Believes in GENEROUSLY Rewarding Those That Work Hard! 50% of ADITnetwork’s Business Revenue is PAID OUT to Affiliates who help grow the customer base Through The Marketing Rewards & Bonuses Plan! Three Categories: Marketing Sale Bonus (30%) Team Achievement Bonus(18%) Growth Achievement Bonus(2%)

19 Generous Profit Sharing Plan
Total Revenue Flow Generous Profit Sharing Plan Sale of Advertising Space Yellow Page Directory ADITnetwork Marketplace Banner Ads Other Profits (Merchant) (Member) (Merchant) 75% Total Revenue (Merchant) 19

20 Membership Ad Package Details
Purchase Amount Level Commission Volume (CV) Ad Points Bonus Consumer Credits Max Amt of Consumer Credits/Pkg Qualify for the Sponsor Bonus (generations) $100 Starter 20 200 3,000 1 Gen $300 Economy 80 600 10,000 3 Gen $1,000 Growth 300 2,000 2,500 30,000 5Gen $2,000 Profession 700 5,000 6,000 100,000 7Gen $5,000 VIP 1,800 15,000 500,000 10Gen *Each Member ID Can Buy Up To 5 Packages. “The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.” - Ray Kroc 20

21 Marketing Sale Bonus (Paid Daily)
Direct Sale Bonus 10%: Active Members That Introduce New Members to ADITnetwork Will Receive 10% of the Total Package Sale Amount. If the New Member Continues to Renew His/Her Ad Pack Every 4-6 Months (Depending on the Size of Daily Rebates), Then the Referring Member Will Continue to Receive 10% On Each of the Renewal Ad Packages as Well. Leadership Bonus (10 generations): Active Members That Qualify Based on Their Current Position Level, Will Receive Leadership Bonuses Based on a % of the Direct Sales From His/Her Downline Generations 1 Through 10, as According to the Chart Below. (Uni-Level Commission Structure) Class/ Generation First Generation Leadership Bonus 2-3th Leadership Bonus 4-5th 6-7th 8th 9-10th Economy $300 10% 4% Growth $1000 2% Professional $2000 VIP $5000 1%

22 Marketing Sale Bonus (Paid Daily)
Sponsor Bonus $500 (1st Generation 10%) A1 B1 C1    C2 Leadership Bonus $200 (2nd Generation 4%) A2 B2 Leadership Bonus $200 (3rd Generation 4%) A3 B3 C3   Leadership Bonus $100 (4th to 8th Gen 2%) A4  If You Duplicate the Multiplication By Only 3 to 8 Generations, You Will Be a Millionaire. $50 (9th to 10th Gen 1%) A10

23 Economy Pack Ad Points Growth Pack Professional Pack VIP Pack $300.00 600 $1,000.00 2,000 $2,000.00 6,000 $5,000.00 15,000 10 Tier Uni-level Sponsored cc: 600 cc:2500 cc:6000 cc:15,000 Level 1 10% 4 $120.00 $400.00 $800.00 Level 2 4% 16 $192.00 $640.00 $1,280.00 $3,200.00 Level 3 4% 64 $768.00 $2,560.00 $5,120.00 $12,800.00 Level 4 2% 256 $1,536.00 $10,240.00 $25,600.00 Level 5 2% 1024 $6,144.00 $20,480.00 $40,960.00 $102,400.00 Level % 4096 $24,576.00 $81,920.00 $163,840.00 $409,600.00 Level 7 2% 16384 $98,304.00 $327,680.00 $655,360.00 $1,638,400.00 Level 8 2% 65536 $393,216.00 $1,310,720.00 $2,621,440.00 $6,553,600.00 Level 9 1% 262144 $786,432.00 $5,242,880.00 $52,428,800.00 Level 10 1% ############ ############## ###############

24 Team Achievement Bonus
There are 2 Achievement Bonuses: Binary Commission and Matching Check Bonus Binary Commission (Paid Monthly) Affiliate Receives 10% of the Total Monthly Commission Volume (CV) From the Lesser of the Two Legs. $10,000 Left Leg (support leg) Right Leg (pay leg) Team Sales CV Points Left Leg Right Leg Bonus 100, vs , = $10,000 The Left Over Balance of 60,000 CV in Pay Leg is Carried Over to the Following Month! BENEFITS of ADITnetwork Binary NO Blackout Generations! NO Income Ceiling! NO CV Points Wasted!

25 Marketing Bonus = 95% MATCHING CHECKS!
Qualified Affiliates Will Receive Monthly Matching Binary Commission Checks Based On the Amount of Total Group CV. *You MUST Be At the Level of Professional ($2000 Ad Pack) or Higher to Qualify for the Matching Check Bonus. Qualified Level Executive Senior Executive Director Gold Director Platinum Director Diamond Director Blue Diamond Director Crown Director Leg CV 1000CV 2,000CV 4,000CV 10,000CV 30,000CV 60,000CV 100,000CV 200,000CV 1st Gen 40% 2nd Gen 20% 3rd Gen 10% 4th Gen 5% 5th Gen 6th Gen 7th Gen 8th Gen

26 YOUR Matching Check Bonus is $4,000
For example: One of Your Personally Sponsored Members is At the Professional Level. His Binary Commission is $10,000, So You Would Receive $4000 (40%)! $10,000 Binary Commission YOUR Matching Check Bonus is $4,000 

27 Growth Achievement Bonus (Monthly)
2% of ADITnetwork’s Monthly Business Revenue is Paid Out to the Top 30 Affiliates in the World, That Have the Most Volume in Their First 3 Generations. It is Paid Out By Weighted Average, Which Means the Company Averages It Out By the % of the Overall Volume That Came From Each of the Top 30 Affiliates and That is the % of the Bonus Pool They Receive. Equal Opportunity For Anyone To Earn This! Purpose: -To encourage members to develop markets -To encourage new and active members 2代3 Immediate1st Gen 2nd Gen 3rd Gen

28 Cash In / Cash Out Purchasing Products: Withdrawing Funds (USD)
Wire Transfer to Hong Kong Company Bank account Alipay Through Ucash Transaction With Members Coming Soon: STP, Payza & EgoPay Withdrawing Funds (USD) Wire Transfers to Your Bank Acct in as Little as 3-4 Days Checks Mailed From HK Corporate Fund Your New Members That Are Joining, With Your Own Ucash and Have Them Give You the Cash On the Spot *GET BACK WITH THE PERSON WHO REFERRED YOU & GET POSITIONED NOW!

29 What To do Next? 1. Get Back in Touch With the Person Who Introduced You to ADITnetwork and Get Signed Up Today! 2. ADITnetwork is Quickly Spreading Across America and You Don’t Want to Get Left Behind! 3. Check Out Our Website at 4. Plug Into Our Daily Training and Opportunity Calls. 5. Tell Everyone You Do Business With About the Incredible Business Model You’ve Seen Here Today! Thank You For Your Time and We Look Forward to Working With You. “The two most important requirements for major success are: first, being in the right place at the right time, and second, doing something about it.” -Ray Kroc

30 Again, Welcome to ADITnetwork We Look Forward to Working With You!
The Only Way to Advertise Your Business & Build a Solid Financial Future

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