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©2014 WIDEORBIT INC. End-to-End WIDEORBIT OVERVIEW Solutions for Broadcast Radio.

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1 ©2014 WIDEORBIT INC. End-to-End WIDEORBIT OVERVIEW Solutions for Broadcast Radio

2 At WideOrbit, we’re focused on delivering the most advanced, complete solution in the broadcast industry.

3 The People Focused On Your Business Office Locations: San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Dallas, Birmingham, AL and Agawam, MA More than 350 employees More than 4100 years of combined media experience working at stations and networks Former GMs, Traffic Managers, Sales Managers, Business Managers and Engineers Nearly zero turnover World-class products & support Independent surveys consistently rate WideOrbit the most responsive and recommended provider of software solutions in the industry 99+% of support calls answered “live” WideOrbit’s Corporate HQ

4 We’re committed to helping our clients significantly improve their business operations and bottom line.

5 Our Commitment To this very day, WideOrbit re-invests every dollar back into the product and the company.

6 How we help Do more with less with a single database, centralized operations and a decentralized workforce Streamline operations by empowering employees and automating processes, while maintaining approvals and control Optimize inventory value with better visibility and control to ensure that you’re driving the most revenue from every spot Make better decisions with real-time, flexible reporting – delivering unprecedented insight into operations across platforms, markets, stations and groups Expand to new channels and mediums with a single, consolidated system Drive profitability, operational efficiencies and business insight


8 Traffic Sales Force Automation Account Management Radio Integrations Automation Business Analytics Mobile/ SMS

9 WO Traffic for Radio WO Media Sales WO Media CRM Radio Integrations WO Automation for Radio WO Analytics WO Mobile

10 Traffic Streamline your radio operations Reduce costs and streamline operations Make better decisions Optimize revenue and inventory Internet Orders Module (Optional) Manage Spot and Digital advertising together on a single order—from order entry through to invoicing and reconciliation Mobile Device Support – New! WO View order entry app allows busy Sales professionals to submit new orders from their tablet device in an easy-to-use format 1 The industry’s most advanced traffic, revenue management and billing solution

11 Internet Orders Module (Optional) Highlights: Ability to order, report and bill internet advertising in WO Traffic Two-way integration with Google’s DFP Premium Simplified workflow – one system for Spot and internet order management Ability to use different approval routing for internet orders Online advertising industry standard billing practices Enhanced internet revenue reporting capabilities Consolidated Spot and internet contract and invoice printouts 2 The Internet Orders module in WO Traffic provides broadcasters with the tools they need to take control of online advertising and maximize revenue potential.

12 Delivering results Close more business by maximizing AE effectiveness and selling time Streamline workflow and reporting with a single system to manage sales across all media, including web and mobile Reduce costs and drive operational efficiencies with better insight into sales processes and team Optimize the effectiveness of your ratings data WO Media Sales includes: Account management Avails/planners Rate card management Research Sales Force Automation 3 Industry-leading sales management solution

13 Account Management 4 Comprehensive sales and account management solution Driving higher revenue Accurately forecast revenue and manage pending business Optimize account lists and sales team assignments Drive account executive effectiveness and decrease loss of information due to turnover Streamline sales processes through automated approvals and notifications WO Media CRM includes: Management utilities AE utilities Reporting

14 Mobile/SMS 5 WO Mobile allows you and your advertisers to: Connect, interact and build relationships with your audience directly via their mobile devices Deliver more timely, targeted and relevant news and information Provide a new station-to-consumer experience that drives response, customer loyalty and new revenue opportunities Capitalize on a new revenue stream without loss of on- air inventory NEW! Send Weather & Closing Alerts by zip code, country, city, FIPs code, school or business Robust mobile campaign platform that allows you to launch targeted mobile programs and campaigns

15 Automation WO Automation for Radio helps you be more efficient and save money: Connect your markets, providing intelligent, automatic failover redundancy for important file transfers and provides a cost effective solution for offsite storage and disaster recovery with automatic backup of all audio content Perfect for Traffic or Program Directors who deal with last minute schedule changes. Whether in the office or at home, you can view multiple tabbed schedules and make changes that take place immediately without the need to go into the studio to remerge the playlist Remote Voice Track shifts can be assigned from anywhere using a web browser Integration with MusicMaster can help you reduce errors, save work and provide a more consistent experience for your audience 6 Powerful Radio Automation delivering seamless integration with WO Traffic

16 Business Analytics 7 WO Analytics provides you with the ability to: Optimize the profitability of your business by visually identifying patterns of success and failure across all of your properties Improve inventory control, pricing and customer service with a dynamic understanding of commercial time utilization Maintain a high-level view of your business with the flexibility to drill down into the most granular data at the station level Liberate staff from time-consuming report generation so they can concentrate on their core competencies Quickly and easily access all of your dashboards with any web-enabled device—including tablets Dynamic and robust diagnostic solution designed to deliver a deeper examination of your operations

17 Radio Integrations 8 Automation Systems (Via Live 2-Way Integration or Flat File Interfaces) Audio Vault Dalet DAVID DCS ENCO Maestro Media Touch Netia NexGen Powergold RCS Scott Studios Simian Smarts SS32 Storq WO Automation for Radio (Live Log) Electronic ContractingElectronic Invoicing Interep/RadioExch ange Proposal eMediaTRADE Interep/RadioExchan ge Rivendall Spotdata Proposal & Yield Management SystemsGeneral Ledger Systems AdConnections Arbitron/IRS Arbitron/MatrixPlus Maxagrid WO Media Sales ShareBuilder MAS500Oracle FinancialsSAP Other Integrations Music Licensing: MRI Ratings: Nielsen ratings data Revenue Export: MatrixPlus Network Barter Providers: Dial Global Systems: Any SMTP capable system such as Outlook™ or Notes™ Numerous client-specific integrations to exchange data with custom system WO Automation for Radio Integrations: Nearly all complementary systems including: All popular traffic systems and music schedulers Custom widgets and special integrations including WO Traffic, Axia, Broadcast Bionics, and Sage Endec Other Broadcast Equipment/Systems such as Broadcast Tools, Sage Endec, SAS, and all major audio mixing consoles Seamless integration with WO Traffic, providing the most complete, state-of-the-art solution for radio broadcasters across sales, traffic, billing and automation.

18 Clients


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