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AP Statistics Chapter 2 review “Are you feeling normal today?”

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1 AP Statistics Chapter 2 review “Are you feeling normal today?”

2 1) The scales of density curves are adjusted so that the total area under each curve is what? 1.πr %

3 2) What is the relationship between the mean and the median of a symmetric density curve? 10 1.Mean > median 2.Mean = median 3.Mean < median 4.Husband and wife

4 3) The symbol μ represents what in statistics? 1.The population mean. 2.The sound a cow population makes. 3.The population standard deviation. 4.The population median

5 4) Which of the following does not describe the overall shape of a normal curve? 1.Symmetric 2.Single-peaked 3.Bell-shaped 4.Parabolic VOTE

6 5) Interpret the notation N(100,15). 1.Normal distribution with 100% of data between standard deviation of Nice distribution with n = 100 and mean = Normal distribution with mean 100 and standard deviation Nice distribution with mean 100 and standard deviation

7 A normal distribution of scores has a mean of 92 and standard deviation of 8. If you had a score of 104, what would be the z-score? Seconds Remaining

8 7) Mr. Hammond missed 12% of the questions on the biology test. This means that… 1.His score is the 12 th percentile. 2.His score is the 88 th percentile. 3.His z-score is None of the above is necessarily true

9 8)Precalculus test: μ = 60, σ = 12 AP Statistics test: μ = 58, σ = 5 Mr. Brownson scored 72 in Precalc and 68 in AP Stats. In which class did he do better? 1.Precalculus 2.AP Statistics :

10 9) What does it mean when a z-score is negative? 1.The data is skewed to the left. 2.The median is smaller than the mean. 3.The data entry is below the mean. 4.The data contains a lot of put-downs

11 Participant Scores 900Participant 8 900Participant 2 900Participant 9 900Participant Participant 13

12 10) What conclusion do you come to if a normal probability plot is linear? 1.The data is normally distributed. 2.The data is not normally distributed. 3.The data can be fitted with a linear model

13 11) What z-score indicates the 70 th percentile?

14 12) Which of the following can be used to determine if data is normally distributed? I. Make a histogram II. Check the % rule III. Make a normal probability plot 10 1.I only 2.II only 3.III only 4.I and II only 5.II and III only 6.I and III only 7.I, II, and III

15 13) What is the percentage of data that falls within two standard deviations in a normal distribution? 1.50% 2.68% 3.95% % 5.100% 10 Seconds Remaining

16 A standard normal table (Tbl A) shows the percentage _?_ the standard score Above 2.Below 3.In between

17 Participant Scores 0Participant 1 0Participant 2 0Participant 3 0Participant 4 0Participant 5

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