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 Roman architecture is possible because of what amazing discovery?

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3  Roman architecture is possible because of what amazing discovery?

4  The _____ is at the center of an arch. It holds all of the pressure from the surrounding stones.

5  The Roman Colosseum could hold up to _______ spectators

6  When the Colosseum opened in 80 A.D., it had ______ days of games, which resulted in lots of deaths.


8  The word Pantheon literally means ______.

9  What famous artist is buried in the Pantheon?

10  At the top of the dome, in the Pantheon, there is an _____, which literally translates to ‘the eye.’


12  St. Peter’s Basilica is located in the heart of _____.

13  What two famous artists designed and completed most of the architecture and artwork in St. Peter’s?

14  In the center of the Piazza san Pietro (St. Peter’s Square), there is an ________. (Egyptian sun symbol)


16  To pay an artist to create an artwork is also known as a ______.

17  Who sculpted the statue of David when he was only 25 years old?

18  What technique was used to create the statue of David?

19  David stands in _____, which means all of his weight is on one leg.


21  The Column of Trajan is made up of a ____ that, when outstretched horizontally, is 656 ft. long.

22  On top of the Column of Trajan, Trajan’s statue was replaced by one of ___ so it didn’t get destroyed.


24  Who created the Fountain of the Four Rivers?

25  The Fountain of the Four Rivers is meant to represent the four rivers of ___


27  A human figure used to represent something nonhuman is also known as ____.

28  The Trevi Fountain was created to commemorate the last surviving aqueduct called ______.


30  A ____ is an effect of contrasted light and shadow in a 2D artwork

31  In the Mona Lisa, the colors blend together to create soft edges. This is called ____.

32  The Mona Lisa was painted by ____. It is rumored that it is a ‘self-portrait.’


34  The School of Athens was commissioned by the Pope and painted by _____.

35  In the School of Athens, which of the following does not draw your attention to the focal point: › One-point perspective › The gaze of the onlookers › Three-point perspective › The placement of the centered figures


37  In the Sistine Chapel, over 300 human figures were painted from what book?

38  The Sistine Chapel was painted by which famous Renaissance artist?

39  Michelangelo emphasized what in his figures?


41  When colored pigments are added to wet plaster and allowed to dried, it creates a ____.

42  The Villa of Mysteries recorded one of the many ______ within Pompeii.


44  Pompeii was a thriving city with approximately _____ inhabitants.

45  What volcano erupted, trapping the city in twenty feet of ash?

46  In what year did Mt. Vesuvius erupt?

47  What is the significance of the incident at Pompeii?

48  Pompeii is mostly known for the _______, which are still a controversial issue to this day.

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