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SteelEye Protection Suite for Linux Tony Tomarchio The Gold Standard for High Availability and Data Replication.

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1 SteelEye Protection Suite for Linux Tony Tomarchio The Gold Standard for High Availability and Data Replication

2 Agenda Todays Agenda About SIOS/SteelEye Importance of High Availability SIOS/SteelEye Product Offerings SPS For Linux Product Overview Key Capabilities, Features and Benefits Architecture/Deployment Examples Customer Case Studies Demo Next Steps

3 About SIOS / SteelEye Who is SIOS Technology Corp / SteelEye ? Founded 1999, wholly owned subsidiary of SIOS Technology, Inc Profitable division within a profitable, publicly traded organization Provides Best-In-Class High Availability, Data Replication and Disaster Recovery solutions Global Organization Headquartered in San Mateo, CA Remote Offices throughout the US, UK and Japan Over 35,000 licenses installed worldwide RedHat and Novell certified solutions

4 The Cost of Downtime Linux in the Enterprise Business Operation Cost/Hr. of Downtime Need for Linux based HA solutions is higher than ever: Critical linux applications such as SAP and Oracle are rapidly growing across the enterprise Applications not missions critical in the past are critical now (email, etc) These applications need to be highly available to serve todays 24x7x365 business landscape Bottom Line: Cost of downtime to customers is substantial ! Cost of protection is NOT. Brokerage $6.45 M Credit Card / Sales Authorization $2.6 M Home Catalog Sales $90 K Airline Ticketing $89.5 K Tele-Ticketing Sales $69 K Package Shipping $28 K ATM Fees $ 14.5 K Your Business $ ??

5 Why HA: Pain Points / Challenges Improve Service Levels to customers while reducing Total Cost of Ownership! Business NeedsSPS for Linux Provides Minimize Application DowntimeHigh Availability for systems, applications AND storage Flexibility / AgilityFlexible storage options, grow/adapt as business needs change Eliminate Single Points of FailurePeer-To-Peer HA solution with minimal management overhead and proven/consistent architecture Protect Mission Critical DataEfficient data replication/rewind Reduce CostLeverage existing servers, storage and networking

6 SIOS Family of Offerings SIOS / Steeleye Solutions are Cross Platform – Support for Linux Windows Virtual Environments Flexible, yet Enterprise Class Flexible storage choices (Shared Storage, NAS, iSCSI, Data Replication) Single and/or Multi-Site protection Supports Physical-to-Physical (P2P), Physical-to-Virtual (P2V) and Virtual- to-Virtual (V2V) clusters Able to protect ANY application Supports over 30 of the most common apps off the shelf Protect your own custom applications with ease

7 SIOS Family of Offerings Best-In-Class Solutions for High Availability, Data Replication and Disaster Recovery SteelEye LifeKeeper Provides heartbeat monitoring and automated failover for systems and applications – Locally, LAN or WAN Application-Aware Availability – detects application issues, not just system failures Distributed, Resource driven clusters. No single Point-Of- Failures SteelEye DataKeeper / Data Replication Real-Time, High Performance Volume replication Synchronous and Asynchronous Integrated with HA solutions or operate standalone

8 SPS for Linux - Overview SteelEye Protection Suite for Linux LifeKeeper SteelEye Data Replication SteelEye Data Replication Combining High Availability with efficient Data Replication to ensure Business Continuity for your Mission Critical Apps! Application Aware Agents Application Aware Agents

9 SPS for Linux Features and Benefits

10 SPS for Linux - Highlights SteelEye Protection Suite for Linux is: Application Aware: Provides built-in, Application Aware Availability for over 30 key applications out of the box (Oracle, SAP, etc). Easy and Empowering: With just a few clicks in the wizard-driven UI: Recover application, servers, storage and networking Monitor health and events Manage the switchover/failover of critical applications with ease Flexible / Extensible: Flexible storage options Grow/adapt your clusters with ease as your business needs change Easily extend to support custom applications.

11 SPS for Linux - Highlights SteelEye Protection Suite for Linux is: Multi-Distro capable: Supports Enterprise Linux distributions such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL) Community ENTerprise Operating System (CentOS) Asianux

12 Adapt clusters over time to meet evolving business requirements: What is your Recovery Time Objective? What is your Recovery Point Objective? What is your budget and available resources? Scalable Availability All configurations supported across both physical and virtual servers Single Node Monitoring & Recovery Two Node LAN Failover Cluster with Shared Storage Two Node LAN Failover Cluster with Data Replication N-Node WAN Failover Cluster with Data Replication Hybrid Shared Storage Cluster with WAN replication We have a solution for all requirements

13 Out of the Box Linux Knowledge Services SAP WebSphere MQ Any Custom App Applications Apache Samba NFS LVM SW Raid (md) DatabasesStorage Oracle MySQL PostgreSQL Sybase DB2 Informix DMMP NAS EMC PowerPath Hitachi HDLM IBM SDD Data Replication Protect Any Application

14 Support for Fibre Channel SAN, iSCSI, NAS, Host-based Replication, Array Based Replication or a combination Ensure data integrity with SCSI reservations. No need for external STONITH devices. 2 to 32 nodes, Active/Active, Active/Passive, Cascading/Prioritized Failover, Nto1, 1toN, Physical and Virtual Proven, reliable product architecture. Ability to perform rolling upgrade of clusters in place – without downtime Storage I/O Fencing Deployment Options Consistent Architecture Key Features and Benefits Monitor Monitor the status of protected servers, communication paths, resources and applications via the GUI, CLI or SMTP / SNMP alerts.

15 SteelEye Data Replication (SDR) Key Features: Host-based data replication leveraging existing LAN/WAN Multi-target Replication Automatic reversal of source/target during failover Block-Level, Volume/LUN replication File system agnostic – handles in-use/missing files Very low overhead – only changes are replicated 3 Modes: Synchronous, Asynchronous or Periodic Prevents full re-syncs via Intent Logging and bitmap support Bandwidth Throttling and 9 Levels of Compression Utilize available bandwidth without the need for expensive hardware accelerators/devices Continuous Data Protection with Data Rewind and Recovery Wizard

16 Easy to Learn and Use Simplified User Interface Monitor and Administer your clusters via a single, intuitive interface Wizard-based setup Java-Based UI can be run as an application or browser based applet Command Line Interface (CLI) and SDK for integration and extension

17 Thank You! SPS for Linux Architecture/Deployment Examples

18 Customer Example 1 Large Telco & Cable Provider: Content Distribution Service Classic Shared Storage Cluster: leveraging Fibre Channel SAN storage. Customer deployed 17-node clusters across approx. 48 different content distribution locations Protecting Application Servers and Database in each cluster SCSI reservations provide I/O fencing to ensure data integrity – prevent rogue operator scenario Provides Cascading and prioritized failover of services Note: many types of storage and multipath solutions supported.

19 Customer Example 2 Central Bank Protecting and Replicating Payment Processing Shared Nothing Cluster using SteelEye Data Replication Hundreds of remote sites aggregating data back to a central location Protecting Oracle Databases and Custom Applications Eliminates the expense and single point of failure of shared storage Ideal for Disaster Recovery configurations: Automated failover protection of replicated data between datacenters

20 Customer Example 3 Government customer protecting onboard combat systems Customer deployed a Multi-Site Cluster – Best of Both Worlds: Robustness of a classic shared storage cluster Efficient data replication to a disaster recovery site. Protecting NFS services mission-critical combat systems depend upon. Supports cascading/prioritized failover with replication redirection Less expensive and more flexible than storage-based replication solutions. Customer needed to re-use existing mixed hardware/storage.

21 SPS For Linux Demo

22 Key Takeaways SteelEye Protection Suite: Best-In-Class Solution for High Availability, Data Replication and Disaster Recovery Scalable to meet your evolving business needs Protection for All Key Elements in the Stack: OS, App, DB, Storage, etc Application Aware Agents Flexible Storage Configurations Advanced I/O Fencing Easy to Use, Wizard-driven UI for configuration and management Architectural Consistency – proven for 10+ years!

23 Thank You! For More Information on SPS for Linux: Visit us on the web: Email: SIOS Upcoming Events: Recorded Webinars:

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