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We Salute our Wonderful Grandparents! 3 rd Grade October 21, 2010.

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1 We Salute our Wonderful Grandparents! 3 rd Grade October 21, 2010

2 Madison loves her Grandma Ginny!! “I am lucky have such a wonderful grandma!”

3 Emma’s Grandparents are very special to her! Grandma Arnold Grandma Mary Grandpa Papaw Larry Grandpa Arnold Mamaw

4 This is Jaxon’s Grandma and Grandpa~ Tom and Barb “Grandma and Grandpa, you are awesome!”

5 Destynie’s Grandparents Not Pictured… “I love you very much!”

6 Skye’s Grandparents… …not pictured, but loved very much!

7 Bo is very thankful for all of the things his grandparents do for him! Grandpa Cliff and Grandma Nancy Grandpa Dave and Grandma Becky

8 AJ is proud to introduce you to HIS grandparents! Grandma Mamaw Becky Papap Great Great Grandma Papaw Papap Grandma Hope Grandpa

9 “I am proud to be your granddaughter.” ~Mekinna Grandma Carol

10 “I am happy to present to you my grandparents!” ~Mackenzie Grammy Grandpa “I love you!”

11 Kameron knows she is very lucky to have these terrific grandparents!! Grandpa Fred Grandma Sharon Momma Poppa Favorite and ONLY granddaughter

12 This is my Grandpa Mike!! Dylan loves his buddy!!!

13 Alyssa’s Grandma Gardner Grandma Debra and me “I love you!”

14 These are Ryan’s grandparents. Denny and Karen Ron and Freda

15 These are Brannon’s Super Grandparents! “I LOVE YOU!” Grandpa Miller Grandma Miller

16 Micah with her Grandma Wanda “You make me smile, Grandma!!”

17 Frannie and her Granny “Grandma, YOU ROCK!!”

18 Grandma Dot Grandpa Coleman Zariah’s Grandparents

19 These are Michael’s fabulous grandparents! Grandpa Arv and Grandma Pat Grandpa Tim

20 Grandma and Grandpa Nader Mitchell loves his wonderful grandparents!! Grandma

21 “Thank you grandma and grandpa for all you do for me.” These are Bree’s grandparents!! Grandma Sue Grandpa Russ

22 Gavin thanks his grandparents for their love and for making things fun! Grandma Rhonda Grandpa Roger GO BUCKS!!

23 “This is my CRAZY grandma!! AND This is my grandpa!!” Hayley wants you to know…

24 Patrick’s grandparents are not pictured. “I love you very much!!” Love that goat’s milk fudge!! YUM!!

25 “Hooray for Colton’s Grandma Teeter!” “You are AWESOME!!”

26 “I am glad that you are MY grandma!!” ~Jade Jade’s grandma

27 “This is my grandma and grandpa!” “I love you!” ~Billy Grandpa Dick Grandma Jody

28 Keaton says, “YOU are awesome!” Grandma Paula and Grandpa Bob Fargus Grandpa Roger and Grandma Juanita

29 Lauren’s grandparents “I want everyone to know that I love my grandparents very much!” ~Lauren Grandpa Smyers Grandma Smyers

30 “You are always in my heart.” ~Maggie Maggie with her Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Cliff Votaw

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