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World War I The United States Enters the War. President Woodrow Wilson  Democrat  Moral Isolationist.

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1 World War I The United States Enters the War

2 President Woodrow Wilson  Democrat  Moral Isolationist

3 American Isolation  Neutrality “in word and deed”  Great Britain and France – Democracies

4 American Isolation  Germans, Austrians, Turks – Autocracies  US Naturally more sympathetic to Democracies  Cultural ties to Britain  GB cuts trans-Atlantic cable from Germany to US – only avenue for news from GB

5 American Isolation  Trade- favored France and GB  Remaining neutral allowed us to continue to trade with anyone.  $2-3 Billion with Fr and GB  $30 million with Germany

6 American Isolation  War orders and loans for France and GB pulled up US economy – Boom  US Bankers loaned the Allies millions with government approval  The U.S. Stake in the outcome of the war (investment, future trade) was pro-ally.

7 The Blockade  British Blockade of Germany with the Royal Navy, 1914 – Starve Germany (including citizens)

8 Submarine Warfare  Germans respond with Unrestricted Submarine Warfare  Neutrals and belligerent ships known to be carrying neutrals (Americans) fair game  US objects – neutrality – International Law

9 Submarine Warfare  May 1, 1915 Lusitania sets sail from New York 1,257 passengers and (hidden in storage) food stuffs and 4.2 million rounds of rifle ammo, 1,250 cases of shrapnel shells, and 18 case of fuses.  On May 7, one torpedo from U-20 sank the huge liner in less than 18 minutes killing 1,198 – 128 Americans

10 S.S. Lusitania May 7, 1915

11 Submarine Warfare  Wilson, over the next several months objects in a series of statements.  Germans back off until Feb 1917 – when they resume Unrestricted Submarine Warfare

12 The Zimmerman Note  German Telegram to Mexico proposing an alliance – Intercepted by Britain – Mexican support in exchange for land lost to the U.S.  Changed public opinion in US

13 America Goes to War  Feb 1917 – US breaks off diplomatic relations with Germany  March 1917 – Armed Neutrality – US arms merchant ships

14 America Goes to War  U.S. Declares War on April 6,1917  AEF – American Expeditionary Forces under General Pershing arrive in France in June 1917 and help turn the tide. – Provides much needed troops and supplies – Morale Boost – Financial Support

15 Wilson’s Hopes  Wilson hoped to end the war and bring lasting peace to Europe  Jan. 1918-Issued the Fourteen Points as a way of resolving and preventing wars

16 Wilson’s Fourteen Points Most important to Wilson

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