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HRG Industrial Wi-Fi Network 2013. Our Mission is to provide strategic partnership with School Institutions, Hotels & Resorts, and other Business Institutions.

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1 HRG Industrial Wi-Fi Network 2013

2 Our Mission is to provide strategic partnership with School Institutions, Hotels & Resorts, and other Business Institutions that will generate income streams by deploying reliable, fast, billed, & sustainable Wi-Fi service for students, teachers, customers and other people around. Professional and skilled individuals providing computer and internet related services for more than a decade. Installed Long-Ranged Wireless Internet Connection to remote areas as far as 38 km away. Established growing local businesses, adapting latest technology in the market.

3 We aim at helping schools INCREASE their PRODUCTIVITY through the ff: Provide additional income stream with 50k/month 200k/month 100k/month * Figures are for presentation only

4 Raise the bar and prestige of the school by being a robustRouterEnterprise-classAccessPointsUnlimitedScalabilitySeamlessRoaming..

5 1. Canteen 2. Gym 3. Library

6 Advantages and Benefits Fast, reliable, and secure Internet access across the campus for students, teachers, and visitors. Students are more likely to stay inside the campus during vacant hours instead of going out to internet cafés. CCTV cameras can also be installed on networked Access Points across the campus. Generates a steady income stream for the school.

7 Our Enterprise-level Wi-Fi setup is packed with features unique only to big corporation’s wireless networking setup. TechnologyFeatures Business-Class Router  Robust Firewall/Security Features  Content Filtering  Highly flexible policy/port routing  Multi-WAN ready for faster and robust connection  Load Balancing and Fail over  Robust bandwidth control  Redundancy Enterprise-Class Access Points (AP)  Carrier class performance  Unlimited scalability for campus wide deployment  Latest in Wi-Fi technology -- capable of 300Mbps speeds with ranges up to 500 ft.  Supports hundreds of users scalable up to thousands.  Seamless roaming across multiple APs. Software  Latest in Web Caching technology that accelerates and optimizes web browsing for a smoother internet usage experience.  Advanced Captive Portal page for user authentication and validation.

8 Advanced Authentication - A Captive Portal is used to secure the network by requiring users to enter their purchased voucher codes before they can connect to the internet. Sample page Enter voucher codes here ADS Terms and Agreements News updates Voucher Rates

9 Captive Portal Features / Advantages  URL Redirection – After authenticating or clicking through the captive portal, users can be forcefully redirected to the defined URL (i.e. School’s official website).  Maximum concurrent connections – Limit the number of connections to the portal itself per client IP. This feature prevents a denial of service from client PCs sending network traffic repeatedly without authenticating or clicking through the splash page.  Idle timeout – Disconnect clients who are idle for more than the defined number of minutes.  Hard timeout – Force a disconnect of all clients after the defined number of minutes.  Pass-through MAC and IP addresses – MAC and IP addresses can be white listed to bypass the portal. Any machines with NAT port forwards will need to be bypassed so the reply traffic does not hit the portal. You may wish to exclude some machines for other reasons.

10 FeaturesCommon Wi-FiHRG Wi-Fi 1.Bandwidth150 - 300 Mbps300 Mbps 2. Wi-Fi a,b,g,n  3.Range150 – 300 ft600 ft – several Kms 4.ScalabilityLimitedUnlimited 5.Concurrent Clients per AP~ 10100+ 6.Robust & persistent connectivityX  7.Bandwidth controlX  8.Centralized ControllerX  9.Load Balancing across APsX  10. Unified SSID across APsX 

11 FeaturesCommon Wi-FiHRG Wi-Fi 11. Roaming supportX  12. Outdoor rugged designX  13. POE (Power Over Ethernet)X  14. Voucher systemX  15.Powerful firewall core routerX  16.Web accelerator through web cachingX  17.Multi-wan capable (persistent Internet connectivity) X  18. Wireless CCTV can be installed on the networkX 

12 Explosive growth of Wi-Fi enabled devices. – Over 5 billion Wi-Fi enabled devices have been shipped worldwide in 2012. – The members of the Wi-Fi Alliance are working to push Wi-Fi into many new areas, traditional markets such as smart phones, laptops, and access points will continue to grow. Source: Student’s adapting Wi-Fi technology. – 8 out of 10 students or 80% of school’s population has Wi-Fi enabled devices (i.e. Smart phones, Laptops, Tablets, etc). Most of them are buying Wi-Fi access codes from providers outside the campus. – This is an untapped income opportunity for the campus.

13 Disadvantages of offering free Wi-Fi service. 1.Free or unbilled Wi-Fi service mostly resulted in an unmaintained routers and APs. 2.SOHO routers and APs are commonly used which provides poor performance and unstable network connectivity. 3.Not scalable and limited number of concurrent connections. 4.Access is thru a single security key. 5.Unmanaged distribution of bandwidth. 6.Not able to set aside funds for upgrades and maintenance.

14 1. Canteen 2. Gym 3. Library SchoolHRG 1.HRG provides all the technology. Hardware Software Setup Maintenance Billing process and accounting 2. Instant income stream for the school with no cash upfront. 1.Provides the market / consumers. 2.Sells the Wi-Fi service through voucher codes.


16 HRG Industrial Wi-Fi Network

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