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Introducing the ageLOC TR90 Weight Management and Body Shaping System! These incredible products can help begin to transform your life in 90 days.

So how do you we want to look and feel?

3 “DIETING” PROBLEMS Willpower Cravings Mood Energy
Another problem with traditional diets is the negative side effects they have on us. People who are dieting often struggle with willpower, cravings, moodiness, and loss of energy.

4 Explain what the product is about… difference

YOU! No matter where you fall on the body shape spectrum, you can benefit from making improvements towards a healthier lifestyle and a healthier fit version of yourself. The goal of ageLOC TR90 is not just to lose weight, but to transform your body towards a slimmer, younger looking you!

6 Traditional diets often result in unwanted muscle loss
Traditional diets often result in unwanted muscle loss. ageLOC TR90 changes that equation.

ageLOC TR90: Maintain more lean muscle Traditional Diet: Lose lean muscle Fat Fat Muscle Muscle Muscle Muscle Metabolic Burn Metabolic Burn Metabolic Burn Metabolic Burn Metabolic burn = rate at which body burns calories at rest ageLOC TR90 is designed to promote a healthy metabolism and lean muscle. In traditional diets you lose everything, fat and lean muscle which results in a weaker metabolism. With ageLOC TR90 you decrease fat and build muscle, creating a stronger metabolic engine that burns fat more efficiently and maintains weight loss better! 7

8 AGELOC® TR90™ Weight Management and Body Shaping System
Advanced Products Simple Eating Plan Active Lifestyle An advanced weight management system that helps you look leaner and healthier in 90 days. There are three main components to the ageLOC TR90 System, advanced products, a simple eating plan, and an active lifestyle. First let’s talk about the products

9 Leveraging Gene Expression Science
To unify body and mind in powerful partnership MIND & BODY MIND BODY Explain product & need to complete 90 days to The comprehensive ageLOC TR90 program also helps address some traditional dieting problems that affect your body, your willpower, and your mood. This is important because when your mind and body are in balance, you have more energy, have a more positive outlook, and are more confident. With ageLOC TR90, it’s time to improve your mood, reduce your cravings, reclaim your willpower, and transform your body.

10 AGELOC® TR90 JUMPSTART When beginning a weight management system, a good start is key to your success. ageLOC TR90 JumpStart provides you the boost you need by helping promote normal metabolism, support lean muscle mass and control appetite It is the perfect push to get you primed and ready for success. By resetting your body’s balance, you can see the beginnings of a leaner you in just 15 days – and experience all the motivation that comes along with it! For the first 15 days of the program, take this innovative product in the morning to help you achieve your goals. Mix it in water or your favorite beverage

11 AGELOC® TR90 CONTROL Take control of your appetite and improve your mood and mindset with ageLOC TR90 Control. This product is formulated to help control your appetite, reduce food cravings, and support a positive mood for enhanced willpower – making it much easier to stay on the path to success. Supports healthy appetite control Helps support a positive mood and mindset while dieting Helps reduce food cravings Contains an exclusive phytochemical blend based on innovative Nu Skin science.

12 AGELOC® TR90 FIT ageLOC TR90 Fit is a great way to get your healthy metabolism back on track, while also making sure to maintain that incredibly important lean muscle. Helps promote healthy metabolism Helps support and maintain lean muscle Contains an exclusive phytochemical blend based on innovative Nu Skin science.

13 AGELOC® TR90 TRIMSHAKE An easy and delicious solution that removes the guesswork, ageLOC TR90 TrimShake helps control calories and is a great tasting source of the high-quality protein that your muscles need. Plus, it helps reduce your food cravings while helping you feel fuller longer by producing a feeling of satiety. Helps you meet your daily optimal protein needs while managing your caloric intake Helps support a healthy diet Helps support lean muscle Helps you feel fuller longer by producing a feeling of satiety Helps reduce your food cravings Helps support healthy blood glucose metabolism and insulin satiety

14 AGELOC® TR90 GREENSHAKE Lactose free Gluten free Soy free
Vegetarian proteins Greens: Wheat Grass Alfalfa Spirulina Chlorella Beet Root Spinach Barley *Limited availability during the LTO. ageLOC TR90 Green Shake is lactose free, gluten free, soy free and uses vegetarian proteins.

15 AGELOC® TR90 LTO KIT * Limited GREENSHAKE option also available.
Introducing ageLOC TR90, a clinically proven system of products that are based on highly innovative gene expression science, that unifies your mind and body—for a leaner, younger looking you.

16 R90 Weight Management Package
Less than $15 per Day Your Benefits Great Taste Great Nutrition Not Hungry An Increased Sense of Well-Being More Energy More Strength Get Healthy Better Intimacy More Confidence R90 Weight Management Package

17 ACTIVE LIFESTYLE Let’s Get Moving! Strive for moderate activity a minimum of 30 minutes, 3 times a week. Finally an active lifestyle is critical to the plan. . (Active lifestyle isn’t living at the gym) Strive for at least thirty minutes of moderate activity three times a week.

18 DON LOVELACE ageLOC TR90 A breakthrough weight management and body shaping system based on highly innovative gene expression science Move to first slide of other





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