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The Research Process.

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1 The Research Process

2 Broad Problem Area Preliminary data gathering Problem definition

3 Broad Problem Area Identification of the broad problem area through observation and focusing on situations at work. The broad problem area refers to the entire situation where one sees a possible need for research and problem solving.

4 Broad Problem Area 1) problems currently existing in an organizational setting that need to be solved 2) areas that a manager believes need to be improved in the organization 3) some research questions that need an empirical answer.

5 Examples Training programs are perhaps not as effective as anticipated. The sales volume of a product is not as expected. The inventory control is not effective.

6 Preliminary data gathering
1)Background information of the organization 2) Managerial philosophy, company policies and other structural aspects. 3) Perceptions, attitudes, and behavioral responses of organizational members.

7 1)Background information of the organization
History of the organization, growth rate,.. Size in terms of employees, assets or both Location; regional, national or other Resources; human R. and others. Financial situation

8 2) Managerial philosophy, company policies and other structural aspects
Roles and positions in the organization and number of employees at each job level. Extent of specialization Communication channels Control systems and workflow system Coordination and span of control Reward system

9 3) Perceptions, attitudes, and behavioral responses of organizational members
Nature of work Workflow interdependencies Participation in decision making Opportunities for advancement in the organization Organization’s attitudes towards employees’ family responsibilities.

10 Literature survey Why literature survey?
The purpose of the literature survey is to ensure that no important variable that has in the past been found repeatedly to have had an impact on the problem is ignored.

11 Conducting the literature survey
Identify the relevant sources Extracting the relevant information Writing up the literature review

12 Problem definition A problem could be defined by:
Any situation where a gap exists between the actual and the desired ideal states. A clear statement of the question or issue that is to be investigated with the goal of finding an answer or solution.

13 Examples of well-defined problems
To what extent do the structure of the organization and type of information system installed account for the variance in the perceived effectiveness of managerial decision making? What are the components of “quality of life”?

14 Examples of well-defined problems
What are the effect of downsizing on the long-range growth patterns of companies? What is the relationship between working conditions and employees’ satisfaction? Think of others……………

15 Exercise

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