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United We Stand, Divided We Fall: The Future of Network Marketing.

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1 United We Stand, Divided We Fall: The Future of Network Marketing

2 The Future of Network Marketing is in our Hands…

3 The hands of company owners, executives and independent sales leaders.

4 We have two choices…

5 Band together with shared vision and values to execute a quantum leap in our success

6 Or we can continue to operate with opposing visions and values and battle each other

7 The future is our choice; it is in our hands, every one of us.

8 From chicken cutter to a successful Network Marketer Love/Hate Relationship Built a 30,000 organization Endured attempts to knock off our products, sue us, raid our sales force, etc.

9 The Industry has been wild, fun, profitable and heartbreaking

10 Grown 19 out of the last 20 years.

11 And we could have done so much more

12 We could have avoided so much bad press; so many regulatory actions and so many dreams destroyed.

13 The franchising model in the US is a valuable comparison, they started the same time we did, 50 to 60 years ago.

14 Today the franchising concept contributes close to one trillion dollars in revenues.

15 After the same amount of time, we only produce $30 billion.

16 Franchises generate 33 times more business than Network Marketing. That’s 33 times more billion-dollar companies; 33 times more hundred- million-dollar companies; and 33 times more millionaire and multimillionaire entrepreneurs.

17 Franchisers must risk tens of thousands of dollars and must dive into their business full time.

18 Anyone can pursue our opportunity for a few hundred dollars and a few hours a week

19 Multi-Level Marketing, is NOT what some people like to call “just a compensation plan

20 We ARE a unique community within the Direct Selling Industry

21 We are looking to build our wealth through residual income … commissions based on product sales from the network of distributors we build

22 We expect that as long as we honor what we build — as long as we protect it, promote it, lead it and nurture it — we should be paid on it virtually forever.

23 It should be the wall of protection around our family … forever.

24 The shared vision of Network Marketers could be this

25 To bring a new paradigm of abundance and wealth building into existence so that most people …

26 Understand how and why Network Marketing could work for them

27 Admire and respect those who succeed, just as they admire those who succeed in equities, real estate and small business

28 Trust the business model based on our ethics, our candor, our commitment to build trust and respect

29 And have one primary Network Marketing business, in which they are building residual income

30 Imagine … almost everyone you know is building wealth through the residual income of their chosen Network Marketing company, just like they are investing in equities and real estate.

31 This new paradigm will never exist without a shared vision and shared values.

32 If we truly embody the core values of contribution, partnership, success and integrity we can get there.

33 But not if we continue to do what industry legend Mark Yarnell is famous for saying: “We are the only industry in the world that when things get tough, we circle the wagons and start shooting at each other.”

34 This synergy will never happen as long as we tolerate greed, unlawful strategies, irresponsible product development and unethical business promotion.

35 It will never happen as long as company founders continue to design compensation strategies that violate the law; violate the DSA Code of Ethics;

36 It will never happen as long as company founders hide their lawlessness in their complex plans in the expectation that they will get away with it.

37 It will never happen as long as company owners and their executives see the source of their sales dispensable assets.

38 And it will never happen as long as sales leaders act as hit-and-run drivers, with no loyalty or gratitude for the tremendous risk, investment and work ethic required to successfully launch and lead a company.

39 A commitment to the longevity of their MLM compensation model. A 100-plus year MLM business plan. A commitment to honor, champion and protect the sales leaders who build with you. Success is a partnership, with both parties committing 100 percent.

40 A commitment to develop the very best products possible, and to market them legally and responsibly. A commitment to design and market the opportunity in a way that fosters trust, respect and an environment free of regulatory actions and negative media.

41 A commitment to respect and champion every other company’s right to compete, and every leader’s right to choose and build their empire without undue litigation intimidation and harassment.

42 A commitment to a clear, concise set of policies and procedures that spells out each party’s rights and responsibilities, and is balanced in its favor.

43 Find a company that honors your own vision and values, one that is responsible and committed to longevity. Marry your company, for the long haul.

44 Follow your company’s policies and procedures. Follow the spirit and intent of your compensation plan.

45 If a divorce is absolutely necessary, do it with honor, integrity and generosity. Be a “Do the Right Thing" leader.

46 Companies should adopt a set of strong cultural commitments

47 Code that lays out their vision, their values and their commitments to be part of the solution and part of our industry’s future prosperity.

48 A code to which leaders can hold their company accountable; one to which a company can hold their sales leaders accountable.

49 A public Code from which we cannot hide.

50 We cannot afford to kill each other off.

51 Every failed Network Marketing business that was honorable hurts us all.

52 They fuel too many stories of failure, negative media and more evidence for the regulators.

53 We need to lock arms in mutual respect…

54 …choose our partners and build an industry,

55 We can only do that with ethical, legal and moral success.

56 “United We Stand”

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