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Welcome to the Healthiest Breakfast you have ever had!

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1 Welcome to the Healthiest Breakfast you have ever had!

2 We are committed to helping you FEEL GREAT and be in your BEST SHAPE ever !

3 It begins every day in the morning
The important question is…

4 What did you have for BREAKFAST today?

5 Why Breakfast?

6 Your choices in a morning have a huge effect on your day!

7 3 types of modern breakfast

8 1) No Breakfast No Nutrients No Calories No Energy

9 (Carbohydrate based breakfast)
2) Quick Breakfast (Carbohydrate based breakfast) High Calorie Low Nutrient High in Sugar

10 Quick Breakfast

11 Quick Breakfast

12 3) Traditional Breakfast
High in Calories High in Fat Low in Nutrient

13 Traditional Breakfast

14 Poor Eating Habits during the day can be the result of eating a poor breakfast!


16 These breakfasts create low blood sugar.

17 How it works…

18 These nutrients come ONLY from the food that we eat.
The human body consists of 100s of billions of cells and requires 114 different nutrients. These nutrients come ONLY from the food that we eat.

19 How did our body spend all this?
What we ate yesterday gave us energy and nutrients to regenerate cells and tissues of our body. How did our body spend all this? ENERGY Nutrients to restore cells and tissues ??? Fats Carbs Proteins DAY NIGHT MORNING

20 Our body wakes up in the morning and demands 114 nutrients!
And what do we give it?

21 Too much sugar causes the pancreas release insulin.
Which bring blood sugar down Low Blood Sugar causes fatigue, fat storage and compromises the immune system

22 If nothing…

23 If carbs …

24 Results are the same

25 This vicious cycle leads to fatigue and weight gain which can then lead to other health challenges.

26 What is good breakfast? 1. High in Fiber 2. High in Nutrients
3. Right Protein 4. Right Fat 5. Right Carbs 6. All in the Right Proportion!

27 Healthy breakfast Basic program of good nutrition

28 Who needs a good breakfast?
Grown-ups Health-challenged and healthy people Thin people and people with extra weight Sports-oriented people and couch potatoes All socioeconomic groups

29 How can I get this kind of breakfast ?

30 Start your day with a delicious, nutritious Herbalife shake!
7 different flavors to choose from!

31 Why the Herbalife shake?

32 Contains: High in Fiber High in Nutrients Right Protein Right Fat
Right Carbs All in the right proportion

33 Clean your system with Herbal Aloe drink
Full of vital nutrients Aids digestive process

34 Herbal Concentrate Tea
Full of nutrients High in antioxidants Provides sustained energy level all day long

35 Results from Day 1 Increased energy Appetite under control
Healthy digestion Sound sleep General sense of well-being

36 Any doubts? Objections like:
I don’t need to lose weight Why should I use Herbalife? I have tried dozens of diets, they simply don’t work for me I have just started another diet I have no money, etc All of these doubts and objections become meaningless as soon as you ask the magic question, “What did I have for breakfast?”

37 Herbalife Healthy Breakfast
Formula 1, Aloe, Herbal Concentrate Tea

38 You’re going to feel GREAT knowing that you’re giving your body the complete nutrition it needs!

39 Call to action The time is now! Get started today! Feel better
Look better Enjoy your best health ever!


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