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T-Camp 2009 Post Expectations Meeting October 2, 2009.

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1 T-Camp 2009 Post Expectations Meeting October 2, 2009

2 Goals Increase Camp Unity Increase Diversity Finish the Endowment Reach 500 Campers

3 Increase Camp Unity Strengths- AC Meetings, Staff Development Director, Socials Obstacles- Numbers, Complacent, Organization of People Action Steps We Took- Planned Early, Planned Games for Large Numbers, Two Camps at a Time

4 Diversity Strengths- Drive and Awareness Obstacles- Ignorance and Lack of Drive in Organization Action Steps- Awareness at NSC, MRRLT funding

5 Finish Endowment Strengths- Gala, Fundraising, Sponsors, Experience, Fish Camp Obstacles- Other Funding Priorities, Time, Economy, Howdy Camp Action Steps- Opened Sponsors to tie in with Gala Donations, Negotiated with U-Haul, Party Time, Catering, Red Ass Sportswear/C.C. Creations

6 500 Campers Strengths- Advertising/Recruiting, Dates, Create a Plan Obstacles- Staffing, Lack of Recruitment Knowledge, General Attitude (camper calls), The New Compass System Action Steps- Explain Importance of Camper Calls and Have a Template, Brochures Sent out at Correct Times

7 Successes T-Camp is an official tradition 7 th Annual Traditions Gala NODA Presentation Improving our programming to be more purposeful and more closely aligned with our mission and the values of Texas A&M Growing relationships with other organizations and businesses Backyard Bash Camp

8 Challenges Texas A&M changing computing systems, thus admitting transfer students late Alcohol Policy/Constitution Losing directors/adding directors

9 T-Camp’s Expectations for the Department of Student Activities To support us within the University To provide support staff for camp

10 Departmental Expectations 1.We expect that your organization is fulfilling a perceived need on campus, and that decisions being made w/ regard to this perceived need can be supported by sufficient data. 2.We expect that the roles and expectations of student leaders and members within your organization are clearly defined and that there are accountability measures in place for those students. 3.We expect that your organization set benchmarks for itself and have a plan in place to determine if those benchmarks are being met. If they are not being met, we expect you to be able to justify why they are not being met, be prepared to discuss the impact that this will have on the overall planning for the organization, and have an alternate plan to proceed.

11 Departmental Expectations 4. We expect you to be good stewards of the resources and support that is provided to you by the department. 5.We expect for you to consider the past, present and future when making plans for your organization. 6. We expect for you to facilitate a thorough transition of leadership including comprehensive transition documents and participate in an exit interview with a member of the EOI team as well as present an overview of the year in a post expectations meeting.

12 Departmental Expectations 7. We expect you to attend extended orientation shared trainings and develop relationships w/ extended orientation camp directors as well as seek out information from other camp programs. 8. We expect for you to be knowledgeable about University rules and guidelines for recognized student organizations. 9. We expect that if these expectations are not being met, a review of the organization will occur and possible changes to ensure that the expectations will be met in the future.

13 Needs for T-Camp 2010 Diverse Staff( directors, co-chairs, counselors, teamers) Outside the box fundraising ideas Revaluate the culture of T-Camp Make clear definitions of our policies Continue to make decisions that follow our mission statement

14 T-CAMP 2009!!! WHOOP!!!

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