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WW 2 Axis Powers Totalitarian Governments

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1 WW 2 Axis Powers Totalitarian Governments
Hitler Mussolini Tojo Hirohito

2 WW 2 Allied Powers Stalin Churchill

3 In a sick twisted way, Hitler was intelligent and a very good public speaker. He was elected to office by the Germany people.

4 How did the World Not Know?

5 Isolationism Many Neutrality laws will be passed by the US during the 1930’s to keep us out of WW 2 by avoiding the same situations that got us into WW 1. Many countries and people tired of economic depression were looking for answers to their problems so they turned to those they thought had the answers. They created Totalitarian States. Giving in to Germanys demands in order to keep the peace (APPEASEMENT) had it’s supporters in the US.

6 Germany ignores, manipulates and renegotiates the Treaty of Versailles in order to increase their military size Mail Planes Hitler Youth Renegotiate the Limits

7 Negotiating with the Devil. Munich Conference Sept 1938
English Prime Minister Chamberlain negotiates With Hitler. He proclaims Peace in our time. “APPEASEMENT”

8 Germany in Aug 1939

9 US Isolationism European Diseases of Totalitarian States

10 They don’t trust each other but they sign a Non Aggression Pact
They don’t trust each other but they sign a Non Aggression Pact. Hitler attacks Poland Sept 1, 1939 and Russia does the same.

11 In just 36 days Hitler Conquers Poland! Horses vs Tanks and Airplanes
Polish Army

12 Poland Didn’t even stand a chance

13 England and France Declare War on Germany Sept 3, 1939
England and France Declare War on Germany Sept 3, We are Isolationist

14 Germany attacks France. France Beaten in less than 2 months
Germany attacks France. France Beaten in less than 2 months. No trench warfare this time! BLITZKRIEG

15 June 22, 1940 Germans control France (Surrender is done in the Same Railroad Car that ended WW 1)
Arc De Triumphant built by France to honor their WW 1 dead soldiers.

16 338,000 English / French troops evacuated from Dunkirk France to England May/ June 1940
English citizens take their own private boats across the 20 mile wide channel to help evacuate the soldiers back to England.

17 Hitler now controls all of Europe
And Creates his Iron wall

18 Japan signs the Tripartite pact with Germany
and Italy in September 1940 (if any one of the three is attacked the other two will protect them).

19 Churchill: Never in the course of human events has so much, been owed to so few, by so many!

20 Spitfire attacking Heinkle 111
Radar, Hurricanes and Spitfires saved England During the “Battle of Britain” From Oct 1940 to Sept. 1941 Spitfire attacking Heinkle 111

21 Germany Attacks Russia June 1941 (How did that work for Napoleon?)
Hitler ignores his non-aggression treaty with Russia

22 Germany’s attack against Russia: Operation Barbarossa June through December All goes well until………………… Red arrows indicate advancing German forces

23 Old Man Winter Sets in. Stalingrad marks the end of Hitler’s advance in Russia. Can you say Napoleon? Frozen Dead German Bodies Outside Stalingrad. Germany must now Retreat back to Germany

24 Arsenal of Democracy With all that is going on in Europe we are still staying out of it During the 30’s Congress passes a series of laws that allow us to supply weapons to Democratic Countries who are fighting against Hitler. It keeps us out of the war and we are known as the Arsenal of Democracy. Cash and Carry and Destroyers for Bases are two examples. Both of these needed payment. However with the Lend/Lease program we supplied the weapons on credit. More and more our women were entering the factories to do a mans job “We can do it” Rosie the Riveter Propaganda

25 Pearl Harbor Hawaii “Dec 7, 1941. A date that will live in infamy”
Nice place to be When you are 18, Single and in the Military until 8AM Sunday morning Dec 7, 1941

26 Japan had not even declared war against us before they attacked!
2403 people killed in the attack. There were 1200 killed when The Battleship Arizona exploded. They are still there today!

27 How did we feel about Japanese? Can you say Racial prejudice
Buying bonds will help pay for the war effort. Rationing will make more supplies available to our military.

28 I see barb wire and gun towers
What are These? I see barb wire and gun towers

29 Is that men with guns lining up women and children at train stations?
Here is a Hint! Is that men with guns lining up women and children at train stations?

30 The ones on the left were German Concentration Camps
The ones on the left were German Concentration Camps. These are examples. Auschwitz and Buchenwald

31 We did not do this to German Americans or Italian Americans, only the Japanese Americans
Korematsu VS US said due to National Emergency Your Civil Rights can be cancelled. Can you say Discrimination”?

32 What happened to Leaders at end of war
Killed by mob Suicide Attempted Hari Kari , Tried on War Crimes convicted and executed Churchill voted out of office. Stalin and Hirohito are still in charge of their countries.

33 1 Nuremberg War Crimes Trials
They will hold both military and Government officials accountable for War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity. At the end of WW 2 there are two world Super Powers, the United States and the Soviet Union. Manhattan project (Atomic Bomb) is a success. Trying to intimidate Stalin we tell him about it at the Pottsdam Conference, but he all ready knew because of his spies. Truman decides to drop the atomic bomb on Japan saying it will save US soldiers’ lives since we will not have to invade Japan. However, it also sends a loud message to Russia; “Look what we got and don’t mess with us” On the home front African Americans have just fought a war involving racial prejudices and being segregated in the military which will lead to an increase efforts to eliminate it after WW 2

34 Germany after WW 2 Carved into 4 parts like a turkey. Notice where Berlin is located.

35 Berlin after ww 2 The city is also divided into 4 parts but it is located in the Russian Territory. Welcome to the start of the COLD WAR.

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