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World War I Review.

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1 World War I Review

2 Before WWI, what three nations belonged to the Triple Alliance?
Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy

3 Before WW I, what three nations belonged to the Triple Entente?
France, United Kingdom, Russia

4 Which nation annexed the Balkan nation of Bosnia in 1909?

5 Why were the Balkans considered the Powder Keg of Europe prior to WW I?
Nationalism was strong in Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania. Austria had imperialistic aims in the Balkans. Russia had promised to protect the Balkan Slavic people from Austrian aggression

6 Which nation was unified by Otto von Bismarck and later ruled by Kaiser Wilhelm II?

7 Which nation was ruled by the autocratic Czar, Nicholas II?

8 What nation was led by the Emperor Franz Joseph?

9 Who was assassinated in Sarajevo, Bosnia on June 28, 1914 and this event is considered the spark that started WW I? Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand, heir apparent to the Austrian Throne

10 What is the name of the extreme nationalist group from Serbia that planned the assassination of Ferdinand and his wife, Sophie? Black Hand

11 When Germany promised full support to Austria if Austria invaded Serbia, this promise is referred to as the __________. Blank Check

12 Britain entered WW I because Germany had invaded France through the neutral country of ___________

13 The Central Powers included:
Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire

14 The Allied Powers included:
Britain, France, Russia

15 Main Causes of World War I?
Remember MAIN. M= Militarism A= Alliance System I=Imperialism and Industrialism N= Nationalism

16 What was the campaign slogan of President Woodrow Wilson during his re-election campaign of 1916?
He kept us out of war

17 Italy joined the allies in __________
1915 America entered the war on April 6, _______ 1917 Russia pulled out of the war in October of _____

18 Who led the Communist or Bolshevik revolution in Russia in October of 1917?
Vladimir Lenin

19 What major events changed American public opinion to eventually enter WW I?
Sinking of the Lusitania Sinking of the Sussex The Zimmerman Note Germany sank three US Ships

20 When each side dug into trenches in order to protect their positions, a situation developed were neither side could decisively defeat the other. This situation is known as a stalemate

21 After the sinking of the French passenger liner the Sussex, Germany again promised restricted submarine warfare, and this promise is called the Sussex Pledge

22 Germany violated restricted submarine warfare, even after the Sussex Pledge, when German U-Boats
Sank three US Ships

23 On April 6, 1917 Woodrow Wilson appeared before Congress and asked and received a declaration of war against Germany

24 The ability to draft American young men into the military was made possible by the passage of what act? The Selective Service Act

25 US forces fought at the battles of the Somme, Marne, Verdun, and the
Meuse - Argonne

26 African American soldiers in World War I
Fought with distinction and were honored by the French.

27 The ARMISTACE, or the end of the fighting, which ended WW I was agreed to take place on
The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in the year 1918. 11:00 Am November 11, 1918.

28 The name of the treaty that actually settled WW I was called the
Treaty of Versailles

29 According to the terms of Treaty of Versailles, Germany
Had to accept the war guilt clause Pay reparation payments Reduce its army to 100,000 troops Give up its navy and overseas possessions. German possessions would be governed by the League of Nations mandates. Have its industrial area occupied by allied troops and give up some German land Establish a Republican form of government Accept a new map of Europe

30 Germany- Treaty of Versailles

31 The ideas of Peace Without Victory concept and A World Without War were central ideas of Wilson’s peace plan, called the Fourteen Points

32 Britain and especially France made changes to Wilson’s Fourteen Points because they
Wanted reparations and they wanted to isolate and punish Germany

33 Wilson’s Fourteenth Point, called for the establishment of a world organization that would hopefully prevent future wars. This organization, or covenant of nations, was called the League of Nations

34 Why was Japan upset with the terms of the Treaty of Versailles?
Japan wanted a clause in the treaty that stated all nations were racially equal.

35 When Wilson returned from Versailles as a hero of the western world, did the US Senate ratify the Treaty of Versailles, including the League? NO – The Senate would not accept Article 10.

36 Why did the Senate reject the League and Treaty?
During the 1920’s, America distrusted European affairs and entanglements, foreigners, liberal ideals and refused to lead the world when asked. This policy is called a policy of isolationism

37 Years of World War I? 1914 to 1918 Kaiser of Germany? William II Tzar of Russia? Nicholas II

38 US President during WW I?
Woodrow Wilson Bolshevik leader of Russia? Lenin US Commander during WW I? General “Blackjack” Pershing

39 Toll of World War I Total military Deaths= 18 million
Total civilian deaths = million Wounded= million Total US deaths= 112,000

40 Who was elected US President in 1920, promising America a return to Normalcy?
Warren G. Harding

41 Fears of spies and sabotage in the US during and even after the war led to
Immigration restrictions Discrimination toward Germans Repression of free speech

42 Who led federal raids on citizens which led to the contribution of the Red Scare in America after WW I? A. Mitchell Palmer

43 The execution of what two Italian immigrants in 1927 further gave evidence of nativists prejudices in America after WW I? Sacco and Vanzetti

44 What were three examples of how America organized its economy and society to support the war effort?
Liberty Bonds CPI- Committee on Public Information WIB- War Industries Board

45 What US organization had the power to regulate production and fix prices of military products?
WIB- War Industries Board

46 What world wide epidemic swept across Europe and America after WW I, killing over 500,000 in America alone? Influenza ( Spanish flu)

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