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WW 2 Jeopardy AP and US History. The Italian fascist leader.

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1 WW 2 Jeopardy AP and US History

2 The Italian fascist leader

3 Benito Mussolini (Il Duce)

4 The President of the USA through much of WW 2


6 The President of the USA at the end of the war- decided to drop the atomic weapons on Japan

7 Harry S. Truman

8 The Spanish dictator and fascist who won the Spanish Civil War

9 Francisco Franco

10 The Japanese Military commander and Prime Minister during WW 2

11 General Tojo

12 The British Prime Minister of Great Britain during WW 2-“we will never surrender!”

13 Winston Churchill

14 The German airforce

15 Luftwaffe

16 The Japanese suicide pilots

17 Kamikaze

18 The military alliance of Japan, Germany and Italy

19 The Axis

20 The military alliance of the USA, Britain, France and USSR (Russia)

21 The Allies

22 The Soviet Dictator who made a deal with Hitler to divide up Poland

23 Josef Stalin

24 The supreme Japanese leader during WW 2 worshipped as a god

25 Hirohito

26 Famous Cubist Spanish artist who painted the disturbing “Guernica.”

27 Pablo Picasso

28 Belief that we create our own morality (right and wrong) and that there is no meaning to this life especially beyond the grave-this ideology influenced many wartime artists

29 nihilism

30 The German commander of the Afrika Corps who reconquered all of North Africa for the oil fields and other resources

31 Erwin Rommel (“the Desert Fox”)

32 The nickname for the icon of female factory workers during WW2

33 Rosie the Riveter

34 Hitler’s long-time mistress turned wife

35 Eva Braun

36 War-time surreal painter famous for his optical illusions and strange artwork.

37 Salvador Dali

38 The act of giving something and pleasing another in order to avoid conflict or trouble

39 appeasement

40 The foreign policy of strict non-involvement in world affairs, usually accompanied by claiming neutrality in conflicts

41 Isolationism

42 What did Hitler use concentration camps for?

43 To imprison and kill Jews and other “enemies”

44 The largest of the Holocaust concentration camps (located in Poland)

45 Auschwitz

46 The name of the boat filled with Jewish refugees that FDR and US government turned away

47 SS St. Louis

48 Why did the American government force Japanese American citizens into intern camps during WW 2

49 wartimes call for protecting national security more than protecting individual rights (Jap-americans viewed as a threat)

50 Which foreign policy did the USA once again practice between WW I and WW II

51 Isolationism

52 How did USA entry into WW 2 affect its recovery from the Great Depression

53 accelerated its recovery

54 What was the name of the international organization to maintain world peace that was formed as a result of WW 2

55 The United Nations (UN)

56 How did both WW I and WW 2 increase opportunities for women

57 women filled many jobs in factories traditionally held by men

58 What was the name of the program enacted by the United States to help send weapons to Britain to help them fight Germany

59 The Lend-Lease Act

60 What brought the United States into both WW I and WW 2 each time-causing them to change their foreign policy

61 Suffered a direct military attack

62 What immediate and specific event on December 7, 1941 brought the United States into WW 2

63 The attack by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor

64 National leaders were held responsible for war crimes after WW 2 at the __________________ War Crimes Trial. (a precedent)

65 Nuremburg

66 The word used for hatred and prejudice towards Jews

67 Anti- Semetism

68 Both Germans and Japanese believed they were the “________________ Race.”

69 Master or superior

70 Lightening warfare used by the Germans to take over countries

71 Blitzkrieg

72 What 2 Japanese cities were atomic weapons dropped on the USA?

73 Hiroshima and Nagasaki

74 Chinese city where over 200,000 were killed and 20, 000 women raped by the Japanese

75 Nanking

76 What is the code name of The June 6, 1944 Allied invasion of the German- held French beaches of Normandy The largest military operation in US History

77 (D-Day) also called Operation Overlord

78 Adolph Hitler’s book

79 Mein Kampf (My Struggle)

80 Hitler’s decision to eliminate all European Jews

81 The Final Solution

82 The largest of the Holocaust concentration camps (located in Poland)

83 Auschwitz

84 Three (3) Ways Americans supported the war effort at home

85 1.Rationing/conservation of valuable resources needed for war 2. Women working in the factories to build materials needed for the war 3. Creating Propaganda films 4. Buying war bonds

86 The US had the difficulty of having to fight the war on

87 2 fronts-against the Nazis and Italy in Europe and North Africa and against the Japanese in the Pacific

88 Which countries were the Allies?

89 Britain, USA and the Soviet Union (Russia)

90 And where in the world did they fight the Nazis?

91 USA and Britain-in Western and southern Europe, Northern Africa Soviet Union fought the Nazis in Eastern Europe

92 During the final days of World War II after D-Day, German troops mounted their last serious fight in western Europe at the Battle of

93 The Battle of the Bulge Unternehmen Wacht am Rhein (in English: "Operation Watch on the Rhine")

94 The Allies were planning a massive 2- part invasion of Japan code-named

95 Operation Downfall

96 Had the United States not decided to drop the atomic bomb on Japan, what were two other courses of action could have chosen? 1. 2.

97 1.2 million-man invasion of Japan by the Allied forces (Operation Downfall)- Set to begin in November 1945, 2. Continue firebombing Japanese cities in hopes Japan would surrender

98 Why do you think the President decided against those two alternatives?

99 1.Japanese refused to surrender (dishonor) 2. Millions of Japanese soldiers and civilians would have died 3. 1 million Allied troops would have been killed and tens of millions more Japanese


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