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1 Quadrilaterals

2 Definition A quadrilateral is a closed geometric figure with four sides, four vertices, and four angles. The segments of a quadrilateral intersect only at their endpoints. Quadrilaterals Not Quadrilaterals Non consecutive sides should not intersect More than 4 sides Must only contain Segments 3 sides

3 Naming Quadrilaterals
Quadrilaterals are named by listing their vertices in order. There are many names for the quadrilateral below. Some examples are quadrilateral ABCD, quadrilateral BCDA, or quadrilateral DCBA.

4 Sides Any two sides, vertices, or angles of a quadrilateral are either consecutive or nonconsecutive. In a quadrilateral, nonconsecutive sides, vertices, or angles are also called opposite sides, vertices, or angles.

5 Diagonals Segments that join nonconsecutive vertices of a quadrilateral are called diagonals.

6 Properties The sum of all the angles equals 360º degrees. 110º 70º 360º 90º 360º 90º 360º 90º 360º 65º 115º 360º

7 Special Quadrilaterals
A quadrilateral is a four-sided polygon, but some of them have characteristics that make them special. We will be covering 6 special quadrilaterals: Parallelogram Rectangle Square Rhombus Kite Isosceles Trapezoid

8 Six Special Quadrilaterals
Parallelogram Rectangle Isosceles Trapezoid Rhombus Square Kite

9 Special Quadrilateral Properties
Each special quadrilateral has its on properties. However there are similarities between them. Your task is going to be to discover their properties by constructing and exploring each one.

10 Examples of Quadrilaterals in Everyday Life

11 Parallelograms

12 Rectangles

13 Squares

14 Rhombi

15 Kites

16 Isosceles Trapezoids

17 Conclusion We will be covering 6 types of quadrilaterals
Parallelograms Rectangles Squares Rhombi Kites Isosceles Trapezoids

18 As we explore the various quadrilaterals, begin thinking about all the places that you can find them, i.e. school, car, work, home, etc.

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