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1. Liebherr T 282B: Largest Earth-hauling Truck in the World This monster machine Liebherr T 282B is a large earth-hauling dump truck designed in 2004.

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1 1. Liebherr T 282B: Largest Earth-hauling Truck in the World This monster machine Liebherr T 282B is a large earth-hauling dump truck designed in 2004 by a German manufacturer and became the largest earth-hauling truck in the world. The top level model is driven by a 10.5 ton, 90 litre diesel engine, producing 3650 horsepower (2700 kW). Features: Weight: empty - 203 tons; maximum capacity - 365 tons; maximum operating weight - 592 tons Length: 14.5 meter long Height: 7.4 meter tall Wheelbase: 6.6 meter Top Speed: 40 mph or 65 kph Costs: US$3.5 M

2 2. Bagger 288: World's Largest Digging Machine This machine is the largest digging machine in the world. The bucket-wheeler excavator named Bagger 288 (Excavator 288) is built by the German company, Krupp. More specifically, it is a mobile strip mining machine. It is the largest tracked vehicle in the world at 13,500 tons. However, Bagger is powered from an external source and is more correctly described as a mining machine which can be moved, while the crawler – transporter was built as a self-powered, load-carrying vehicle. Features : Height: 95 meter tall Length: 215 meter long Weight: 13,500 tons

3 3. Crawler-Transporter: 2nd Largest Tracked Vehicle in the World The Crawler-Transporter is a tracked vehicle used to transport the Saturn V rocket, the Saturn IB rocket during Skylab and Apollo Soyuz, and now the Space Shuttle. It was designed by Bucyrus International and built by the Marion Power Shovel Co. at a cost of US$ 14 million each. When they were built, they were the largest in the world. The German Bagger 288 excavator is now the largest tracked vehicle in the world. Features :Height: 20 ft or 6.1 meter to 26 ft or 7.9 meter Length: 131 ft or 40 meter Width: 114 ft or 35 meter Weight: 2400 tons 2,700 short tons or 2,400,000 kg; 5,400,000 lb

4 4. TAKRAF RB293: Largest Terrestrial Vehicle in Human History Like the Bagger 288, the TAKRAF RB293 is a giant bucket-wheel excavator made by the German industrial company TAKRAF. It holds the record for the largest terrestrial vehicle in human history. It is used in Australia for removing over- burden from a brown coal mine in Victoria. It is also recognized as the largest and heaviest land vehicle. Features :Height: over 94.5 meters or 310 feet tall Length: over 220 meters or 722 feet long, Weight: over 14,196 tons or 31.3 million lbs Operation: requires five people to operate. Others: The bucket-wheel itself is over 70 feet in diameter with 20 buckets, each of which can hold over 15 cubic meters of material. It can move 240,000 cubic meters or 8.475 million cubic feet of earth per day.

5 7. BHC SR-N4 Mk-3: World's Largest Non-military Hovercraft This mammoth machine is the world's largest hover to date. BHC SR-N4, as shown above, is the world's largest non- military hovercraft, carrying 418 passengers and 60 cars. A hovercraft, or air-cushion vehicle (ACV), is a craft, designed to travel over any smooth surface supported by a cushion of slowly moving, high-pressure air, ejected downwards against the surface below, and contained within a "skirt." Hovercrafts are used throughout the world because they are unique among all forms of transportation in their ability to travel equally well over land, ice, and water.

6 8. Typhoon: World's Largest Submarine Class Ever Built This machine is the largest submarine class in the world ever built. It is a ballistic missile carrying, nuclear-powered submarine (SSBN). This large machine was deployed by the Soviet navy in the 1980s. With a maximum displacement of 26,000 tons, Typhoons are the largest class of submarine ever built. In its day it was one of the most feared weapons of mass destruction ever made. Technically, it is capable to successfully deploy long-range nuclear weapons. The cost of operations for the Typhoon submarines was so high that the Russian Navy retired all but one of them.

7 Knock Nevi's: World's Largest Ship Ever Constructed This machine is the largest super tanker. It is also the largest machine that can move long distance. The Knock Nevi’s is a floating storage and offloading unit (FSO) owned by the Fred Olsen Production of Norway. It was previously a super tanker and as such held the record for the world's largest ship. The vessel is longer than the Petronas Twin Towers, one of the world's tallest buildings, at 452 meters or 1,480 ft. Features :Length: 458.45 meter or 1,504 ft long Width: 69 meter wide Height: 30 meter tall Weight: 564,763 tons

8 11. Airbus A380: World's Largest Passenger Jet Airbus A380, the largest passenger jet in the world. It entered commercial service in 2007. The aircraft was known as the Airbus A3XX during much of its development phase, but the nickname Super jumbo has since become associated with it. It provides seating for 525 people in standard three- class configuration or up to 853 people in all economy class configurations.

9 12. Antonov An 225: World's Largest and Heaviest Aircraft Ever Built This is the largest and heaviest aircraft in the world - the An225 Mriya. As shown on the picture above, space shuttle Buran is being carried by the An-225. It first flew in 1988. It is a strategic airlift transport aircraft and is the largest airplane ever built. Currently there is only one aircraft operating but a second mothballed airframe is being reconditioned and is scheduled for completion around 2010. Features :Payload: 250,000 kg (550,000 lb) Door dimensions: 440 x 640 cm (14.4 x 21.0 ft) Length: 84 meter (275.6 ft) Wingspan: 88.40 meter (290 ft 2 in) Height: 18.1 meter (59.3 ft) Wing area: 905.0 meter (9,743.7 ft?) Cargo Volume: 1300 meter (45913.8 ft?) Empty weight: 175,000 kg (385,800 lb) Max takeoff weight: 600,000 kg (1,323,000 lb) Takeoff run: 3,500 meter (11,500 ft) with maximum payload

10 13. Worlds largest Money making Machines.

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