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S HOULD F ELONS B E A BLE T O V OTE ? By: Janell White.

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1 S HOULD F ELONS B E A BLE T O V OTE ? By: Janell White


3 A term by which members of a democratic society express how they want the society to operate, pick the rules the society lives by and decides the official who govern the society.

4 Restricting the right to vote is not a new, up-to- date term, it comes from an ancient Greek and Roman term that means “civil death.”

5 It was a 6-3 decision. They decided that it did not violate the equal protection clause. Since then, thirteen states have lessened voting restrictions for felons

6 In all fifty states, most felons can have their voting rights restored once they have completed their sentence. The most tolerate states are Vermont and Maine, where felons do not lose their voting privileges and can even vote in jail.

7 Voting is not a privilege; it is the basic right that defines a citizen. People who have paid their debts to society should have their right restored. To prevent felons from voting, especially after their release from prison, unfairly punishes them twice for the same crime

8 Felons who vote are fifty percent less likely to be re-arrested. Virginia has 377,847 felons in and out of prison who cannot vote. Eighty percent responded to a saying that felons should automatically have their rights restored.

9 Felons should have the right to vote in and out of prison. An ex-con pays higher debt to society by doing time and should suffer no further punishment, by not having the ability to vote.

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