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Operations with Functions.

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1 Operations with Functions

2 Function Operations Addition: Subtraction: Multiplication: Division:

3 Examples: If and Find (f + g)(x) Find (f - g)(x) Find

4 Examples: If and Find (f + g)(3) Find (f - g)(0) Find

5 Composition OF Functions

6 Definition of composite functions
Suppose f and g are functions such that the range (output) of g is the subset of the domain (input) of f. Then the composite function can be described by the equation

7 Let’s do an example together.
• Substitute 2x-3 in for g(x): • Substitute into f(x): Next

8 Simplify:

9 • Substitute for g(x): • Substitute f(x) into g(x): • Simplify:

10 Another example Next

11 Try these on your own:

12 Answers:

13 Now we will go over how to find a value of composite of functions.
Find each value. Substitute in g(x). Substitute into g(x). Simplify Next

14 Substitute into f(x). Simplify

15 Now you find the values using the same directions as in the last examples.
Answer: 64 Answer: -5

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