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Resources Grade 2 SOL- 2.8 Created by; Kim Smith.

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1 Resources Grade 2 SOL- 2.8 Created by; Kim Smith

2 What do plants produce that every living thing needs to survive ? 12345 A.Water, food B.Oxygen, food C.Soil, nutrients 25

3 Can you grow any plant anywhere? 12345 A.Yes B.No 25

4 What type of plants would grow in the desert ? 12345 A.Cactus B.Corn C.Rice

5 What type of plant needs lots of water to grow ? 12345 A.Corn B.Cactus C.Sunflower 25

6 Plants have many different uses. 12345 A.True B.False 25

7 Plants produce materials for clothing such as_______. 12345 A.Cotton, rubber B.Oils, lumber C.Spices, paper 25

8 Plants produce materials to help us in school, what are they? 12345 A.Oils, medicines B.Paper, lumber C.Cotton, rubber 25

9 Plants produce materials that help us get well when we are sick. These are______. 12345 A.Rubber, lumber B.Medicines C. Fiber, paper 25

10 What types of plant products are grown in Virginia ? 12345 A.Fruit trees, vegetables, wood B.Oranges, grapefruit C.Rice, cranberries 25

11 Animals use plants as ____ and ______. 12345 A.Clothes and toys B.Homes and shelters 25

12 What would a squirrel use to build a nest? 12345 A.Grass, lumber B.Twigs and sticks C.Dirt, clay 25

13 What would a bird use to build a nest ? 12345 A.Dirt, clay B.Twigs, sticks C.Cloth, grasses D.All of the above 25

14 Plants feed many different animals. 12345 A.True B.False 25

15 What types of animals eat just plants? 12345 A.Herbivores B.Carnivores 25

16 What types of plants would cows, horses and other farm animals eat? 12345 A.Corn, grains, grass B.Cactus, roses C.Trees, pine cones 25

17 What would the bee, humming bird and butterfly eat from a plant? 12345 25 A.Stem B.Root C.Sugar (nectar)

18 How do plants help keep the soil from eroding? 12345 A.Growing very tall B.The roots C.The leaves 25

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