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Arestan Consulting Quick Viz - Customer Strategy Diagnostics of the 5 environments critical to a successful Customer Strategy March 2003 108 rue Damrémont.

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1 Arestan Consulting Quick Viz - Customer Strategy Diagnostics of the 5 environments critical to a successful Customer Strategy March 2003 108 rue Damrémont 75018 Paris

2 © 2003 Arestan Consulting 2 QV-Customer Strategy(GB) In spite of significant efforts destined to reinforce the customer ’s place in corporations, the results are often below expectations It is now a known fact that a company cannot create any value if it does not place its customers at the center of its attention —In a win-win relationship, a company will share in the value it creates for its customers As a result, companies have spent significant amounts of money on the improvement and reorganization of customer interaction functions and processes —Information systems to improve and manage customer relationships —Matrix organizations and key account management to better serve clients —Analysis tools to better evaluate the value generated by each client Unfortunately, the reality is not always in line with the theory —A significant portion of the projects never generate the expected results —Many even derail what existed without resolving the problems

3 © 2003 Arestan Consulting 3 QV-Customer Strategy(GB) A corporation will not succeed in its Customer Strategy unless it masters the 5 critical environments Coherence of the Customer Strategy Customer Information Systems Customer Value Proposition Customer Contact Strategy Back Office Operations

4 © 2003 Arestan Consulting 4 QV-Customer Strategy(GB) Environment 1 Coherence of the Customer Strategy Do all interested parties know and agree on the differentiating characteristics of clients? Does everybody understand the same things when we speak of value generated by a customer? Does everybody agree that strategies vary according to customer segments? And finally, do we follow the results of these strategies and do we adapt them if they are not satisfactory? Coherence of the Customer Strategy Agreement on the notion of value Understanding customer segments Existence of strategies adapted to each segment Follow-up on and adaptation of strategies

5 © 2003 Arestan Consulting 5 QV-Customer Strategy(GB) Environment 2 Customer Information Systems Are the contents and the frequency of data collection in line with our business? Is the data reliable? Are the data extraction and modeling systems designed to generate useful (strategic) information? Customer Information Systems Collection and relevance of data Extraction and modeling of date (Strategic Information)

6 © 2003 Arestan Consulting 6 QV-Customer Strategy(GB) Environment 3 Customer Value Proposition Do the offers correspond to customer needs? Is our offer strategy compatible with our objectives for each segment? Do we have offer creation processes that combine creativity, analytical rigor and the « voice of the customer »? Customer Value Proposition Consideration of segments ’ objectives Consideration of customer needs Offer development processes

7 © 2003 Arestan Consulting 7 QV-Customer Strategy(GB) Do we manage our contact channels (direct/indirect salesforce, telemarketing, internet,...) strategically? Have we implemented channel performance measuring systems? Are customer information shared between channels fluidly? Environment 4 Customer Contact Strategy Customer Contact Strategy Strategic management of channels Customer information flow Strategic follow-up on channel performance

8 © 2003 Arestan Consulting 8 QV-Customer Strategy(GB) Have we integrated customer segment characteristics in our back office processes and workflow? Are customer information available to these services? Do we have continuous improvement programs? Environment 5 Back Office Operations Back office operations Availability of customer information to back office Integration of customer characteristics in the workflow Continuous improvement programs

9 © 2003 Arestan Consulting 9 QV-Customer Strategy(GB) Quick Viz-Customer Strategy Approach

10 © 2003 Arestan Consulting 10 QV-Customer Strategy(GB) Quick Viz is designed to fill the need for a rapid diagnostic of a company ’s position in the 5 environments critical to a successful customer strategy Before embarking on any reorganization and/or implementation of customer information systems, a quick and targeted diagnostic of the company ’s current position on the 5 environments critical to successful Customer Strategy is necessary, because it allows the firm to —Identify the areas of improvement —Target the areas, and therefore the efforts for improvement, and —provide an evaluation tool to measure the company ’s progression towards a « desired » and not a « subjugated » position Nevertheless, even with a project already underway, an evaluation tool for the firm’s position would be a significant plus to mesure and eventually adjust the road to the defined target That is why, Arestan Consulting has developed the Customer Strategy - Quick Viz offer which allows a fast identification of areas of improvement in the management of customer value

11 © 2003 Arestan Consulting 11 QV-Customer Strategy(GB) The 4 principles of the Quick-Viz Approach A diagnostic of the 5 environments critical to the success of a Customer Strategy should precede all significant undertakings —However, this first phase should be quick, efficient, and non intrusive, because it should not destabilize the company ’s operations and « state of mind » The diagnostic should identify the firm ’s current state and the areas for improvement —This evaluation should be objective and complemented by a series of quantifiable indicators The process should also mobilize the executives and a part of the company’s management, to enable them to build a common vision of the current state —But to be constructive, this exchange should be based on prepared and validated elements Quick Viz is based on an internal diagnostic, because the internal vision of the situation has a direct impact on the motivation of the personnel and the success of the firm —Nevertheless, the approach and the data analysis model allow us to check the coherence of the views and identify the eventual areas where an external investigation would be necessary

12 © 2003 Arestan Consulting 12 QV-Customer Strategy(GB) A project in 3 weeks, with limited time consumption Interview with the Directors Interviews & questionnaires with 7 - 10 managers Management seminar Synthesis of the results Review with the Director in charge Identification of areas for improvement Definition of a pilot project Definition of a first roadmap

13 © 2003 Arestan Consulting 13 QV-Customer Strategy(GB) Quick Viz Deliverables Identification of areas for improvement —The company ’s position on the 5 environments critical to a successful Customer Strategy —Identification of the Gap with respect to the objective —Identification et reconciliation of eventual divergences or anomalies observed during the evaluations —Identification of eventual external investigation needs Definition of a pilot project —Identification of a priority improvement target among the 5 environments —Definition of a pilot project to improve the identified environment  target objective  main milestones  timing  resources and team Definition of a first roadmap for the company —Definition of the main projects to undertake —Timing and sequencing of the projects —Preliminary timing estimation and a brief planning

14 © 2003 Arestan Consulting 14 QV-Customer Strategy(GB) Project organization and the implication of the firm ’s staff Director in Charge —A member of the management team who will be in charge of the project to work with Arestan Consulting on:  identification of managers and staff to be interviewed  reviewing the synthesis document prior to the management seminar  establishing the list of participants at the management seminar Directors, Managers, Staff —Members of the management committee as well as 7 to 10 managers and staff will be interviewed for the diagnostic. The tool will be a questionnaire created by Arestan Consulting which will allow to formulate the every person ’s vision of where the company is on each of the 5 environments Time Consumption (estimation) —Director in charge : 2 times 2 hours, participation in the seminar, availability on the telephone —Directors, Managers, Staff : One 2-hour interview of each —Seminar participants : 4 to 6 hours The remainder of the work, including the production of the final document will be handled by Arestan Consulting

15 © 2003 Arestan Consulting 15 QV-Customer Strategy(GB) Arestan Consulting StrategyInnovationOrganizational Effectiveness Create the environment to get the most from new ideas and intuition Build balanced corporate structures and processes (rigor, flexibility, adaptability) to enhance a company ’s new ventures and intrapreneurship initiatives Develop Strategic Business Designs and Models for new ventures Develop Business Plans for new activities and innovative start-ups Design structures and organizations for effective corporate governance Build effective management processes (capital allocation, human resource management, budgeting, strategy and portfolio planning) Design efficient and decision enabling reporting tools and processes Improve the productivity and effectiveness of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service functions Develop and implement successful outsourcing strategies To obtain more further information on Arestan Consulting, you can contact us 108, rue Damrémont orTel : +33 (0) 6 11 48 20 56 75018 Paris - France email: Create a dynamic business portfolio to deliver value through asset productivity Develop and implement strategies to deliver profitable growth through leveraging the company ’s core competencies and assets Transform the Business Planning exercise into a powerful business development and evaluation process Enhance profits through innovative customer- focused value creating strategies Develop innovative channel strategies Develop and implement customer driven key account management strategies Arestan Consulting works with executives and management teams on the development of their organizations’ future. Our collaborative approach is focused on the following expertise:

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