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NAFSA GS-013: Cyber Recruitment 20081 Cyber Recruitment NAFSA Annual Conference | 29 May 2008 Cheryl Darrup-Boychuck,

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1 NAFSA GS-013: Cyber Recruitment 20081 Cyber Recruitment NAFSA Annual Conference | 29 May 2008 Cheryl Darrup-Boychuck, Viktar Khotsim, educationUSA Martin Bennett, Ball State University

2 NAFSA GS-013: Cyber Recruitment 20082 Effective Use of Technology for a Dynamic Demographic We hope to help you: Become tech-literate not a techie Communicate with students using their preferred tools Share success stories

3 NAFSA GS-013: Cyber Recruitment 20083 The Digital Divide Only 1/5 of the worlds population has regular online connectivity. Only 43 countries have an Internet penetration rate of 50% or more; 226 countries do not. Advertising online represents an Affluency Filter.

4 NAFSA GS-013: Cyber Recruitment 20084

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10 10 Precision Marketing Desktops and Laptops Language (without regard to geographic borders) Geography (points of latitude and longitude) … and Handhelds Carrier (NTT DoCoMo in Japan, China Mobile…) Device Manufacturer (Nokia, Samsung…) Device Capabilities (streaming video…)

11 NAFSA GS-013: Cyber Recruitment 200811 Global Statistics to Consider In 2008, the Internet will be more frequently accessed on mobile phones than on Personal Computers (PCs). In Japan and Korea, 90 percent of all cell phone users use their device to browse the Internet. There are three billion cell phone subscribers worldwide (three times the number of PC users), who use their phones at least daily.

12 NAFSA GS-013: Cyber Recruitment 200812 Advising Without Borders!

13 NAFSA GS-013: Cyber Recruitment 200813 VCO Project Now Team of 36 advisers from 21 countries Seven templates 1,000 IPs daily 7,800 incoming questions 5,219 subscribers One hit per second Extension to the two new language versions The VCO on-line consulting technique Supported by one tech specialist

14 NAFSA GS-013: Cyber Recruitment 200814 English CC Russian CC Arabic CC Spanish CC Chinese CC

15 NAFSA GS-013: Cyber Recruitment 200815 Objective To develop a classification of incoming questions and, accordingly, to prepare a set of concrete recommendations.

16 NAFSA GS-013: Cyber Recruitment 200816 Classification of incoming questions Very basic Labor-intensive Concrete Miscellaneous

17 NAFSA GS-013: Cyber Recruitment 200817 Very basic questions 75% of all incoming questions Student has never been to EAC New and under-served category of our potential clients Just curious about education in the USA

18 NAFSA GS-013: Cyber Recruitment 200818 Very basic questions: Recommendations Inspirational sentence Simple and brief explanation of the application process Use of template answers Refer to the nearest EducationUSA Advising Center

19 NAFSA GS-013: Cyber Recruitment 200819 Labor-intensive questions 15% of total questions A prospective student who finally decided to take the first step in the application process A prospective student who somewhere heard about this opportunity and is wondering where to begin

20 NAFSA GS-013: Cyber Recruitment 200820 Labor-intensive questions: Recommendations Avoid digging too deep when answering question Instead of doing search for student, show only direction where to find the answer (directing answer) Present direct link or contact information

21 NAFSA GS-013: Cyber Recruitment 200821 Concrete Questions 5% of total questions Coming from students who are in the active phase of the application process Requires a tailored answer Allow advisers to demonstrate expertise in a certain field Doesnt require too much time A collection of concrete questions is the most valuable part of the projects question archive.

22 NAFSA GS-013: Cyber Recruitment 200822 VCO and U.S. Educational Institutions Refer interested applicants with questions not specific to a U.S. institution to the VCO web portal Let your current students and alumni know that they are welcome to participate in the forum and other sections of the VCO project Place the VCO banner on your website

23 NAFSA GS-013: Cyber Recruitment 200823 Advising Without Borders!

24 NAFSA GS-013: Cyber Recruitment 200824 Key Issues for Universities How easy is it to find your site online? How many clicks from your school's homepage? How important is the web in your international student enrollment plan? How do you respond to prospects electronically? Are you using DVCs? Are you chatting, using videos, or presenting to parents? Can students check the status of their applications online? What percentage of your international students apply online? After admission, what do you do to keep these students interested?

25 NAFSA GS-013: Cyber Recruitment 200825 International Website Basics 101: What do you have to have? Focus groups with your current internationals Review of U.S. State Departments How to Have an Internationally Friendly WebsiteHow to Have an Internationally Friendly Website School description with costs and housing information International undergraduate / graduate admissions Proportion of international students at that university and class profiles Quotes from international students Requirements and documents that apply to international students Visas: Up-to-date information

26 NAFSA GS-013: Cyber Recruitment 200826 Prospects to Admitted: Maintain Communication Change things up every so often student profiles, video interviews, alum interviews, promotional videos Send e-mails to prospects when new information is added Online application form a must Look into in-house or third-party chats Develop a web-based status check for applicants Offer video interviews to departments admitting GA/TAs (Skype, Live Messenger, DVC)

27 NAFSA GS-013: Cyber Recruitment 200827 Admitted to Enrolled: Be Proactive Chats Emails to accepted students Online forms to confirm enrollment Arrival Info – Transportation to campus Info about what to bring, health insurance, and other issues typically raised at orientation Things to do in the community Orientation schedules

28 NAFSA GS-013: Cyber Recruitment 200828 DVC (Digital Video Conferences) Recruitment fairs with state consortia of colleges and universities Service-topics / on-demand workshops Local institutions connecting with colleges and universities

29 NAFSA GS-013: Cyber Recruitment 200829 (insert video clip here)

30 NAFSA GS-013: Cyber Recruitment 200830 Chat Products Group Chats Online Chats with EducationUSA Centers Instant Chats

31 NAFSA GS-013: Cyber Recruitment 200831 Social Networking Sites Country-specific networks Worldwide options (MySpace, Facebook, etc.) How to use these networks: Signing up, configuring appropriate privacy settings What you can do: Advertising, posting electronic resources Example of use: Destination Indiana Facebook groupDestination Indiana Facebook

32 NAFSA GS-013: Cyber Recruitment 200832 Facebook Users Worldwide 6th most-trafficked website in the world 2nd most-trafficked social media site in the world Users In Facebook 70 million active (users who have returned to the site in the last 30 days) people in the United States 25,945,340 people in the United Kingdom 10,200,200 people in Saudi Arabia 223,380 people in Canada 9,203,260 people in the United Arab Emirates 329,880 people in France 1,839,800 people in Australia 2,904,760 people in Israel 508,820 people in Mexico 847,260 people in Egypt 711,180 people in Italy 325,700 people in Pakistan 204,640 people in Switzerland 323,500 people in New Zealand 350,300

33 NAFSA GS-013: Cyber Recruitment 200833 Continue the Conversation via NAFSAs M&R Network Go to Click Knowledge Community Networks and Resources Click Recruitment, Admissions, and Preparation Click Marketing and Recruiting Click Discussion Forums Click The M and R Idea Factory

34 NAFSA GS-013: Cyber Recruitment 200834 Cyber Recruitment NAFSA Annual Conference | 29 May 2008 Cheryl Darrup-Boychuck, Viktar Khotsim, educationUSA Martin Bennett, Ball State University

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