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Unit 3 – U. S. History Disunion, Civil War, and Reunion Jeopardy Review.

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2 Unit 3 – U. S. History Disunion, Civil War, and Reunion Jeopardy Review

3 1. Under this 1850 law, those helping escaped slaves could be fined or imprisoned.


5 What is the Fugitive Slave Law?

6 2. Best-selling novel that raised awareness about the conditions of Southern slaves


8 What is Uncle Toms Cabin?

9 3. 1854 law that repealed the Missouri Compromise, created two new territories in the Louisiana Purchase area, and allowed settlers in those territories to vote on slavery.


11 What is the Kansas-Nebraska Act

12 4. Americans attached this nickname to Kansas after violence broke out there between pro- and anti-slavery settlers.


14 What is Bleeding Kansas?

15 5. His speech in the Senate chambers attacking a pro-slavery Southern Senator earned him a canning.


17 Who is Massachusetts Senator Charles Sumner?

18 6. This Supreme Court decision ruled that a slave taken to free territory was still property, and slaves had no right to sue in courts of law.


20 What is the Dred Scott decision?

21 7. This was Lincolns position on slavery.


23 What is he was a free-soiler: He opposed the expansion of slavery.

24 8. His plan was to seize the federal arsenal there, distribute the weapons to neighboring slaves, and start an uprising


26 Who is John Brown at Harpers Ferry, VA?

27 9. This event convinced many Southerners that the North was ready to use violence to stamp out slavery.


29 What is John Browns raid on Harpers Ferry?

30 10. In this year, Lincoln was the first president elected from this party.


32 What is the Republican Party in 1860?

33 11. South Carolina was the first state to secede from the Union in this year.


35 What is December 1860, after the election of Lincoln?

36 12. Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee, Florida


38 What are the 11 states that seceded from the United States and formed the Confederate States of America?

39 13. Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland, Delaware


41 What are slave states that remained faithful to the Union?

42 14. Fort Sumter, near the entrance to the harbor of Charleston, South Carolina.


44 Where were the first shots of the Civil War fired?

45 15. Most of the battles of the Civil War were fought in this region of the U.S.


47 What is the South?

48 16. This side in the Civil War could claim naval superiority.


50 What is the North?

51 17. This side in the Civil War produced more food and manufactured goods and had a larger fighting-age population.


53 What is the North?

54 19. They planned to fight a defensive war until the other side gave up.


56 What are the Southerners?

57 20. They planned to control the Mississippi, blockade ports, and capture the capital to win the war.


59 What are the Northerners?

60 21. This former Mississippi Senator was elected president of the Confederate States of America.


62 Who was Jefferson Davis?

63 22. This side won the first real battle of the Civil War at Bull Run, VA


65 What is the South?

66 23. Richmond, VA


68 What was the capital of the Confederate States of America?

69 24. George McClellan


71 Who did Lincoln put in charge of the Union army and later remove for not being aggressive enough?

72 25. He refused Lincolns offer to command the Union army and instead took command of the Southern army.


74 Who is Robert E. Lee?

75 26. The Income Tax Act of 1861.


77 What law did Congress pass to help finance the Norths war expenses.? It taxed three percent of earnings over $800.

78 27. The Battle of Antietam, Sept. 17, 1862


80 What was the bloodiest single- day battle of the Civil War and the first major battle on Northern soil.

81 28. The Emancipation Proclamation.


83 What did Lincoln do in January 1863 to turn the Civil War into a crusade against slavery, making it morally more difficult for England to support the South?

84 29. Bloodiest battle and turning point of the Civil War?


86 What is Gettysburg?

87 30. After his capture of Atlanta in Sept. 1864, William Tecumseh Sherman left this mark on the south.


89 What is his army destroyed everything in its path on its march to Savannah, GA?

90 31. The dedication of a cemetery at Gettysburg was the occasion of this memorable oration.


92 What is Lincolns Gettysburg address?

93 32. This widely publicized assault demonstrated that African Americans could fight with skill and courage.


95 What is the unsuccessful attack of the 54 th Massachusetts regiment on Fort Wagner, SC?

96 33. Appomattox Court House


98 In what oddly named Virginia town did Robert E Lee surrender to Ullysses S. Grant in April 1865, ending the Civil War?

99 34. John Wilkes Booth


101 Who is a famous American actor and the assassin of Abraham Lincoln on April 14, 1865 at Ford Theater in Washington, D.C.?

102 35. Restore the South to the Union and protect the rights of former slaves.


104 What were the goals of the Reconstruction plans hatched by the North at the end of the Civil War?

105 36. His plan required 10 percent of voters to swear allegiance to the Union before a state could rejoin the Union.


107 Who is Abraham Lincoln?

108 Their Reconstruction plan was harsh and punitive


110 37. Their Reconstruction plan was harsh and punitive What is Congress?

111 38. A deal in 1877 to resolve a disputed presidential election ended this phase of Southern history.


113 What is Reconstruction?

114 39. The 13 th Amendment


116 What is the Constitutional amendment that ended slavery and involuntary servitude in the United States.

117 40. The 14 th Amendment


119 What is the Constitutional amendment that recognized everyone born in the U.S. or naturalized as a U.S. citizen and guaranteed them equal protection.

120 41. The 15 th Amendment


122 What is the Constitutional amendment that prohibited voting discrimination based on color, race, or previous servitude?

123 42. Congress took this action after Andrew Johnson fired his Secretary of War in violation of the Tenure of Office Act.


125 They impeached him.

126 43. Only the commander of the Andersonville Prison Camp was hanged and Jefferson Davis was imprisoned for two years, then released on bail.


128 What actions did the North take against Southern rebel leaders after the Civil War?

129 44. The Freedmens Bureau


131 What was an agency created by Congress in 1865 to provide food, clothing, medical supplies and schooling to former slaves and poor whites after the Civil War?

132 45. Forty acres and a mule


134 45. Forty acres and a mule. What were Black families initially promised in the South after the Civil War, but it never materialized?

135 46. Carpetbaggers


137 What contemptuous name was applied to Northerners who came moved to the South after the Civil War to supposedly take advantage of the South?

138 47. Black Codes


140 These laws replaced the former slave codes in the South and restricted the mobility and freedom of African Americans.

141 48. Sharecropping


143 What is a cashless work arrangement between landowners and tenants that became widely used after the Civil War and returned many Blacks to a state of virtual slavery?

144 Final Jeopardy Category: Reconstruction

145 The best known group of white racists that organized after the Civil War to intimidate Black Americans to keep them away from the voting booth and in their place.

146 Who are the Ku Klux Klan?

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