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Multimedia Systems CSE 228F Amarnath Gupta

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1 Multimedia Systems CSE 228F Amarnath Gupta

2 Some Course Details Course home page References Networked Multimedia Systems by S.V. Raghavan and S.K.Tripathi The MPEG homepage: Multimedia Information Systems by V. S. Subrahmanian (Editor), S. K. Tripathi (Editor)V. S. SubrahmanianS. K. Tripathi Programming references Java Media API Java Advanced Imaging API

3 What is Multimedia? Multimedia: a working definition A combination of two or more categories of information having different transport signal characteristics Typically, one medium is a continuous medium while another is discrete Image, audio, video and graphics are examples of media

4 Images Some Issues Is the image as high-quality as I need? Is the image efficiently stored and transmitted? Can the image be retrieved by its content?

5 Videos Some issues How are the temporal relations between the media represented? What do I need to stream video across the network? Are the different media synchronized? How can I describe a video retrieval request like a query?

6 What is a Multimedia System? A system that involves: generation representation storage transmission search and retrieval delivery of multimedia information  production/authoring tools  compression and formats  file system design  networking issues  database management  server design, streaming

7 A Course-on-Demand System Multimedia Database Network On-line facilitator user Database server Courseware developer

8 A Course-on-Demand System Authoring Tool Java Client Network ServerDB ApplicationIntegration Software Metadata DB Media Server User Interface

9 A Media-on-Demand System A real system Praja Event Experience Praja Concert Praja Football

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