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5 th June 2010 Special Thanks! NUS Students’ Arts and Social Sciences Club.

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1 5 th June 2010 Special Thanks! NUS Students’ Arts and Social Sciences Club

2 Briefing Overview  Payment of Booth  Booth Allocation  Logistics  Matriculation Timing  Decoration Day  Matriculation Packages  Marketing Guidelines  Event Proper  Clearing Up  Security Procedures & Safety  Discipline and Administration  Summary of Important Dates  Balloting (For societies & interest groups only)

3 MF 2010 PB Briefing

4 Payment of Booth  All PBs are required to pay $50 with the Matriculation Fair Committee today.  Every cash payment would be recorded and issued a receipt  Original receipts to be retained for future collection of deposits,  Any fines resulting from breaching of Rules and Regulations would be deducted from the deposit.

5 Mode of Payment & Return of Deposit

6 MF 2010 PB Briefing

7 Booths  No mutual exchanges of booths after balloting, including exchanges within the same sector.  There will be no balloting for Faculty Clubs, Constituent Clubs and for any PBs participating at MF for 2 days or less.  Booths will be allocated  Only societies & interest groups will undergo balloting  Each booth will be assigned a fixed number of tables and chairs

8 Booth Space TablesChairs NUSSU Constituent Clubs 66 NUSSU Committees33 Societies & Interest Groups 33 CFA33 Sports Sub-Clubs / IVP33 Staff Departments33 Budget Booths22

9 Floor Plan

10 Booths for NUSSU Constituent Clubs Booth No.Name of PB A1 Goodie Bags Booth A2 Project X A6 NUS CAC A4 Political association A3 CSC FACULTY BOOTHS A5 NUS Student's' Arts and Social science club A5 Engineering club A5 Law Club A5 science club A5 DE Club A5 Business Students' Club

11 Booths for NUSSU Committees Booth No.Name of PB B1NUSSU Business Comm B6NUSSU PRU B3NUSSU video & photographic B7NUS Students' Fund B10NUSSU CBLC B8NUSSU IRC B11NUSSU Travel Service B4NUSSU VAC B5NUSSU hotline B12NUSSU SAVE B9NUSSU welfare B2NUSSU Ridge

12 Booths for Budget Booths Booth No.Name of PB G1 NUS Students' Communications and New Media Society G1Chemical Science Society G2NUS Physics Society G2NUS Psychology Society G3Science CBLC G4Pharmaceutical Society G5 Chemical Engineering Student’s Society (CHESS)

13 MF 2010 PB Briefing

14 Logistics  All PBs must declare to the MFC all bulky, costly items, and logistics/decorations that they intend to bring into the hall on the Logistics Declaration Form (Form B)  State clearly the type and quantity of the items to be brought in.  Based on Form B, the Logistics Officer will advise accordingly on items deemed unsuitable to be brought into the MF or which might pose problems if brought in.  PBs need to indicate on Form B if electrical power will be required and the number of power points that are needed is subject to a cap of 2 power points.

15 Logistics  All equipment brought into the MF must be clearly labeled with the PBs’ name.  All PBs are to ensure that they have been issued the correct number of tables and chairs and to declare any existing damages or discrepancies immediately during the time of issue on Decoration Day.  Failure to do so would indicate acceptance of the issued items and the cost of the damage/loss will be borne by the PB concerned.

16 Logistics  All wiring and cables are to be securely taped down to prevent accidents from happening.  PBs must ensure that no wiring/cables are left exposed to the walking space  All decorations, exhibits, storage space, etc are restricted to the area allocated to the PBs.  All partitions are not to be moved without prior permission.  No doors or windows, other than assigned entrances and exits, are to be unlocked or opened.

17 Logistics  All PBs which are participating in the MF are to surrender 1 extension cords each with at least 4 sockets, of which one must be of at least 5m in length.  Each PB will be provided with only two power sockets during MF.  Please be reminded to not overload any power sockets  Each PB is responsible for their own items. The MFC accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the items

18 MF 2010 PB Briefing

19 Matriculation Timings


21 MF 2010 PB Briefing

22 Decoration Day  21 st July (Wednesday)  Morning: 0900 – 1200, Afternoon: 1300-1600 PBsTime Sector ANUSSU Constituent Clubs Morning Sector BNUSSU CommitteesMorning Sector CSports Club & Sub-ClubsMorning Sector DIVPMorning Sector ECFAAfternoon Sector FSocieties & Interest Groups Afternoon Sector GBudget BoothsAfternoon

23 Decoration Day (Faculty Booth)  For faculty clubs who will only participate in the morning, they can choose to come the day before (at 6pm) or on actual day (at 8am) to decorate their booth.  For faculty Clubs who will only be participating in the afternoon, they will be required to come 45 minutes before their faculty’s matriculation timing and report to their respective PRO, and decoration will only begin 30 minutes before their faculty’s matriculation timing.

24 Decoration Day (Budget Booths)  All PBs who are not participating on the first day will only decorate their stalls from 1800hrs onwards on the day before their participating day.  PBs participating only in the afternoon (comprising budget booths coming in for less than 4 days) may only decorate their booths on the day of participation an hour before the session.  Contact respective PROs for instructions just before decoration in these 2 cases.

25 Decoration Day  All PBs should keep to their allotted time periods for decorating their stalls. PBs are requested to report to their respective PROs before commencing decoration.  Tapes of all kinds (including masking and clear tapes) are strictly prohibited from any wall, floor, pillar, door, window or ceiling.  Only Blue Tack is allowed for adhesive purposes. Cloth tape is only meant for securing electrical wires on the floor.

26 Decoration Day  Height of all objects must not exceed 3m, and the width should not exceed 150cm.  banner should not be greater than 1m by 3m in size.  Size of large banner must be declared in Form B to seek the approval of MFC.  All PBs are required to bring their own structures for hanging their banners.

27 MF 2010 PB Briefing

28 Matriculation Packages  Sales and distribution of packages are only allowed within the booth area assigned to the PBs.  PBs participating from morning onwards are allowed to bring their matriculation packages into the MF venue before 1900 hrs on the night before. PBs participating from the afternoon onwards are only allowed to bring their packages during their decoration period.

29 Matriculation Packages  Storage of Matriculation Packages are at the risk of all PBs and the MFC will take no responsibility for the loss or damage of any packages.  All Matriculation packages must be stacked and kept in a neat and presentable manner. They must not obstruct any paths or affect safety in any way, especially the emergency exit points.

30 MF 2010 PB Briefing

31 Marketing guidelines  Ensure there’s no conflict of interests between sponsors from the Faculty Clubs, Non-Faculty Clubs and Societies  The sponsors for Matriculation Fair 2010  SingTel, DBS, Standard Chartered, AIA  ** Sponsors with clash of interests are:  Other Telecommunication companies e.g. Starhub, Singapore Cable Vision, M1  Other Banks e.g. UOB, OCBC, Citibank, OUB, Maybank, HSBC  Financial Institutions and Insurance companies  Sponsors not approved by OSA:  Chatline Companies.  Social Escort Companies  Online Trading Companies

32 Marketing guidelines  Booths

33 Marketing guidelines  Goodie Bags / Matriculation Packages  T-Shirts

34 MF 2010 PB Briefing

35 Event Proper  Operating hours for matriculation fair: 0900 – 1700 hrs  All PBs are allowed to enter into the MF venue at 0830 hrs.  All booths have to be ready by 0845 hrs.  All PB personnel must leave MF venue within 30 mins after closing time

36 Event Proper  All representatives may only do recruitment and distribution of materials within the sector their PBs is under.  No food and drinks are allowed within MPSH2 at all times, other than bottled plain water. All meals must be taken outside.  Soliciting in any other area besides MPSH2 is strictly prohibited.

37 Event Proper  All loud hailers and public address system are not allowed in the hall.  All PBs and their representatives are reminded to keep a lookout for their personal belongings.

38 MF 2010 PB Briefing

39 Clearing Up  27 th July 2010 from 1730 hrs  PBs who are participating on the last day of the MF are required to send a minimum of 2 representatives (preferably male) to help clear up on the last day of the MF.  All decorations are to be removed by respective stallholders by 27 th July 2010 (Tuesday), 2000hrs.

40 Clearing up  All PBs not participating in MF for all 4 days can only remove their decorations from 1800hrs to 1900hrs on the day their participation ceases.  Inform and seek approval from their respective PROs before removing any decorations.

41 Clearing Up  PBs participating between 22 th July to 27 th July 2010 for MF are required to clear up their area after they have ended their participation.  All PBs involved in the clearing up on the final day, are to first clear up their own stall area before they are detailed by the Logistics Officer to help out in the general clearing up of MPSH2.

42 MF 2010 PB Briefing

43 Security Procedures  Entry into MF for PBs is strictly by security passes only.  Sharing/ exchange of passes is strictly forbidden.  All students are required to exchange their matriculation cards for the passes.  All participating representatives must at all times wear their security pass visibly around their neck when in the MF.

44 Security Procedures  No. of security passes allowed for each PB: PBsNo of Passes Faculty Clubs10 NUSSU Constituent Club8 NUSSU Committees4 Societies & Interest Groups4 CFA, Sports Sub Clubs and IVP4 Staff department4 Budget Booths4

45 Security Procedures  Each PBs is to submit a list of names of representatives in the following format to their PRO: Column 1: Name Column 2: Matriculation Number (with alphabet) for MF to their respective Public Relations Officers by 5 th July 2010 (Monday) 2359hrs.

46 Safety  All doors, especially emergency exits and fire hoses are not to be blocked by any object.  No multi-way adapter and/or extra extension cords are allowed to prevent overloading of power points.  All PB should familiarize their members who are participating in the MF with the safety regulations of MF.

47 MF 2010 PB Briefing

48 Discipline and Administration  Minor Offences and Intermediate offences:  Given verbal warning once.  Repeated offences would result in fines of $10 for each offence  Examples: Overloading of power points, Offensive decorations, Consumption of food and drinks inside MPSH2, failure to stay within one’s sector ( for purpose of recruitment and sales)  In the event the deposit is insufficient to cover all fines imposed due to penalties incurred by the PBs and its members, the MFC may evict the PBs from the fair.

49 Discipline and Administration  Serious Offence:  Fine of $15 or immediate eviction from MF  Examples: Vandalizing or defacement of NUS property

50 MF 2010 PB Briefing

51 Important dates to remember: Deadline Payment of Booth5 th & 12 th June Sockets Collection5 th & 12 th June Submission of names to PRO5 th July Submission of Forms A, B & C (Mailbox opposite of CAC room @ YIH Level 4) 9 TH July Decoration Day21 st July (allocated time) Clearing Day27 th July Collection of sockets & deposit13 th & 20 th August

52 MF 2010 PB Briefing Special Thanks! NUS Students’ Arts and Social Sciences Club

53 MF 2010 PB Briefing

54 Procedure for Balloting  All PBs who have representatives present during balloting day will have their lots (bearing the name of the PBs) placed in a box.  A MFC member will announce the stall position being balloted.  A MFC member will then randomly draw lots from the box.  After each lot is called, the PBs called will be allocated their balloted stall positions.

55 Floor Plan

56 MF 2010 PB Briefing Special Thanks!

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