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Colindres, Cathrina M. 3MB

2 Jessica Zafra

3 she was born in the year 1965 and was surprisingly a drop-out student but studied elementary in the St. Theresa’s College and she said kept saying that this school offers great education. She studied at Philippine Science for high school and after, took a major in Comparative Literature at the University of the Philippines. Jessica Zafra is currently a fiction writer, columnist, editor, publisher, and was also once a television and a radio show host

4 INFORMAL ESSAY She did not use deep words
She used those comparison in order for the people to understand the effects of alcohol and to see the appearance in each stages.

5 devolution If evolving means moving up to a “higher” life form, devolving means deteriorating to a “lower” life form.

6 theory about alcohol The more you drink, the lower you go down the evolutionary level.

7 theory about alcohol APE
You sort of slouch over with your arms down to your knees and ado an ape-like shuffle…

8 theory about alcohol REPTILE
You can’t even stay on your feet anymore. And you crawl over.

9 theory about alcohol POLITICIAN
You are talkative and hyperverbal sort. There is noticeable rise in the volume of your voice. And you also reveal your darkest secret. Eventually you stop making sense.

10 theory about alcohol FISH
You can’t crawl anymore. You attempt to swim on the floor. Also called as Sammy the Sperm, in which you are having a race with other sperm to reach the egg.

11 theory about alcohol ROCK
You already fall asleep and don’t care about anything. You lost your consciousness and reached the lowest ladder. You’re not even a living organism anymore.

12 Reaction Everything that Jessica Zafra had mentioned was embarrassingly true. Most of us, experienced this when we are drunk. I can’t help myself not to laugh at this. And I admit, I encountered some of this stages.

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