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UUCG Governance Task Force Open Meeting 12:30pm, February 5 th, 2012 Proposed Changes to Governance Structure, Decision-making, and Accountability to Enhance.

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1 UUCG Governance Task Force Open Meeting 12:30pm, February 5 th, 2012 Proposed Changes to Governance Structure, Decision-making, and Accountability to Enhance Organizational Effectiveness and Inclusion Charlotte Hamlin (Chair), Sharin Francis, Hope Mclean, Sue Sherwood, Steve Andrews, Merritt Wayt, Miriam Heard. Policies and Procedures Committee: Michelle Lee and Breeze Dunham. Assisted by Rev Eric Posa 1

2 Governance Areas of Concern Identified by Susan Neinaber (May, 2010)  Confusion about governing structures and decision-making authority.  Lack of policies and agreed upon procedures for making decisions (who has “right”/authority); how to manage change.  Lack of internal accountability  Unclear Roles (board, minister, and various standing committees, e.g. c of ministry)  Weak performance management of staff  Poor institutional memory (record-keeping) and communication problems between congregation and decision-making bodies 2

3 Philosophy Guiding Review: Two Congregational Leadership Roles o GOVERNANCE: board work, trusteeship, policy making, oversight; top-level tasks of articulating the mission, selecting strategy for getting there, making sure it happens, and ensuring people and property are protected against harm. o MINISTRY: program leadership and implementation by staff and lay leaders to fulfill church mission. Practical daily decisions about what to do and how…within approved policy guidelines. Everything not reserved to the board or congregational committees. 3

4 Three Criteria for Effectiveness: # 1 GOVERNANCE DECISIONS: BOARD A unified structure exists for making governance decisions. The governing board serves the membership by articulating mission and vision, strategic planning, and ensuring responsible stewardship of resources. Policy-focused board “Noses in, fingers out.” 4

5 Three Criteria for Effectiveness: # 2 MINISTRY DECISIONS: MANAGEMENT A unified structure exists for making ministry decisions and implementing and managing church programs. The ministry includes all program leaders (paid and unpaid) working harmoniously to create effective programs that fulfill mission. 5

6 Three Criteria for Effectiveness: # 3 - CLEAR BOUNDARIES A firm and well-marked boundary is established between governance (board) and ministry (programs) with active communication and accountability between the two so that leaders, staff, and the congregation are clear as to who must be consulted and who can and should make decisions on every subject. delegate authority and require accountability 6

7 Links between Governance and Ministry – 1 ZONE OF OVERLAP  Mechanism for obtaining input from both Governance and Ministry before moving forward with major changes, proposals, sharing information, power and influence BUT clear designation of decision-making at the top of Governance and Ministry. 7

8 Links between Governance and Ministry – 2 POLICIES The governing board and ministry leaders are connected through written policies.  The Board: adopts policies to clarify work delegates authority provides guidance on how that authority should be used  The Ministry Leaders: implement policy manage programs provide information and feedback 8

9 Links between Governance and Ministry – 3 ACCOUNTABILITY  The governing board and the ministry leaders hold themselves and each other accountable by monitoring work through regular reports evaluating outcomes and performance regularly assuring delegated authority is used appropriately to accomplish mission 9

10 Summary of Organizational Changes Proposed by GTF January, 2012  Minister and staff authorized to lead and coordinate MINISTRY TEAMS that work to implement the church mission.  Board refocuses on primary POLICY tasks, establishes key COMMITTEES (or taskforces as needed) and delegates greater authority and leadership to minister, with regular consultation and reports.  Council of Committees becomes COORDINATING COUNCIL of work groups, linking governance and ministry. 10

11 Summary of Organizational Changes Continued…  Congregational Committees (Bylaws Changes) Redefine Nominating Committee as Committee on Leadership Development Committee on Endowment Committee on Ministry? (pending settled minister)  New Ministry Team Healthy Congregations  New Board Committees Strategic Planning (discernment, visioning) Governance/Accountability (monitoring, evaluation) 11

12 Overview of Proposed Changes: UUCG Congregation MinisterBoard of Trustees Staff & Ministry Teams Committees & Task Forces Coordination Council MINISTRY -- PROGRAMS GOVERNANCE -- POLICY

13 Implications for STAFF (Ministry) Program Management Focus Proposed bylaws change of minister’s role  Chief Operating Officer  Chief of Staff to lead and manage ministry teams to be responsible for hiring, training, guiding, supporting, supervising, evaluating and dismissing staff and ministry team leaders subject to policies adopted by the board 13

14 Implications for BOARD (Governance): Policy Focus  Board focuses on its primary responsibilities: STRATEGIC PLANNING (Mission, Vision) FIDUCIARY RESPONSIBILITY GOVERNANCE/ACCOUNTABILITY CONGREGATIONAL INVOLVEMENT  Board establishes committees as needed to fulfill its work with clear duties to gather information, draft policies, and advise the board on key decisions in its primary areas of responsibility 14

15 ROLE OF COORDINATING COUNCIL (Zone of Overlap) Co-chaired by Minister and Vice-President  Communication  Calendaring  Collaboration  Lay Leadership Opportunities 15

16 Issues To Be Considered: Policies & Procedures  Oversight Monitoring Evaluation  Discernment Mission Statement Core Values  Vision & Strategic Plan  Archiving  Committee and Team Reporting Lines 16

17 CONGREGATION MinisterCommittee on Ministry Committee on Leadership Development Committee on Endowment Board of Trustees Church Administrator Director of Faith Development Director of Music Coordinating Council Executive Committee Finance Committee Human Resources (HR) Past-Presidents Council Pledge Drive Policies & Procedures Strategic Planning Committee Governance Committee Healthy Congregations Restricted Gifts Task Force Congregational Culture Task Force Governance Task Force Worship Lay Pastoral Care Associates Denominational Affairs Music Team Lifespan Religious Education Communications Membership Sexton Buildings & Grounds Fellowship Social Action 17

18 Factors in Church Growth Affecting Governance Structures “In order to break through an attendance plateau, a congregation must deliberately relinquish familiar patterns of behavior and begin to act as larger congregations act.” -- Alice Mann, Raising the Roof Reduce barriers to inclusion Clarify roles and structures  Delegation  Transparency Create open and welcoming culture 18

19 19

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