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BY: M IJLAL AHMED 0512118 Swine Flu its causes and effect.

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1 BY: M IJLAL AHMED 0512118 Swine Flu its causes and effect

2 Presentation flow Introduction Symptoms of swine flu Vaccination Role of Bio-informatics in swine flu Tools for detecting swine flu

3 Introduction Swine flu is also called 2009 H1N1 virus, a type influenza virus which spread person-to-person. Pigs are source of swine flu which then transmitted into human.

4 Symptoms of swine flu

5 Swine flu emergency warnings In Children Fast breathing Bluish skin color Not drinking enough fluids Not waking up or not interacting Fever with a rash In adults: Difficulty breathing Pain or pressure in the chest or abdomen Sudden dizziness Confusion Severe or persistent vomiting

6 Vaccination A vaccine is a biological treatment which improves the immunity to a particular disease. Vaccine contains agent which resembles a disease causing microorganism, and made up of weakened or killed forms of microbe or its toxins.

7 Types of vaccination A 2009 H1N1 "flu shot" vaccine Killed virus or called inactivated vaccine that is given to the patient with the help of needle in the arm. This type of vaccine is used for both swine flu and seasonal flu shots The 2009 H1N1 nasal spray flu vaccine Live attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV) is a similar to the flu shot vaccine but difference arises in ranges of age, it is for those who are 2 to 49 years old and women’s with no pregnancy.

8 Role of bio-informatics in Swine flu Old style vaccination was by injecting material into the chicken egg, which sometimes cause life at risk, because of high dose into it.

9 Modern Vaccination is done through DNA, in which Infectious disease researchers extract just a few genes from the DNA of the swine flu to make a vaccine. The process includes microscopic particles are coated with the vaccine and injected or shot into the body at super-fast speed using needle free device.

10 Tools for detecting swine flu In Brazil scientist have created a machine which uses nanotechnology by detecting and diagnosing infectious part of disease very quickly and with the cheaper solution The test is based on fluorescent (microscope) material, which is made-up of polymer and Nano particle attached to a “primer” a segment of the DNA and RNA that specify and matches the part of pathogen’s genetic material. Microscope can detect even a tiny amount of virus in the test.

11 Effect of Swine flu in Pakistan Very few cases has been observed in Pakistan around 10 people reported to death. There is no vaccination production center in Pakistan instead they import and give patient according to the level.

12 Conclusion Swine flu is more harmful in Cold environments because of less tendency to stop as compared to Asian region. Only solution to stop or limit swine flu is through vaccination and DNA vaccination is more advanced way to detect and eliminate dieses in the body.

13 References matics-of-swine-flu/ in-canada

14 Questions

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