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3 “a rich source of something valuable, especially easily obtained wealth” (Encarta Dictionary ). endorsement of the potentials a precious metal you do not have to dig deep to reach it easily obtained. E-Mail: Some Reflections on.NG and the Goldmine

4 IT governs the global village The DNS is the new real estate in that community. Prevarication about your land space would be inimical. Nigerians homeland on the internet Your truly unique identity on the internet is subsumed in that ccTLD This is not about assumed names and identities. Identifying ourselves as citizens of Nigeria Tapping the wealth embedded Exploring the goldmine for Nigerians and Nigeria Supporting our indigenous product ccTLD has innate boundless potentials

5 A domain name provides a unique identity on the internet It affords you a virtual global presence round the clock A domain Name is a very good tool for branding (for Business users) Secure electronic communication Wealth Creation E-Commerce Job Creation Ideas For Business Domain Brokerage Investment opportunity Personal Promotion Pay Per Click Revenue from keyword domains Others…. E-Mail:

6 Competition from established gTLDs and ccTLDs. Ease of registration (,.net,.org,.uk, et cetera) Minimal requirement for domain registration Easy and flexible payment options The dent on Nigeria’s Global image due to the activities of 419 Scammers Ignorance and a lack of awareness by the Public (Individuals and Corporate bodies, alike) Perceived instability Domain system The dearth of Funding Inadequate Government Mandate and the permissiveness of aberrations. This is why the Government is indifferent to its Officials using Yahoo, Gmail,.com,.uk for official transactions E-Mail:

7  Any germane effort at exploring goldmine for our common good must, indeed, be holistic.  This holistic approach has been variously categorised into  Systems.  Processes  People  Products development and research  Enabling Policies  Services, among others. E-Mail:


9  Our objective is to engender the deployment of the internet that will bring immense economic growth and vitality to our nation  We have a goal to build a world-Class Registry that Nigerians and their Associates would gladly adopt as the TLD of choice  Less populous countries have achieved the feat  Our target is to have 250,000 domain names registered in Registry at the close of 2011, and have that figure quadrupled by the end of 2012. E-Mail:

10  If increasing numbers of Nigerians integrate internet, broadband services, computers and various mobile telephony devices into their daily lives, and deploy them for a wide range of activities, we shall witness an information revolution that would impact positively on all segments of the economy, viz: - online Commerce -e-government Services -Access to valuable information -A boost in academics through effective research resource and participation in Distance Learning Programmes -A boost in foreign trade earnings -Wealth Creation/Job creation E-Mail:

11 ◦ -Its impact on Medicine, opening up access to telemedicine ◦ -Access to an array of entertainment and services ◦ -Social networking ◦ -Good governance; et cetera.  It is possible to achieve an average of 50% growth rate in internet usage over the next decade  This would translate to more Nigerian content on the world wide web, thereby counteracting the pervasiveness of 419 Scammers  And with the enabling regulatory Policies,.ng could attract 50% of the figure.  The advantage of the sheer size of our population makes the figure enormous. ’s registry contribution to Nigeria’s economy could assume multiples of Billions of Naira  The earnings would include foreign exchange earnings  The possibilities are boundless! E-Mail:

12  The hierarchical structure of Registry and the restrictions to characters and figures afford certain advantages:  The possibility of introducing new second level domains to serve specific trades or interest groups. This could be either open or closed. Already, discussions are on-going with the police towards the introduction of  The potential of exploiting the diverse languages in Nigeria to introduce the IDNs by the introduction of non-Roman characters such as e, i, o, u, c, gb, kp, et cetera. .eu has implemented this successfully E-Mail:

13  NIRA is also mindful of the unique opportunity its ccTLD name presents.  With a TLD, Nigeria’s country code assumes a global significance for many words by coupling of the TLD with any of the vowels of the English language.  NIRA intends to exploit these potentials to continue to a global registry irrespective of the entry of new gTLDs.  The uniqueness of ccTLD has seen firms like Google, Microsoft Domain Developers Fund taking up;; et cetera since the Second Level was opened up. E-Mail:

14  Revenue is generated through Auction of our first-class cabin domains (Platinum, Diamond and Gold Premium domains Registration of the regular domains in the third and fourth levels Domain Renewal Fees Registrar Application/Certification and re-certification fees And others  The good news is “This is no fable”. We are beginning to see snippets of it as Registrars have earned Millions of Naira transactions in the course of the first quarter of the year.  But, it would be audacious to contemplate attaining our objective without the necessary government Policies, and the collaboration of the other Sectors of the economy, and Players in the IT industry, more so, in a period when convergence is the norm in the Sector. E-Mail:

15 Our Prayer to the Government is for a Legislative Mandate, viz: That the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) would promote the adoption of a government policy to recognize Domain Names and e-mails for Government-to-Government, Government- to-Business, and Government-to-Citizens transactions. be integrated into the Rebranding project with Ministry of Information That there should be an Enforcement Unit for the use Domains and E- Mails And our Prayer to the Public and Private Sectors is that they Collaborate with us, thus: To forge a Private Public Partnership for A Corporate Affairs Commission-Enabled Automated Domain registration via links to NiRA Accredited Registrars websites. A Nigerian Chamber of Commerce Enabled Automated Domain registration of its members via links to NiRA Accredited Registrars Ditto for Local Governments, NGOs, and Nigerian Embassies Abroad E-Mail:

16 .ng is not merely a good idea  Nor is it a mere profitable venture  And, it is not just hit.  And more than a goldmine,  It is a passion for a truly Nigerian brand!  It is an affirmation of a passion for Nigeria!! THANK YOU; AND GOD BLESS NIGERIA!!! E-Mail:


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