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LOGO MAY 2012. If I am a BM... www.themegallery.comCompany Logo.

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1 LOGO MAY 2012

2 If I am a BM... www.themegallery.comCompany Logo

3 I will.... Maximize promotions and programs: 1.Powercard/Powerday 2.Additional Income 3.Reservation 4.Information dissemination 5.Information dissemination 6.Prepare and implement and be excited of our upcoming promos 7.Conduct a meeting with the staff for the updates and weekly tasks 8.Do accurate reports for reports will serve as basis for future plans and promos and determines our performance www.themegallery.comCompany Logo

4 POWERDAY www.themegallery.comCompany Logo 1.Textblast holders 2.Update Powerday Area – a day before 3.Read memo Schedule: June 8 Tablets June 15 TV Phones June 22 WIFI Phones June 29 Camera Phones

5 POWERCARD 1.Text/Call Customer to Claim Powercard. 2. Encode Cardholder’s name In your store service unit 3. Request for unlitext andtext holders of our promo www.themegallery.comCompany Logo

6 If I am a BM... www.themegallery.comCompany Logo

7 I will.... Do Mini Marketing Activities: 1.Know/be aware of your stocks 2.Telemarketing 3.Flyering 4.Facebook www.themegallery.comCompany Logo

8 STOCKS 1.Know your on hand fast selling stocks 2.Open email and know what stock is allocated to you 3.Know and track incoming stocks – to know what to push. 4.Before requesting for stock check incoming stock www.themegallery.comCompany Logo

9 TELEMARKETING 1.Saves energy 2.Direct to customers 3.Create a need for the Customer to own a phone How: 1.Directory 2.Branch masterlist www.themegallery.comCompany Logo

10 FLYERING 1.Schedule staff to do the flyering. 2. Schedule flyering in Crowded places (market, Pradahan...) 3. Show samples Ex (dummy units and Freebies) www.themegallery.comCompany Logo

11 FACEBOOK 1. Ask customer if we could add them 2. Add friend = POS Digital www.themegallery.comCompany Logo

12 ADDITIONAL INCOME www.themegallery.comCompany Logo Frontliner Incentive - P10.00 per Sold out

13 ADDITIONAL INCOME www.themegallery.comCompany Logo

14 REPAIRED UNIT www.themegallery.comCompany Logo 1. Believe that repaired unit are Good units. 2. Take note of the history of the Repaired unit. 3. 2 times – repair = class b sale Sale at cost 4. 3 times – repair = return to warehouse Note on the DR (3x repaired) subject for Class B sale Note****it eat ups a big part of your inventory

15 UPDATE PRICE TAGS AND DISPLAY www.themegallery.comCompany Logo

16 CORK BOARD www.themegallery.comCompany Logo

17 MOST IMPORTANT www.themegallery.comCompany Logo SMILE, GREET AND ATTEND TO CUSTOMER’S NEEDS *Do something extra in terms of have an edge over our competitors *Make sure that your customer had a pleasant time visiting your store *Make sure that your customer will have a reason to return to your store.


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