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Reaqua BT99.

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1 Reaqua BT99

2 1.Reaqua BT99 Reaqua BT99 is a betaine,betaine is discovered by the Scheibler, and separated from the sugar beet, It is a completely natural, edible amino acids. Since 1939, DU Vigneaud found its nutritional function,it has become a hot topic of research, and is widely used in the pharmaceutical, food, additives, chemical reagents, chemical raw materials, livestock breeding, aquaculture and other fields.

3 Chemical structure: The Physical properties of Reaqua BT99
❀White crystalline powder ❀Sweet and bitter taste ❀Soluble in water, ethanol, PG and glycerin ❀Solubility: 160g Reaqua BT99 / 100g water 8,7g Reaqua BT99 / 100g ethanol slightly soluble in ether ❀Compatible with anionic, cationic and nonionic materials ❀High temperature resistant ❀Heated to 310°decomposition ❀Loss on drying(105℃, 2 hours) ≤1.0% ❀Reaqua BT99 Content ≥99.0% ❀Residue on ignition ≤0.1% ❀PH Value (5%) ❀Sulphate ≤20 ppm ❀Heavy metal(Pb) < 10 ppm ❀Arsenic < 2 ppm The Physical properties of Reaqua BT99

4 2.The function of Reaqua BT99
2.1 Reaqua BT99 is a major osmolyte K+ Sugars Amino Acids Reaqua BT99 H2O Water follows osmotically active compounds such as potassium and organic osmolytes Water doesn`t move alone

5 Disturbance Original cell volume Swell Shrink Recovery Osmolyte efflux Osmolyte uptake Cells regulate their volume and water balance by absorbing or effluxing osmolytes

6 2.2 Maintain moisture balance
Water is common base to all biological solutions and thus to life itself All cells are 85-95% water Reaqua BT99 attracts water but does not immobilize it as a moisturizer

7 2.3 Solubilization of insoluble material, such as salicylic acid and allantoin
Use levels from 2 to 10 %. Solubility in water is 0.2 % at room temperature Reaqua BT99 was found to increase the solubility of salicylic acid to 5 % Allantoin -solubility in water 0.7 % at RT -Reaqua BT99 was found to increase the solubility of allantoin to 2 %

8 2.4 Buffering properties of Reaqua BT99
pH values after addition of HCl 1N to 100 mls of 1M Reaqua BT99 aqueous solution

9 2.5 Polymers swelling Viscosity values during the swelling phase of
1% water and water- Reaqua BT99 dispersions of Sodium carboxymethylcellulose 0,14% Na CARBOMER aq

10 2.6 Reaqua BT99 ability to reduce the irritating effects of detergents
Human patch test SLES/Reaqua BT99 on 25 volunteers 1. Test solution: 10.3 % SLES 0 - 7 % Reaqua BT99 2. 25 µL of the test solution was applied on the forearm in a „Finn chamber“ (sealed Al-chamber) 3. Removal of the Finn chamber after 24 and 48h, respectively. 4. Dermatologists assessed skin irritation 1 hour after removal

11 8424 11

12 Inositol, & Taurine uptakes
2.7 Osmotic Stress : UV radiation Oxidative Stress Opening of K+ channels Cell shrinkage Increased Reaqua BT99, Inositol and Taurine transporters & uptake Increased Reaqua BT99, Inositol, & Taurine uptakes (Warskulat et al. 2004) Inositol Reaqua BT99 Taurine

13 2.8 Sensory properties Reaqua BT99 modifies the feel of aq. Solutions and emulsions with 3-4 % ❀Glycerol ❀Sorbitol ❀Propylene glycol Best performer ❀50/50 glycerol/ Reaqua BT %

14 2.9 Improving the performance of foam
Foam texture when 0% Reaqua BT99 included Foam texture when 5% Reaqua BT99 included

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