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THIS IS HEPATITIS B; KNOW IT! CONFRONT IT!. THE JOURNEY SO FAR End Of 2008 – Beginning of free screening 2009 – Okyeame Kwame made Ambassador for Health.

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2 THE JOURNEY SO FAR End Of 2008 – Beginning of free screening 2009 – Okyeame Kwame made Ambassador for Health by ministry of Health 2010 – MTN OK In your zone tour to raise funds for the Hepatitis project 2011 – Mtn Ghana Foundation Supports Free Screening for 2000 people 2012 – – Mtn Ghana Foundation assists free screening at Tamale. 2012: Mtn Ghana Foundation donates a cheque to Okyeame Kwame for winning World Bank Award for positive music(Hepatitis B). 2012: Mtn Ghana Foundation supports ‘The Okyeame Kwame Versatile Show’ 2013: Okyeame Kwame & Mtn Foundation will continue to change lives together. Big Screening on World Hepatitis Day @ Obra Spot, Circle.

3 BRIEF STATISTICS ABOUT HEPATITIS On every 28 th July, the world is reminded of the dangers of hepatitis and how fast it kills. To ensure that people stay safe, this day is set aside for a celebration to publicise the hepatitis disease and outline preventive measures as well as educate on how to stay safe and alive even if one has it. A very stealthy killer with rarely obvious symptoms at all 1 out of 3 people on earth is affected by Hepatitis. However,1 out of 12 people are chronically affected in the world. World Hepatitis Day is one of only 4 disease-specific official health days recognized and supported by the World Health Organization, with over 193 countries committed to participating.

4 OKYEAME KWAME & HEALTH One individual who is very passionate about the safety of humanity from this stealthy killer is Okyeame Kwame. National Health Ambassador – Ghana Winner of World Bank Music for Development (Hepatitis B Song)– 2012 Ghana Music Awards Okyeame Kwame – Hepatitis B Education and Awareness For 5years now, he has facilitated Free Nationwide Hepatitis B screening, in Partnership with MDS- Lancet Laboratories for over 6000 people Having worked with MTN Ghana Foundation on three of the clinics, Okyeame Kwame would be honored if the foundation joined to mark the fifth year for free screening and education.

5 PURPOSE OF THE CAMPAIGN To screen the less-privileged for free Safety – to keep the community safe from this stealthy yet dangerous disease Intensifying the awareness created Educating the public Re-awakening consciousness Helping the needy by giving free screening and counseling

6 PLACES SCREENED Okyeame Kwame has so far screened over 6,000 people in the all around Ghana.

7 ACTIVITY SCHEDULE Visit With The Minister Of Health Donation At Ridge Hospital

8 SPONSOR REPRESENTATION MTN & MDS-Lancet Laboratories Japan Motors GhanaWeb, Japan Motors, MTN, MDS-Lancet Lab, Vita Milk MTN MDS-Lancet Lab Vita Milk


10 ONLINE MEDIA Okyeame Kwame Fights Hepatitis B Myjoyonline: 895.php 895.php Graphic Showbiz: News/okyeame-kwame-keeps-up-hepatitis-fight.html News/okyeame-kwame-keeps-up-hepatitis-fight.html kwame-keeps-up-hepatitis-fight/ kwame-keeps-up-hepatitis-fight/ Modernghana : kwame-keeps-up-hepatitis-fight.html kwame-keeps-up-hepatitis-fight.html Okyeame Kwame Appeals To The Media To Help With Hepatitis Fight stories/okyeame-kwame-appeals-for-media-support-to-fight- hepatitis/index.html stories/okyeame-kwame-appeals-for-media-support-to-fight- hepatitis/index.html ikel.php?ID=280080 ikel.php?ID=280080 appeals-for-media-support-to-fight-hepatitis/ appeals-for-media-support-to-fight-hepatitis/ kwame-appeals-for-media-support-to-fight-hepatitis-see-more- at-httpwww-nydjlive-com37199okyeame-kwame-appeals-for- media-support-to-fight-hepatitissthash-nybdqwzr-dpuf/ kwame-appeals-for-media-support-to-fight-hepatitis-see-more- at-httpwww-nydjlive-com37199okyeame-kwame-appeals-for- media-support-to-fight-hepatitissthash-nybdqwzr-dpuf/ Okyeame Kwame Donates To Ridge Hospital e/artikel.php?ID=280680 e/artikel.php?ID=280680 kwame-donates-to-ridge-hospital/ kwame-donates-to-ridge-hospital/ Okyeame Kwame Calls On The Health Minister on-health-minister-concerning-free-hepatitis-b-screening- initiative/ on-health-minister-concerning-free-hepatitis-b-screening- initiative/ e/artikel.php?ID=280676 e/artikel.php?ID=280676 on-health-minister/ on-health-minister/ kwame-visits-minister-of-health/ kwame-visits-minister-of-health/ -kwame-calls-on-health-minister/ -kwame-calls-on-health-minister/ Ghanamusic: stories/okyeame-kwame-calls-on-minister-of-health- madam-sherry-ayitey/index.html stories/okyeame-kwame-calls-on-minister-of-health- madam-sherry-ayitey/index.html eame-kwame-appeals-for-media-support-to-fight- h.html eame-kwame-appeals-for-media-support-to-fight- h.html

11 HIGHLIGHTS OF THE ACTIVATION The activation was well attended by the public, sponsors The Minister For Health attended the event The activation got as lot of media attention The public came very early The general mood of the activation was calm and decent

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