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Yahoo! Store Checkout Meeting call: 1 866.356.4281 passcode: 8592 7252 07/24/2008.

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1 Yahoo! Store Checkout Meeting call: passcode: /24/2008

2 for audio  passcode: Introduction  Paul Boisvert, Sr. Product Manager Yahoo! Store since 2004 experience in hosting / ecommerce since 1999  Don Cole, President of Your Store Wizards Owner/Operator of, a forum for Yahoo store owners In business building Yahoo! stores since 1999 Has personally worked on over 1,000 stores  Keith Enloe, VP & Co-Founder of Building stores on this platform since His team has served 1000's of Yahoo! Stores including 3M, Youth Ministry & The Library of Congress.

3 for audio  passcode: Agenda  Administrative notes: must dial-in to hear audio call passcode:  Migration Timeline  Benefits to merchants of Checkout Manager  What’s involved with migration to Checkout Manager  Examples of custom checkout pages  Q & A  Resources to help with migration

4 for audio  passcode: Migration Timeline ▐ Order Forms (older versions of checkout) will be retired by September. All merchants must migrate to Checkout Manager prior to September. ▐ Start general communication with dates: 5/15  1 st phase – testing/enabling with rollback: 45 days until 6/30  2nd phase – migration without rollback (testing can continue) : 45 days  3rd phase – forced migration: 8/15  4th phase – system shutdown: 9/1 ▐ Failure to re-publish order settings (if force migrated prior to system shutdown will result in non-functional checkout. Start Phase 1 Phase 2 Migration shutdown September May 15June 30 Aug. 15

5 for audio  passcode: Benefits of Checkout Manager Migration is an opportunity to take advantage of the many Checkout Manager benefits.  Choose the checkout flow to maximize conversions: single or multi-page, shipping and billing separate/combined, order review on/off.  Complete control over look & feel of all checkout pages—not just cart.  Add HTML to Header, side bar, and footer regions to checkout pages.  Select the location of the floating cart.  Greater control over custom fields added to checkout pages.

6 for audio  passcode: Benefits of Checkout Manager  Display shipping calculator and coupon entry on cart page; reduces cart abandonment.  Ability to add HTML and JavaScript to the Head tags for advanced ROI tracking.  Ability to access order data in JavaScript on Order Confirmation page; needed for ROI tracking for CSEs and some affiliate programs.  Ability to integrate PayPal Express Checkout; merchants report additional sales with PayPal—not just shift of credit card payments  Ability to use Cross-sell Manager (if applicable) with auto-recommendations Merchants using the latest version of cross-sell: 80% of their cross- sell orders are driven by auto-suggestions 30% higher AOV (avg. order value) than merchant- created rules.

7 for audio  passcode: Checklist for Migration What you need to do at a minimum  Enable Checkout Manager  Publish Order Settings & Store Editor Checkout Manager will work out of the box with no customization, however…. What you should do to optimize your cart  Inventory your existing checkout pages; recreate custom fields only if needed and place them at a logical point  Customize visual design  Insert global elements—company logo, HTML for top navigation & footer  Make page-specific changes— messaging, custom fields  Testing your custom checkout

8 for audio  passcode: Technical Tips for migration  Custom order buttons hard-coded into custom templates will need to point to instead of …  Hard-coded URLs for view cart buttons in custom templates will need to point to instead of …  Custom fields will need to be recreated in Checkout Manager but use this as opportunity to revisit need for additional fields.  If you had tracking or other scripts in Order Forms you will need to move those over to Checkout Manager if you wish to continue to use.  If using HTML from your site, keep in mind that Checkout Manager uses XHTML pages—all tags must be closed, some tags deprecated Free validation tool:  Testing feature allows you to test checkout end to end without showing checkout in development to customers.  For merchants doing extensive customization with custom CSS, you should test multiple browsers to ensure layout remains consistent.

9 for audio  passcode: Customized Checkout example—FastPivot  Custom header to match site  Custom progress indicator integrated into design  Customized buttons to guide buyer to primary action  Custom footer to match site

10 for audio  passcode: Customized Checkout example—FastPivot  Add trust marks such as HackerSafe where most visible to overcome buyer hesitance.  Add custom text to guide merchants; example here informs buyers Billing Address must match address on file with credit card.  Use JavaScript and CSS to completely change fields based on cart contents—this example shows no Billing Address when cart has only downloadable goods.  Add custom fields to the most applicable section—this example shows address being captured as well as an newsletter opt-out checkbox.

11 for audio  passcode: Customized Checkout example—FastPivot  Look & feel of site can be matched across all checkout pages.  Custom header to match site.  Custom buttons can be CSS, images, HTML or text to guide users through checkout flow.  Checkout pages maintain consistent look with cart and site pages for a more seamless checkout experience.

12 for audio  passcode: Customized Checkout example—Your Store Wizards  Custom header to match site  Side navigation and promotion included on cart page…  No side navigation once in checkout process (reduce distractions)  Custom page messaging and formatting (bold text, bullets, red text) to communicate key messages

13 for audio  passcode: Customized Checkout example—Your Store Wizards  Custom progress bar showing steps in checkout  Color scheme to match site  All checkout buttons match site look & feel  Custom cart-page cross-sell  Shipping calculator can display ship costs to buyer in cart

14 for audio  passcode: Customized Checkout example—Your Store Wizards  Progress bar showing current step  Custom field added with calendar function for selecting preferred arrival date  Billing address field disabled unless needed  Custom footer with trust marks

15 for audio  passcode: Q & A ▐ Press *1 to ask a question and record your name—operator will assist ▐ Use the Chat window to send us questions if you want an answer offline. ▐ If we don’t answer your question in the session, we will get back to you with an answer shortly.

16 for audio  passcode: Resources for Migration ▐ Yahoo! Store Help  Checkout Migration help:  Checkout Manager guide: (20+ page PDF guide to getting started with Checkout Manager) ▐ Yahoo! Store Developers:  Developers have been customizing checkout pages for merchants for past two years.  Consult your developer for a migration quote or consult with your account manager for a recommendation on developers to consider.  Istvan Siposs of has created a 3 rd -party guide to advanced customization in Checkout Manager:

17 for audio  passcode: Summary ▐ Must migrate by 8/15; system shutdown of older versions on 9/1 ▐ Migration is an opportunity to take advantage of additional features and functionality to drive higher checkout completion. ▐ Migration can be simple self-migration process or a fully custom checkout process in-house or with developers.

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