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WRITING CV like an expert.

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1 WRITING CV like an expert

2 Building Toward A Career
Understanding Today’s Changing Workplace Globalization Technology Information Team-based organization Cost-cutting initiatives Flexible employment Increasing entrepreneurism Hiring Practices Affected Employers Temporary workers Outsource Employee Moving co’ to co’ Balance quality of life Self employment

3 Do You Have What Employers Are Looking For?
What Do You Have To Offer: Functional Skills List down 10 achievements Identify related specific skills Education And Experience In-School Extracurricular activities Personality Traits List down 4 or 5 most important qualities Ask if needed

4 What Do You Want To Do? What would you enjoy doing everyday?
What specific compensation do you expect? What size company would? Type of operations Location Corporate Culture

5 “keep on learning so you will keep on growing”
Chances of getting a job are increased by career building efforts Career building efforts don’t stop after you are hired

6 Approach To The Employment Process
Learn About The Organization Look For Job Opening Respond To Job Opening  network!

7 Preparing Resume / CV educational employment background
Resume is a structured written summary of your educational employment background and shows your qualifications for a job Purpose  to get to an interview to create interest

8 Fallacies & Facts Fallacy Fact
The purpose of a resume is to list all your skills and abilities. A good resume will get you the job you want. Your resume will be read carefully and thoroughly by an interested employer. The more good information you present about yourself in your resume, the better. If you want a really good resume, have it prepared by a resume service. Fact The purpose of a resume is to kindle employer interest and generate an interview All a resume can do is get you in the door Your resume probably has less than 45 seconds to make an impression Too much information on a resume may actually kill the reader’s appetite to know more Prepare your own resume – unless the position is especially high-level or specialized. Even then, you should check carefully before using a service

9 3-Step Making CV Planning________ Writing__________ Completing_____
Analyze Study your purpose and your audience to tailor your message for maximum effect Investigate Gather relevant information about you and more about the employer Adapt Highlight those skills and qualifications that match each employer Planning________ Organize Choose the most appropriate resume format Compose Make your letter friendly, businesslike, and slightly more formal than usual. For resumes, use action verbs and make your style direct, brief and crisp Writing__________ Revise Evaluate content, revising for both clarity and conciseness Produce Ensure a clean, sharp look whether your message is printed, or online Proofread Look carefully for errors in spelling and mechanics that can detract from your professionalism Completing_____

10 Planning Investigate Pertinent Information
Dates, duties, accomplishments of any prefvious jobs Educational experiences, i.e.: Formal degrees, skill certificates, academic awards, scholarships Personal endeavor: Membership in association Club or professional organization Presentations to community group

11 Be sure to adapt a “you” attitude
Planning Adapt To Your Audience Be sure to adapt a “you” attitude What key qualifications will be looking for Which of these qualifications are greatest strengths What quality would set you apart from other candidates

12 Writing Convey 7 Qualities: Think in terms of results
Know how to set things done Are well rounded Show signs of progress Have personal standards of excellence Are flexible and willing to try new things Possess strong communication skills

13 Writing Emphasize that has a bearing on your career objectives
Minimize/exclude irrelevant or counter productive BUT don’t distort the facts!

14 Writing Common Problems Frequent job changes Gaps in work history
Grouping Gaps in work history Experience and education background Inexperience Do related volunteer work Relevant course work and internships Offer “willing to…” attitudes Overqualification Long term employment in one company Job termination for cause Criminal record

15 Writing CV Format - Chronological
Work experience dominates List of your jobs sequentially Describe responsibilities & accomplishments Just Graduates Put your educational qualifications focus on academic credentials Advantages: Employers are familiar Highlight growth and career progression Highlight employment continuity and stability Example: Roberto Cortez

16 Writing CV Format - Functional
Emphasizes: List of skills and accomplishments Useful for people who are: Just entering the job market Redirect their careers Advantages: Can easily see what are your skills/competencies Can emphasize earlier job experience Can emphasize any lack of career progress or lengthy unemployment Disadvantage: Suspicuous, ‘hide something’ Example: Glenda Jones

17 Writing CV Format - Combination
Not commonly used Disadvantage: Tend to be longer Can be repetitious Example: Erica Vorkamp

18 Tips to Impress Leave out the “I”  use strong action verbs

19 Example weak statements vs active statements that show results
Responsible for developing a new filing system I was in charge of customer complains and all ordering problems Won a trip to Europe for opening the most new customer accounts in my department Member of special campus task force to resolve student problems with existing cafeteria assignments Active Statements Developed a new filing system that reduced paperwork by 50 percent Handled all customer complaints and resolved all product order discrepancies Generated the highest number of new customer accounts in my department Assisted in implementing new campus dining program allowing students to eat ant any college dorm

20 Traditional Name and Address
Career objective or summary of qualification Education Name, location, term of enrollment Major field of study Significant skills & abilities in course Degree/certificates Uncomplete yet  expected date of completion

21 Traditional Work Experience, Skills And Accomplishments
List Job in chronological order, include part-time States the names and location of the employer describe if necessary State your functional title Quantify skills and accomplishments Describe other skills, language, travel experience, ability in computer or other equipment

22 Traditional Activities and Achievements Personal Data
List projects that require leadership, organization, teamwork, cooperation eg. member of “Senat Mahasiswa” or “BEM” ; list down skills you learned in these activities and explain how these are related to the job you’re applying for. Personal Data Provide only the personal data that will help you get the job

23 Completing Revise “you” attitude Produce Proofread Common problems
Too long Too short Hard to read Wordy Too slick Amateurish Poorly reproduced Misspelled - ungrammatical Boastful Produce Proofread  Checklist Writing Resume

24 Application Letters Explains: is YOUR OWN STYLE What you’re sending
Why you’re sending it How they can benefit from reading it is YOUR OWN STYLE  Checklist Application Letter

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