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MovieRelease Date Rajneeti Raavan I hate luv stories Aisha Dabangg Anjaana Anjaani Stepmom Patiala House Break Ke Baad Tees Mar Khan Saath Khoon Maaf Game.

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1 MovieRelease Date Rajneeti Raavan I hate luv stories Aisha Dabangg Anjaana Anjaani Stepmom Patiala House Break Ke Baad Tees Mar Khan Saath Khoon Maaf Game Thank you Zindagi Na Milegi Dubara Actor 04 June, 2010 18 June, 2010 02 July, 2010 06 Aug, 2010 10 Sep, 2010 01 Oct, 2010 Oct Nov, 2010 Nov 5 th, 2010 24 Dec, 2010 21 Jan, 2011 December 2010 25 th Feb 2010 Q1 2011 Q2 2011 Sr No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 List Of Group Discussion

2 Rajneeti List Of Group Discusstion

3 Cast & Crew Producer Prakash Jha Director Prakash Jha Star Cast Nana Patekar...... Brij Gopal Ajay Devgn...... Sooraj Kumar Ranbir Kapoor...... Samar Pratap Katrina Kaif...... Indu Pratap Manoj Bajpai...... Veerendra Pratap Arjun Rampal...... Prithviraj Pratap Naseruddin Shah...... Bhaskar Sanyal Music Director Wayne Sharp Genre Drama Release Date June 4, 2010 List Of Group Discusstion

4 Synopsis This is the story of Samar (RANBIR), the outsider. Of his struggle to not enter politics. And having entered it, of his determination to master it, no matter the personal cost. It is the story of Sooraj (AJAY DEVGAN) – Samar’s half- brother. A terrible secret that neither is aware of. Even after their bitter rivalry escalates into a war that could destroy both, but which neither can now control. It is the story of Samar’s brother Prithviraj (ARJUN RAMPAL). He is ruled by lust. A lust for power, and a lust for pleasure. And it is this mad desire for power that makes him the target of his cousin Veerendra’s dark wrath. List Of Group Discusstion

5 Synopsis Veerendra (MANOJ BAJPAI). Heir apparent. He believes the leadership of the party is his right. In his single-minded desire to secure what he believes is rightfully his, he will go to any length. No act is too dark. No move too demonic. It is also the story of their women – Bharati, Indu (KATRINA), and Sarah. And of the unfair price they pay for their men’s ambitions. And finally, it is the story of Indian politics – where political ambitions and electoral maneuverings are merely thinly veiled euphemisms for raw greed and the unquenchable lust for power. List Of Group Discusstion

6 Raavan

7 Cast & Crew Producer Mani Ratnam Director Mani Ratnam Star Cast Abhishek Bachchan...... Beera Munda Aishwarya Rai...... Ragini Chiyaan Vikram...... Dev Pratap Sharma Govinda Nikhil Dwivedi Manisha Koirala Music Director A R Rahman Genre Action / Romance Release Date June 18, 2010 List Of Group Discusstion

8 Raavan is not a story, it is a world. Beera Munda - Undisputed, Unlawful, Untamed Dev Pratap Sharma - The Punisher; the Law, the Righteous Ragini - Conscience, Beauty; Music Dev falls in love with Ragini, a spunky classical dancer who is as unconventional as him. They get married and he takes up his new post in Lal Maati, a small town in northern India. A town where the world of law is not the police but Beera, a tribal who has, over the years, shifted the power equation of the place from the ruling to the have-nots of the area. Dev knows that the key to bringing order to any place is not to vanquish the big fish; in this case - Beera. In one stroke Dev manages to rip open Beera's world, and set in motion a change of event which will claim lives, changes fortune. Synopsis

9 Beera, injured but enraged hits back starting a battle that draws Dev, Beera and Ragini into the jungle. And in this journey they must confront their own truth. A journey which will test their beliefs, convictions and emotions. Emotions which are as scary and confusing as the forest. The forest becomes the battleground. The battle between good and evil, between Dev and Beera, between Ram and Raavan. But when the lines dividing good and evil are blurring fast whose side will you take. When hate turns to love and the good starts looking evil. Which side will you battle for? Love is the battle that nobody wins but everyone must fight. Synopsis

10 I Hate Love Stories Star Cast: Imran Khan & Sonam Kapoor Banner: Dharma Productions Director: Punit Malhotra Release: 02 July, 2010 List Of Group Discusstion

11 ‘I hate love stories’ is the maxim Jay lives by. But as an assistant director to Veer, the most famous romantic filmmaker of The Indian Film Industry, Jay has little option but to live with larger than life, glossy, cinematic love on an everyday basis. Things only get worse when he is made to work under the new production designer for the film… Simran, with whom he shares the strangest first encounter. Simran loves love stories. So much so that her life has begun to resemble one. With her ideal job and perfect boyfriend, Raj (Sameer Dattani) she lives a blissful, dreamy life. One that is rudely interrupted by Jay’s cynicism. With each day on set proving to be a challenge, Simran insists on making life hell for Jay at work, but unwittingly, thanks to her romantic inclinations she starts to fall in love with Jay, inadvertently mistaking their growing friendship for love. Synopsis List Of Group Discusstion

12 Simran’s perfect life begins to steadily crumble, when she splits up with Raj for Jay, and then upon confessing her love to Jay is met with rejection. Jay hadn’t spared love a thought. Shattered, Simran tries desperately to collect the pieces of her perfect life; she fires Jay from her department, concentrates on her work and brings Raj back into her life. Simran distances herself from Jay. And Jay quickly begins to realize that he is missing her. All the clichés that he made fun of, everything that he detested start happening to him. His life’s motto starts to unravel before his eyes. He begins to fall in love with Simran in the most obvious ways… but by the time he realizes he is in love, it’s too late. The turmoil of Jay’s and Simran’s lives, is ironically interwoven with the Film Project they are working on. Jay tries everything to get her attention again and is met with rejection every time. The Premiere of the film, a gala event signifying the end for the crew, and more importantly Simran and Jay’s time together, is his last chance…. Synopsis List Of Group Discusstion

13 Aisha Director: Rajshree Ojha Producer: Anil Kapoor and PVR Pictures Screenwriter: Devika Bhagat Adapted from the novel “Emma” by Jane Austen Star Cast : Sonam Kapoor, Ira Dubey, Abhay Deol Target Audience: Youth (College goers) Release Date: 06 Aug, 2010

14 Synopsis Aisha is a story that centers around the typical Delhi life of an upper and middle class group of friends. They have a strong family support, they have a group of family friends they have grown up with and they have their best friends from school and college. In Aisha, you have four different kinds women – There is a girl like Shefali who is 22 and brought to Delhi by her relatives with the sole purpose of finding a nice boy for her and settling her down. Then there is Pinky who would love to settle down but no boy seems to be interested in her, Aarti who is looking to climb any and all ladders using her sex appeal, whether corporate or social and then finally there is Aisha, a confident single girl who is happy to be the way she is and is in no hurry to settle down. List Of Group Discusstion

15 As Aisha’s romantic angles go ridiculously wrong, triangles dissect and quadrangles form, she realizes that she is not very good at matchmaking. She makes a hilariously tangled mess of every body's lives around her only to realize that she may lose the perfect match for herself. Aisha then has the daunting task of finding her own path in front of her, even if it means cutting a route through the thick swampy jungles of the mess she has created. At least she’ll do it while looking good and smelling great! Aisha is an all out romantic comedy that leaves cupid at the drivers seat.Aisha is every woman, trying to figure out herself, her way and her life. Synopsis List Of Group Discusstion

16 Dabangg Director Abhinav Kashyap Star Cast Salman Khan Arbaaz Khan Sonakshi Sinha Sonu Sood Vinod Khanna Dimple Kapadia Om Puri Anupam Kher Mahesh Manjrekar Music Director Sajid Wajid Release Date September 10, 2010

17 Set in Uttar Pradesh, Dabangg is the story of a corrupt police officer played by Salman Khan and highlights the flaws and loopholes in the system. The film will primarily deal with the unlawful practices in the states of UP and Bihar. Synopsis List Of Group Discusstion

18 Anjaana Anjaani Director: Siddharth Anand Producer: Sajid Nadiawala Star Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Zayed Khan Music: Vishal & Shekhar Release Date: July 2010

19 When the end provides an unlikely beginning, destiny takes on a whole new meaning. Akash and Kiara, two strangers meet at the very end of their journeys, only to discover that they have some more living left. When life does not work out quite as they had imagined it Akash and Kiara, decide to take charge of the one decision that still lies in their hands…that of taking their own life. This intent leads to a chance meeting on a bridge that doesn’t culminate in the logical end they had envisioned. A series of hilarious failed attempts leads to a moment of epiphany – maybe it isn’t their time yet? But still too stubborn to accept another failing, they decide to play into fate’s hands for twenty days and live the life they have been afraid to live, so far. Thus begins their journey, two strangers on an odyssey of discovery – down a path that is ridden with the exquisite pain and joy of falling in love, only they don’t realize it!! Synopsis

20 Stepmom Director: Siddharth Malhotra Produced by:Karan Johar, Dharma Productions Star Cast: Kajol Kareena Kapoor Arjun Rampal Music: Shankar Ehsaan Loy Release Date: Sept, 2010 ( Tentative) List Of Group Discusstion

21 Synopsis Maya is Siddharth’s ex-wife. Shreya is the girlfriend he wants to marry. But Maya has never reconciled herself to the divorce neither have the children.They are quiet sure that their father is not going to have a girlfriend. And to their worst he does and she is no pushover. When Shreya and Maya meet its hate at first sight. Then fate takes a hand and Maya discovers that she has cancer. Putting the happiness of her children before hers, she decides that she is going to have to hand them over to the woman she hates. But for a mother to part with her children who have been her only reason to live is almost impossible. Shreya on her part has never wanted children or a family.She doesn’t believe she can make a decent mother. List Of Group Discusstion

22 Caught in the middle are the three kids Aleya, Ankush and Anjali. Siddharth struggles to be there for both the women and deal with the cruelty of life of how a mother can be taken away from her children. Now its upto the women to make it as easy as they can for the children and the man they both love. Maya struggles handing over all that is precious to her and Shreya struggles being a mother knowing she can never be like Maya. The women try to unravel the dilemma that fate has given them, the children try to come to terms with losing their mother who is the foundation of their lives and a man is torn between two women he loves. The film is a contemporary look at the tangled complications of love and loss and hold warm lessons of forgiving and acceptance. Synopsis

23 Patiala House Director Nikhil Advani Star Cast Akshay Kumar Anushka Sharma Rishi Kapoor Dimple Kapadia Prem Chopra Music Director Shankar Mahadevan Ehsaan Noorani Loy Mendonca Release Date November 2010 Genre Family Drama On Floors

24 Patiala House movie is going to cast 32 sardars in one frame. Parghat Singh Kahlon (Gattu,) age 34 years has just woken up like he has every morning for the last 17 years. He will walk across Southall. He will open the corner store across the tube station. He will tend to his customers. He will hear the neighbourhood boys playing cricket in the back alley. He will remember a dream that could have become a reality. He will tend to his customers. He will watch his father ruling a house, a family, a community like he has for the last 25 years. He will silently tolerate the snide remarks and insults passed by a younger generation. He will pour his heart out to his neighbours adopted brother. He will understand the bitterness of his siblings. He will identify with their shattered dreams. He will participate to begin a change. He will finally summon the courage to challenge his father and start a movement that will shake the very foundations of Patiala House. Synopsis

25 Break Ke Baad Director Danish Aslam Producer Kunal Kohli Star Cast Deepika Padukone Imran Khan Sharmila Tagore On Floors Release Date 5 th November 2010 List Of Group Discusstion

26 Synopsis "Break Ke Baad" is a modern day love story that tracks a couple after their break up. Sharmila Tagore plays a pivotal role in the film as a beautiful retired actress. The film also stars Shahana Goswami and Yudi of Channel V fame. List Of Group Discusstion

27 Tees Maar Khan Director Farah Khan Star Cast Akshay Kumar Akshaye Khanna Katrina Kaif Raghu Ram Rajiv Laxman Release Date December 24, 2010 On Floors

28 Synopsis Tees Maar Khan [Akshay Kumar] is the greatest con man to be born on this side of the world. The dare devil who is up for any challenge at all times. Living life dangerously on the edge with a devil may care attitude, Tees Maar Khan has a uniquely masculine attitude. Juggling his loud and uncouth mother Shakeela on one side and his girlfriend and aspiring actress Anya [Katrina Kaif] on the other, Tees Maar Khan may just find that he has too many things on his hands, to pull off the BIGGEST and the WACKIEST heist of his career… to steal antiques, which are national treasure worth RS. 500 CRORES, FROM A RUNNING TRAIN! The plot of the film revolves around this most daring and dangerous heist of Tees Maar Khan’s career and is high on energy, comedy, style and action. With several twists and turns in the plot, the film has all the essential elements of a Bollywood Blockbuster.

29 Game Director Abhinav Deo Star Cast Abhishek Bachchan Anupam Kher Boman Irani Kangana Ranaut Sarah Jane Dias Sahana Goswami Gauhar Khan Jimmy Shergill Release Date December 2010 On Floors

30 Synopsis The starting point for the story is a meeting of 4 apparently disconnected people on the Samos island home of their host, Mr. Kabir Malhotra. They don’t know each other and they don’t know him… and by the next morning they will wish they had never come. In a single stroke, Kabir accuses all of them of crimes against his illegitimate daughter, Ayesha, who passes through each of the accuseds’ lives, until her death. But Kabir has not stopped at just accusations. He has clearly documented evidence that will damn them all forever. The next morning Kabir is dead. Irrefutable suicide… or is it? The chase from Samos races through the globe before coming full circle, twisting, turning and doubling over itself where it concludes right where it started.

31 Saath Khoon Maaf Director Vishal Bharadwaj Star Cast Neil Nitin Mukesh Priyanka Chopra Naseruddin Shah John Abraham Mohanlal Irrfan Khan On Floors Release Date January 21, 2011

32 The film, regarded to be a celluloid version of the Ruskin Bond book Susanna's Seven Husbands features seven male leads with Naseeruddin Shah, John Abraham, Neil Nitin Mukesh as the youngest husband, as well as Irrfan Khan, Anu Kapoor and Naseeruddin Shah's youngest son Vivaan Shah have been finalized for the roles of 7 husbands. In the film Priyanka Chopra once again plays a negative character after Aitraaz (2004) and Yakeen. In this upcoming film she plays a character who kills all her 7 husbands. Synopsis List Of Group Discusstion

33 Thank You It’s a modern day love story with added punches of comedy. Director Anees Bazmee Star Cast Akshay Kumar Sonam Kapoor Bobby Deol Release Date February 25, 2011 On Floors

34 Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara Star Cast Hrithik Roshan ( Arjun) Farhan Akhtar ( Imraan) Abhay Deol ( Kabir) Katrina Kaif ( Laila) Kalki Koechilin ( Natasha) Music Shankar-Ehsan-Loy Lyrics Javed Akhtar Director Zoya Akhtar Going on Floors 7 th June 2010

35 Synopsis 3 young men take a holiday that changes their lives forever. Kabir has just met Natasha. 6 months later they are engaged. He wants to go on an extended bachelor party. A 3 week road trip with Imraan and Arjun- his 2 best friends since school. The only problem is Imraan and Arjun don’t speak to each other anymore. After much emotional blackmail and cajoling the boys set off on a journey they were meant to take 4 years ago. A fantasy holiday they had planned to take after college but never happened. A road trip where each one gets to do the ultimate sport of his choice and the other 2 just have to do it with him. Whether they want to or not! Kabir Imraan and Arjun meet up in Barcelona and set off on an adventure that will not only make them face their fear but will alter their perception, unravel their fabric, force them to break out of the box and teach them to sieze the day. In other words a holiday that will change their lives forever.

36 Actor Director Kushan Nandy Cast Amitabh Bachchan - Asmith Bhargav Chitrangda Singh - Shaina Bhargav Kangana Ranaut - Trisha Arshad Warsi - Altaf Mumtaz Music Pritam Going on Floors August 2010 List Of Group Discusstion

37 Synopsis Ashmith Bhargav ( Amitabh) is the greatest superstar India has ever seen. Money, fame, power, glory, Ashmith has it all. And a beautiful wife, Shaina (Chitrangda). Except, that she cheats on him. Trisha (Kangana), a young journalist, learns the truth about Shaina, only to get humiliated when she reveals the same to Ashmith. Ashmith blindly trusts Shaina and disbelieves Trisha. But slowly small things start pointing towards the fact that Trisha might have been right.Ashmith slowly discovers that Shaina's paramour is her trainer. And they had been in a relationship even before Shaina had married Ashmith. It was a marriage of convenience, for the power and the glory. List Of Group Discusstion

38 Synopsis Blind with rage, he drags Shaina to her lover. She protests at first. Then fights and finally pleads. She tries to stop the car, he is driving so recklessly. The car swerves and hits an electric pole Injured, Ashmith tries to pull a semi-conscious Shaina out of the car when she suddenly pushes him hard, in front of a speeding truck.Ashmith lies on the road, bleeding. Slowly, his eyes close. The doctors say he will never walk again. Never talk. Never move. Every part of his body is damaged. Only 3 things stay alive. His eyes, 2 fingers on his right hand, and his mind. An ingenious mind. List Of Group Discusstion

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