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The Second Sunday of Advent “Prepare the way of the Lord, Make his paths straight”

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2 The Second Sunday of Advent “Prepare the way of the Lord, Make his paths straight”

3 Advent is a time of the spirit of expectation, of anticipation, of preparation, of longing Advent is a time of the spirit of expectation, of anticipation, of preparation, of longing …. For justice… especially by the people who suffer from injustice, like the Maguindanao victims and their families For respite… from calamities.., from economic crises.., from greedy government officials.., etc. For God… to make Himself manifest and physically present in this difficult and changing world we live in…

4 LET US REFLECT…. First Reading - Book of Baruch (5:1-9) Second Reading - Letter of St Paul to the Philippians (1:3-6,8-11) Gospel Reading - LUKE 3:1-6

5 Exilic prophets in the Old Testament offered hope to the people who had lost hope. Baruch reminds the Israelites of the glory to come when Israel would be restored to the Promised Land. He further announces that they would be called by a new name – a sure sign of newness and redemption. He comforts them in their trouble, saying, “THE LORD REMEMBERS YOU,” and invites Jerusalem, God’s bride, to take off her mourning clothes and to put on “forever the beauty of the glory from God”.

6 “The Second Reading describes Paul’s message of hope to the community at Philippi. He assures them that God will continue to work with them and through them, as they have already started living the Gospel. In his love for his fellow Christians he urges them to prepare for Jesus’ coming in glory. He encourages them that they should not worry about the future, since God will be with them. Further, they are supported by the help of Paul’s prayer.

7 In the Gospel reading, John the Baptist announces the proximity of the Kingdom of God and confirms it with the words of Isaiah, “all will see the salvation of God.” John’s call to prepare the way of the Lord is done in fulfilment of God’s prophecy revealed through Gabriel, Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist, and the prophet Isaiah. John proclaims the upcoming fulfilment of God’s promise of a new exodus, which will be from the exile of death and sin to a life of bliss and eternal happiness and will be accomplished by Jesus.

8 How should we await the coming of the LORD? We need to wrap ourselves in the mantle of justice that comes from God. We need conversion. It must not only be lip service but conversion from the heart. As we await the coming of the Lord, we prepare ourselves inside and outside.. We must repent …. We must change our aura… As we present our heart to God, we present our self to others also… As we pray to God, we pray for others too…. Personal conversion is not alone sufficient, social conversion is also indispensable

9 John the Baptist repeats the call of Isaiah when he invites us to enter into the dynamism of conversion – first from within, growing in the fundamental Christian value of love In Paul’s threefold prayer, love is placed first and then proceeds to understanding (deeper perception) and eventually leads to be being pure and blameless.

10 Let Us Pray …

11 Help me to see this new life as a new opportunity, as renewing the hopes in me; and more importantly, as a life believing in oneself. Oh Lord, help me to see the beauty of life in you… the peacefulness of life with you… the blissfulness of life through you… Help me to change my life according to Your likeness…

12 When You allow me to suffer…. Help me to learn from my mistakes…. Help me to empathize with others… Help me to be more resolved to face life with newer vigour and strength…

13 When I am lonely…. Help me to find solitude in You…. To see the myself as a masterpiece of Your hand… To see myself as a unique part of Creation… To see others as a part of my journey toward perfection… To see the world around me as home You have made for me….

14 When I am happy…. Give me the courage to give joy to others…to share my blessings with others too…. Most especially, when I see others to be sad and lonely, give me the wisdom to bring smile to their lips…

15 When I receive material blessings…. Help me to use them to be more attached to You, to be more loving to others, to help nurture the work of Your hands…. Help me to be detached from material things and see friends and family as more important…. May others see my material blessings as Your blessing to them also…

16 As I advance in years…. Help me to prepare well for Your coming…. To await You with joyful anticipation…

17 As I prepare for the coming of Your birth day…. Help me prepare myself physically and most importantly, SPIRITUALLY…. AMEN…


19 Today is an excellent day to start a new life project. Where do you want to go? Look higher, dream higher, desire the best; life brings us what we aspire.

20 If we think small; the small will come. If we think firmly on the best, on the positive and we strive for it; the best will come in our lives.

21 Today is the great mental cleaning day. Throw away all that binds you to the past; all that hurts you. Discard everything into garbage; clean your heart; prepare it for a new life, and for new love; for we are passionate. We are capable of loving many times, because we are the manifestation of love.

22 Life calls you; it invites you to a new adventure, a new journey, a new challenge. This day, promise yourself: that you will do anything possible to achieve your objectives; trust in life, trust in yourself, TRUST IN GOD…

23 If you received this message, thank God for having someone who thinks of you and pray for that someone. Not all of us have that privilege. Have a beautiful day!

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