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The Navy Supply Corps Foundation Providing the Navy Supply Corps Officer a lifetime of support – Taking Care of Our Own.

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1 The Navy Supply Corps Foundation Providing the Navy Supply Corps Officer a lifetime of support – Taking Care of Our Own

2 2 Who are we? Current and past members of the U.S. Navy Supply Corps Active duty Reservist Retired Former Anyone who has ever worn the Oakleaf

3 3 Our mission…. The U.S. Navy Supply Corps Foundation exists to perpetuate the values, traditions, and history of the Supply Corps throughout the lives of individuals in the Supply Corps community.

4 4 Our mission (contd)…. The Foundation shall pursue its mission by providing services and programs related to recruiting, training and development, transition, recognition, financial support and commemoration.

5 5 Foundation History Founded in 1971 in Athens GA to provide scholarship support for dependents of Navy Supply Corps Officers and supply enlisted ratings In first year, awarded 6 one-year scholarships of $250 each In 1995 merged with the Navy Supply Corps Association19 chapters today

6 6 Not-for-Profit Legal Status Any organized Navy SC Assn will be recognized as a chartered member of the Foundation if it satisfies the following five principles: It performs as a not-for profit entity and serves its Supply Corps constituency as a social and/or charitable organization. It has a readily identifiable leadership and an overall history of continuity in the succession of leadership. It maintains detailed, accurate records of its financial activities, including but not limited to annual income and expenses, disbursements for charitable purposes, and the status of any reserve funds or otherwise invested funds. It is supportive of one or more of the major program areas of the Navy Supply Corps Foundation. It agrees to provide the foundation on request any information on the association's activities deemed relevant to sustaining the foundation's federal tax rulings under sections 501 and 170 of the federal tax code. It adopts a set of by-laws and submits to the foundation for filing.

7 7 Not-for-Profit (contd) Navy Supply Corps Associations satisfying these principles are eligible to function under the Foundation's 501 (c)(3) tax exempt ruling and its 170 (b)(1)(A)(iv) determination wherein gifts to the association are deductible for federal income tax purposes. Be careful on how you solicit and what you use funds for…….

8 8 Update from Last Year Fewer, higher $ value scholarships Successful Branding Effort - New name and logos (Associations of the Foundation, not Chapters) Association By-laws/chartering Association Operations Manual New, improved web site Memorial Scholarships Memorial Ship Displays

9 9 Scholarship Program Since 1971…1,622 Scholarships Worth Over $3M 2007/08 statistics $206,000 given to 60 recipients (143 applicants) - 5 $10K; 16 $5K; 24 $2.5K; 14 $1K; & 1 $2K continuing Names blacked out…34 in college; 26 HS Seniors 78% Officer; 22% Enlisted 73% Women; 27% Men

10 10 Association By-Laws/Ops Manual Provided draft by-laws to all Assns. Have only received Assn. By-Laws from: Jax, Great Lakes and SCAN Need to ensure by-laws and Ops Manual are pass-down items to new Board

11 11 Memorial Scholarships Memorial scholarships for children of our fallen comrades. BOD voted to award $10K/child for anyone who died on ACDU from year 2001 forward. Currently 26 children: Jan 01LT Corinne J. Pellegrin – 4 Children Lindsey, Sydney, Shanna and Kyle Apr 02CDR Paul J. Dower – 3 Children Apr 03CDR Joseph Acevedo – 2 Children Joseph and Stephan Aug 04LT David M. Barksdale – No Children Oct 04LT Dave Hiles – 2 Children Kelsey and Audrey

12 12 Memorial Scholarships (contd) Jan 05LCDR Keith E. Taylor – 3 Children Katherine, Audrey, and Emily Aug 05CAPT Lyman Foster – 2 Children Christopher and Patrick Sep 05LTjg Katherine Douglas – No Children Nov 05CAPT Joseph N. Mecca – 3 Children Joseph, Anthony and Margaret Apr 06ENS Christopher O. Simon – No Children Apr 07CDR Philip Murphy-Sweet – 3 Children Olivia Catherine, Lauren Jodeemarie, and Seth Philip Mar 07CAPT Lindsay Perkins – 2 Children Mar 07LCDR Morgan Tulang – 2 Children Mia and Mitchell

13 13 Great feedback… Dear Commander Evans: Saturday, June 9, would have been my husband's 48th birthday. I always get a bit melancholy when the day rolls around. I think about all that has gone on over the last five years, with the kids, family, and friends, and how he would have loved to have been a part of it. His brother, COR Christopher Dour, retired from the Navy two weeks ago. At his retirement ceremony, I was reminded again what a great bunch of people make up our Armed Forces. Yesterday, your Foundation's letter with the scholarship offer arrived in the mail on his birthday. It sure brightened the day. It is an incredible and generous offer. Please extend my appreciation and thanks to your members. My husband loved the Academy, the Navy, the Supply Corp, and his family, (not necessarily in that order except maybe on Army/Navy game day!).

14 14 Memorial Ship Displays Working with USS Midway Foundation to place several supply displays aboard (1M visitors/year) Pay line on mess decks Replenishment at Sea display/video SC history…Supply Dept. displays Follow on with Intrepid, JFK and others Need volunteers to assist

15 15 Distinguished Alumni Program Annually select and recognize former or retired Supply Corps Officers for distinguished service after leaving military Address junior officers at Supply Corps School or at Association event Over 16 years, more than 30 recipients named

16 16 Distinguished Alumni of the Supply Corps - RADM Frank J. Allston, SC, USNR (Ret): Author, Ready For Sea. Former VP, Illinois Central Rail Road. - Mr. Roy Anderson: Former CEO of Lockheed Corporation - RADM Bernard S. Browning, SC, USNR (Ret): Founder, General Business Services (Deceased) - Dr. Howard J. Burnett: Former President Washington and Jefferson College - Mr. Howard J. Jake Carey: Former Chairman and CEO, Carey Salt Company - Mr. Eddie Carlson: Former CEO of United Airlines (Deceased) - CAPT Joseph H. Cheshure SC USN (Ret): Former Business Manager, Treasurer and Dean of Administration at Huntington College; Recruiting Assistance Program Officer (RAPO) - Mr. Benjamin Edwards III: President, Chairman and CEO of A.G. Edwards - Mr. Roger Enrico: Chairman of the board of DreamWorks Animation SKG

17 17 Distinguished Alums (contd) - RADM Andrew A. Giordano, SC, USN (Ret): Principal and Founder, The Giordano Group, LTD., Former Chief of Supply Corps - RADM Paul N. Howell SC USNR (Ret): President, and CEO of Howell Corporation (deceased) - Mr. C. Lloyd Johnson Sr.: Chairman and CEO of C. Lloyd Johnson Co., Inc. (deceased) - Mr. Jon R. Katzenbach: Founder, Katzenbach Partners LLC - Mr. L. Bruce Laingen: Former U.S. Charge d'Affairs in Iran; former U.S. Ambassador to Malta - Mr. A. G. Lafley: Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive, The Procter & Gamble Company - The Honorable, Melvin R. Laird: Former Congressman; former Secretary of Defense - Mr. Leonard A. Lauder: Chairman, The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. - CDR Robert S. Leventhal, SC, USN (Ret.): Former Dean of the University of Washington School of Business; President Chairman and CEO of Western Union - Mr. J. W. Marriott Jr.: CEO and Chairman of the Board of the Marriott Corporation - Mr. Edward J. Mathias: Managing Director, The Carlyle Group

18 18 Distinguished Alums (contd) - CAPT Brian McDonnell SC USN (Ret): Former President and CEO, Navy Federal Credit Union - Mr. Gilbert C. Osnos: Chairman, RKG Osnos Partners - Mr. Jerry Petry: Exec. VP, NBC Universal TV Group, West Coast - Mr. Regis Philbin: Nationally recognized television personality - Mr. Sanford R. Robertson: Principal – Francisco Partners - CAPT Jackson L. Schultz SC USN (Ret): Former Senior VP Wells Fargo Bank; Director SOLA International, Inc. - Mr. Charles E. Sigety: President and CEO of Sigety Family Businesses - RADM Robert H. Spiro SC USNR (Ret): Former Under Secretary of the Army; former President of Jacksonville University - RADM Robert C. Stack SC USNR (Ret): Former Executive VP Chase Bank of Texas; Former President, Navy Supply Corps Foundation

19 19 Distinguished Alums (contd) - Mr. Roger Staubach: NFL Hall of Fame quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys; President of Staubach Realty - CAPT Ted Stern SC USN (Ret): Former President of the College of Charleston; Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Spoleto Festival - VADM Edward M. Straw SC USN (Ret): Former President, Global Operations, Estee Lauder Companies, Inc. - Mr. Henry Trione: Former Chairman and Owner of Geyser Peak Winery, and Founder; Owner of Sonoma Mortgage Corporation - Mr. Kevin Twomey: Former President, The St. Joe Company, NSCF Board Member - CDR John C. Whitehead SC USNR (Ret): Former Senior Partner/Co-Chairman Goldman, Sachs & Co.; Deputy Secretary of State - CAPT E. William Withrow SC USN (Ret): Former Mayor of Alameda, California - Mr. Paul M. Wythes: Special Limited Partner and Founder, Sutter Hill Ventures

20 20 Programs: Sources of Funds Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) Corporate contributions Sales of ballcaps, etc. Foundation investment income One time gifts, e. g., deferred giving Association and Spouse club activities

21 21 People: Volunteers Board of Directors 17 voting members including active duty, reserve, retired and prior service Current Chief of Supply Corps is ex-officio All former Chiefs have emeriti status NAVSUP CMC and Spouses Rep are Ad Hoc RADM D.E. Hickman SC USN (Ret) - Current Chair

22 22 People: Volunteers Local Supply Corps Associations Strong volunteer involvement Pull in active, reserve, retired and former members Spouse involvement Key to scholarship support Link to Supply Corps families

23 23 Volunteers: Help wanted! Scholarship selection boards Membership ambassadors The Oakleaf articles Mentoring Scholarship recipients Reunion organizers Memorial Ship Displays Can you help? We need you!

24 24 People: Staff Chief of Staff Sole staffer w/part-time admin assistant Day to day administration of the Foundation Augmented as needed for specialized skills Fund raising Communications Web development Volunteer support critical Jack Evans Chief Staff Officer

25 25 The Navy Supply Corps Foundation needs you! Financial support and contributions Volunteer time and energy Ideas and suggestions Contact us at

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