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Tablet PC – Overview Jeff Diehl Marketing Manager, Notebooks NA Access Business Group.

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1 Tablet PC – Overview Jeff Diehl Marketing Manager, Notebooks NA Access Business Group

2 Customer Strategy & Scenarios Compaq Tablet PC Presentation –Vision –Business Objective/Strategy –Product Strategy –Target Market –Feature Summary Brainstorming & Feedback AgendaAgenda

3 VisionVision To establish Compaq as an innovation leader by developing cool, innovative and simple products and solutions that solve unique problems.

4 Business Objectives / Strategy Establish Compaq as the Innovation Leader by continuing a trend that was initiated with the iPAQ desktop of bringing to market cool, innovative and simple products Provide the best in customer experience –Through simple and innovative products and solutions Easy to set up and to deploy Easy to manage Easy to service Set new standards for quality / reliability Breakthrough industrial design Simple offering (less is more) End-to-end solutions Establish partnerships as necessary to achieve these objectives –Microsoft –Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

5 Who/What is our Primary Target Market ? Users that: Users that: –prefer the flexibility/ mobility of a notebook PC, but also carry writing paper in portfolio for note taking. –are highly mobile, price conscious, place high degree of importance to style, and wants to remove the barrier that a PC has in meetings or classes. –are executives, consultants, students, buyers, sales, data collection, service & maintenance, healthcare, insurance, law enforcement, home & small businesses. Horizontal Market Companion device or primary with peripherals (i.e external monitor/dock) Typical Users: –Knowledge Worker –Campus Roamers Applications: –Office Productivity Vertical Markets Primary Device – may include peripheral (I.e dock) Typical Users –Medical –Legal –Field Sales –Field Automation Service Public Safety Unique Requirements –Specialty Applications –Environmental

6 Product Strategy Why develop a Tablet device? –The Tablet PC extends the capabilities of traditional clamshell PCs. Reduces the distraction of notebook usage in a meeting environment. Offers the opportunity to reach users which typically capture data in a notepad/ledger format. –Medical, Legal, Education markets, Field Services, Public Safety –The Tablet PC will provide customers with a device to use when creating, storing or accessing information and transactions Improves Productivity –Technology advancements Low power, high performance CPUs Low power LCDs Battery Advances in handwriting and speech recognition Wireless Windows XP

7 Tablet Feature Summary Current Definition with engineering –Legacy free, fully integrated Features –ProcessorLow Voltage, Low Power (currently Transmeta or Intel) –Panel10.4 TFT XGA transflective –RAM128MB – 640MB –VideoPCI graphics ATI M6 with 8MB VRAM –Operating SystemWindows XP, with Ink as Ink technology –Touch ScreenDigitizer - EM –InputPen - Active –CommunicationsLOM, 802.11b (a) –PCMCIASingle Type II PC card slot –HDD20GB+, 9.5mm –Ports(2) USB 2.0, VGA, RJ45, RJ11, Power –SecurityIntegrated Biometrics, IPSEC –Battery technologyLi-Ion –Battery Life8 hours minimum –Weight2.5lbs –Dimensions (x/y/z)< 8.5 x 11 x 1

8 Development Priorities Priorities (compiled from customer feedback) –Quality and Reliability –Easy of use –Battery life –Weight –Price –Durability Ramifications –Graphics are ATI M6 – great, but PCI implementation saves power. No AGP and no 3D – working with engineering

9 Concept Sketches




13 Dock Feature Summary Positioning –Low cost cable management and access to more ergonomic keyboards and displays Features –MultiBay –CommunicationsPass-through Ethernet –Ports (2) USB, VGA, RJ45, Power –SecurityKensington Lock –Weight.5lbs (with weight saver) –Orientationsupports Portrait only

14 Product Specific Saleable Options Cradle Ruggedized portfolio and/or Leather portfolio –Offers portfolio that has notebook orientation with integrated keyboard –Removable keyboard depending on needs Bar Code Reader –Ruggedized jacket offering barcode reader –PC Card could offer barcode reader – under investigation Stylus Tether Stylus Replacement kit Screen protectors

15 Brainstorming Questions: Customer scenarios? –Why not PDAs? –Why not a notebook? –Need for wireless? Business Case –Where is the business case to justify the tablet in your business –How is cost saved or productivity made? Tablet positioning? –Full capability of notebook PC Full OS, WLAN, WWAN, VGA port, USB, etc. Confirm for Corporate primary market that this concept is necessary –Webpad with communication capabilities Note taking device with 802.11

16 Brainstorming Questions: Product Priorities? Which to trade off first? 1.Quality and Ease of Use 2.Battery life 3.Weight 4.Price 5.Durability Special features required? –Acceptable price range –Grab and go –Voice recognition - dictating only? –Security requirements? –Portrait vs. landscape? –Intel versus Transmeta


18 Modular Concept Alternative definition –Hit a lower price, add options for features –Concern that lower price and smaller size is not achievable by just trading off ports Base unit –ProcessorLow Voltage, Low Power –Panel10.4 TFT XGA –RAM128MB - 640MB –HDD20GB+, 9.5mm –Operating SystemWindows XP, with Ink as Ink technology –PCMCIASingle Type II PC card slot/Security slot –CommunicationsLOM, 802.11b (a) –PortsIntegrated Antenna, (1) USB, RJ45, Audio in/out, Power –Battery technologyLi-Ion –Battery Lifetablet mode 9-11 hours, full power 6 hours –Touch ScreenDigitizer - EM –InputPen - Active –Weight2.5lbs –Dimensions (x/y/z)< 8.5 x 11 x 1 Provide jackets to add –WAN JacketPC Card Integrated Biometrics, RJ11, tilt, ruggedized/panel cover, grips –Data Collection JacketBar Code Reader, RJ11, tilt, ruggedized/panel cover, grips –Corporate Jacket(1) USB, VGA, RJ11, tilt, ruggedized/panel cover, grips

19 LocalizationLocalization Language availability of Ink – –Only comes in EFGJ at launch English French German Japanese GEO mix - TBD

20 Configurable Modules Model 1 Low power processor,10.4 TFT/XGA –Stylus/digitizer –No batteries –No memory –2 empty battery bays –1 empty memory slots / 128MB down –1 empty MiniPCI –1 empty integrated Biometrics –RJ 45 NIC Hard Drive 20GB Common Hard drive options Communication WLAN miniPCI + modem combo No Modem WWAN PC cards Additional Memory 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB (Transmeta only) Security Integrated Biometrics Battery 4-cells Batteries Country/OS Modules Windows XP Localization = EFGJ Productivity software TBD Warranty One year – 1/1/0 Maybe service extensions

21 Competitive Landscape Performance Weight Fujitsu * Rugged, Exceptioinal Performance, Outdoor View ability, replacement For Desktop Keyboard/Stylus 2.5 lbs. Aqcess Obe * Power of a color Pen tablet comp. W/speech recognition Capability & a CCD Camera Keyboard/Stylus 4 lbs Clio * Extend your office Everywhere you go and Access corporate Databases, your PC & the Internet Keyboard/Stylus 3 ½ lbs Mitsubishi * AMiTY CP Advanced Keyboard- Free Apps & Sturdy Construction for On-the-move Field workers, Handwriting Stylus Optional keyboard 2.2 lbs. ************* * Wireless not mentioned In product information IBM Mini-Notebook/ tablet CrossPad notepad for handwriting recognition / electronic image transfer & a touchscreen display / interface 5.5 lbs IBM – wireless via 80211b (integrated or PC Card) under considered

22 Competitive Assessment Tablet PCs are not a new concept Tablet devices have been on the market for nearly a decade. Typically marketed towards niche markets Existing tablet offerings prohibit mass market appeal/acceptance, due to: Weight Battery Life Technology/Performance Price

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