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Email over Ham Radio What is it ? It is a method of transmitting short email messages from point to point over either vhf (very high frequencies –ie. Vehicular.

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1 Email over Ham Radio What is it ? It is a method of transmitting short email messages from point to point over either vhf (very high frequencies –ie. Vehicular & fixed), or HF (high frequencies – ie. Short wave). They make use of amateur radio frequencies, operated by Federally licenced amateur radio operators. They use transceivers, computers, black boxes (called TNC’s), antennas and a power source. Those that use the VHF frequencies are limited to shorter distances, which can be extended with repeaters (towers). They depend on local communications infrastructures. Those that use the HF frequencies allow for communication over much greater distances and have access to a multitude of frequencies and global Internet contact locations. An email sent by either means is transmitted to a receiving/transmitting station where it it is automatically transferred to the Internet and sent to any email address worldwide. Email answers are returned by the same means. The systems are designed and intended for short, important messages, which may include small attachments. They are useful where speed and accuracy is important. Local loss of the Internet can be be bridged using these systems. Voice communications will always remain important and necessary in many cases.

2 Westport and Kingston WL2K digital system Background VE3VY-10 RMS Packet station established several years ago on 145.010. VE3VY and VE3GXW established portable Paclink stations. Email over ham radio used during Field Day over several years with good results.

3 Continued In 2012 established a digi node VE3REX-7 at the Lions Club RV site on Westport Hill to extend the range of portable Paclink stations. 145.070 is the primary frequency throughout. Worked with VE3GWS and Frontenac Emcomm in Kingston to establish a digi node VE3FRG-7 there. VE3GWS established an RMS Packet/Internet link VE3FRG-10 at his home in Kingston

4 Continued New Paclink stations established in Kingston with VE3KFS, VE3DZE, VE3VJF, VE3ORP and VE3MNE. Frontenac Emcomm established a Node near Harrowsmith to provide additional local coverage, linked to VE3FRG-7. George, VE3GXW (Westport) has been involved with all of these activities.

5 Winmor/Pactor Email over HF radio Both VE3GXW, VE3ERA and VE3VY operate HF Winmor stations. Signalink USB Integrated Sound cards are used by GXW and VY. VE3ERA, Jim, uses a computer sound card. One advantage of Winmor is that no local infrastructure is required. There is both Pactor and Winmor activity in Kingston.

6 Path Survey 2 Since we set up the bath between Westport and Kingston we have not had any path problems. The transmitters are using about 40 watts. Automatic polling takes place every hour to ensure the path is reliable. Barrie VE3BSB did the path survey.

7 Path survey

8 Westport Node Site To house the node we moved our MCP trailer to the Lion’s Club RV Site (now closed), with their permission. We have 115 vac power. We will be providing liability insurance. The site is on a 600 + ft hill looking Southward towards Kingston. The antenna is omni directional and so provides coverage in all directions.

9 Our MCP Trailer

10 WL2K RMS Packet Station VE3VY-10 Westport VE3FRG-10 Kingston 2 meter transceiver Terminal Node ControllerLaptop ComputerInternet DSL

11 RMS Packet Station VE3VY-10

12 Portable Paclink Station LaptopTNC 2 M transceiver 12 volt power source Antenna

13 A portable Paclink Station VE3GXW

14 Basic Node VE3REX-7 Westport VE3FRG-7 Kingston 2 M transceiver Terminal Node Controller 2 m transceiver Terminal Node Controller Westport Lions Club RV Site Kingston John Orr Tower

15 Westport Node VE3REX-7 temporary

16 Basic System Email over amateur radio Portable Paclink Node Westport or Kingston RMS Packet to The Internet DSL To any email address, Worldwide

17 Overall System Portable Paclink Westport Portable Paclink Kingston Westport Node VE3REX-7 Kingston Node VE3FRG-7 Westport RMS Packet to Internet VE3VY-10 Kingston RMS Packet to Internet VE3FRG-10

18 Wrap up Immediate and future plans include: Installation of a new dual band antenna of 8 db gain on the Westport node. Installation of a new KPC-3+ and an Icom 880H transceiver on the Westport node. Install standby power on the Westport Node, perhaps solar.

19 -More- Frontenac Emcomm expects to install a new node North of Kaladar at Clarendon Station on an existing tower site, to connect to the Westport node. There are potentially two or more amateurs in the area who will probably make use of the node. We are looking at the possibility of moving our IRLP 2740 equipment to the Westport site. It is presently defunct.

20 -More- We would like to see a few more portable Paclink stations made available for use within the Rideau Lakes Township area. These units require a transceiver, terminal node controller, a laptop computer, an antenna, a 12 volt to 114vac converter, and a suitable carrying case.

21 Questions or Comments I’ll try to answer any…. Thanks for listening Norm VE3VY, Westport

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