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1 E NVIRONMENTAL F RIENDLY E NZYME { 酵素 }…. 环保 讲座会 !!!

2 Presents by: Datin Moo Siew Yoong (Linda) Chairman of Elderly Daycare Centre, 318-320, Hye Keat Estate, 11500 Air Itam, Penang. Tel. & Fax: 04-827 8066

3 Our Earth is getting warmer and warmer each day. This effect is known as ‘Global Warming’. INTRODUCTION

4 THE MAIN CAUSE: The Greenhouse Gases Human activities have built a thick blanket of harmful gases around our Earth. These gases are known as ‘The Greenhouse Gases’. coal power plant (carbon dioxide) exhaust smoke (carbon monoxide)

5 raising farm animals (methane) chemical fertilizer (nitrous oxide) refrigerants (chlorofluorocarbons) deforestation (reduced of oxygen)

6 THE GREENHOUSE EFFECT – How It Happens? 1.The sun sends down solar ray. Some solar heat is reflected back into space. 3.The more greenhouse gases there are, the more heat that is trapped and send back to the earth surface causing the temperature to rise. 2.The gases absorb some of the heat and stop it from reflecting back into space.

7 THE EFFECTS: Drastic Climate Changes droughtcyclone flash floodtidal waves/ tsunami

8 Rising Sea Level 1: Retreating of Glaciers past present

9 Rising Sea Level 2: Melting Ice Caps past present

10 Source: Weiss & Overpeck, The University of Arizona Rising sea level can engulf land of the coastal areas and some low-laying countries may even been submerged.

11 THE SOLUTION? Garbage Enzyme

12 Garbage enzyme is produced by fermentation of fresh kitchen waste (fruits and vegetables dregs), brown sugar and water. WHAT IS GARBAGE ENZYME?

13 This environmental friendly enzyme is developed by Dr. Rosukon Poompanvong of Thailand. She has been actively involved in enzyme research for more than 30 years and encourages people to make garbage enzyme at home to recover our Ozone layer and ease global warming.

14 Dr. Rosukon Poompanvong is the founder of the Organic Agriculture Association of Thailand. Working with farmers throughout Thailand and in Europe, she has succeeded in growing top-quality agricultural produce at no expense to the environment. She received an award for her outstanding achievement in organic farming by the FAO Regional Office in Bangkok in 2003.

15 natural fertilizer natural pesticide Photo source: Unlike some chemical pesticides, it doesn’t cause any skin problems such as this. THE USES OF GARBAGE ENZYME IN AGRICULTURE

16 Convert sandy land to fertile farm land. 1st month2nd month 3rd month4th month

17 add to animal feed add to animal drinking water Photos source: reduce foul odour in animal farm reduce infection

18 laundry floor mopping Photos source: mold removal grime removal THE USES OF GARBAGE ENZYME IN OUR HOMES

19 insect repeller cleaning liquid & bodycare Photos source: fruits and veggie wash prevent drain pipe blockage

20 酵素不仅可 以代替一般 家中的化学 清洁用品, 最后也会流 到下水道, 还可以一起 净化河流与 海洋, 保护我 们的环境。 In short, garbage enzyme is a replacement for chemical laced detergents in our house. It helps purifying our water passage: the river and sea and protecting our environment.

21 Things you’ll need: water air-tight plastic container fruits or vegetables dregs brown sugar kitchen scale DO-IT-YOURSELF GARBAGE ENZYME

22 Mixing ratio: brown sugar kitchen waste water (1 ratio) (3 ratio) (10 ratio)

23 Pour 10 ratio of water into the container. Weigh the brown sugar. 12

24 Pour the brown sugar in.Stir and mix them well. 34

25 Weigh the kitchen waste.Add them in. 56

26 Stir and mix them well.Close the cap and jot down the date the mission begins. 78

27 Fermentation process will take 3 months.

28 Day 1 1 month Photos source: 2 months 3 months

29 end of fermentation filter to remove residue Photos source: enzyme ready for use residue as fertilizer

30 1. add a cap of enzyme 2. wash veggie throughly Photos source: 3. put veggie in the basin 4. soak for 40 minutes MAKE-YOUR-OWN FRUIT & VEGGIE WASH

31 Follow the same steps for the fruits. Washing your fruits and veggie with garbage enzyme, clean and free them from chemicals such as pesticide residue.

32 Use a marker to make 10 equal lines on the container as a measurement. As a general rule to prepare whatever household cleaning products of your own: MAKE- YOUR- OWN BODYWASH

33 1 part of bodywash 1 part of enzyme 8 parts of water Add in: 1 2 3

34 Apply the same formula to other cleaning products as well.

35 Usage: Enzyme for fertilizer Enzyme for insecticide Enzyme for pesticide For anti odour/ air freshener As plant growth hormone 1:100/500/1000 1:1000 1:100 Dilute 200x Dilute 500x

36 We wish to thank Dr. (H) Joean Onn of Naturopathic Family Care Centre in Penang for sharing this valuable knowledge with us. We also wish to acknowledge that some images displayed in this presentation are taken from the website, courtesy of Dr (H) Joean Oon.

37 谢谢您! 爱我们的地球! Your presence here today is the first step to help reduce Global Warming and save our Mother Earth. Thank you for taking this step. Image source:

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