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Bryant High School South Mobile County Alabama

2 PROGRAM OVERVIEW Started when school opened in 1998
Began with one greenhouse and four recirculating systems (Exxon/Mobil) Now has three greenhouses, seven recirculating systems (to 10,000 gallons), aquaponics system, two indoor ponds and one outdoor pond. New expansion to add full-scale commercial redclaw crawfish nursery/hatchery operated by students

3 SUPPORTERS Exxon / Mobil Gulf Coast RC&D Council Bedsole Foundation
Mississippi / Alabama Sea Grant Auburn University Fisheries Dept. Alabama Dept. Conserv. Nat. Res. Auburn Marine Extention Research Ctr. Mobile County Public School System Numerous state and federal elected officials

4 PROGRAM GOALS Keep students in school
Stimulate interest in science/technology Hands-on learning by doing the”real thing” Demonstrate to students practical applications of biology, math, physics, and chemistry Help to develop aquaculture opportunities by using commercially important species

5 Bryant Aquascience Complex
Exxon/Mobil Center for Aquascience Studies J. L. Bedsole Indoor Aquaculture Production Center Gulf Coast Resource Conservation and Development Council Aquaponics Studies Center

6 Bedsole Indoor aquaculture Exxon/Mobil Aquaculture Studies RC&D Aquaponics

7 Exxon/Mobil Center for Aquaculture Studies
Redclaw hatching tanks Redclaw crawfish broodstock tanks

8 Currently used for redfish
650-gallon tanks Currently used for redfish

9 Redclaw crawfish hatching tanks and food preference studies
500-gallon recirculating system

10 10,000-gallon epoxy-coated concrete tank
Reservoir biofilter 10,000-gallon epoxy-coated concrete tank for spawning redfish

11 Tilapia pond inside RC&D aquaponics building

12 Aquaponics trays

13 Brazilian red tilapia


15 Indoor pond provides for continuous year-round crawfish production
Redclaw crawfish pond Indoor pond provides for continuous year-round crawfish production Water hyacinths

16 Outdoor pond for cage culture

17 SPECIES CULTURED (pilot scale studies)
Several species of tilapia Red snapper (First to culture in captivity from egg to harvest; 5 published research studies conducted by students) Cobia (ling) Redfish (red drum) Rainbow trout (first cage culture) Australian redclaw crawfish* *all have good potential, but redclaw best

18 (weighs approx. ½ pound)
Male redclaw crawfish (weighs approx. ½ pound)

19 CONTENT STANDARDS Water chemistry and management Aquatic biology
Aquaculture systems and techniques System design and maintenance Aquaculture issues Business and economics* *capable of “book studies” only

20 Future Plans Construct and operate a full-scale redclaw crawfish hatchery/nursery. Business will be operated by students; duties will include design, construction, operation, marketing, records and bookkeeping. Profits will be used to pay students, fund expansions, and scholarships.

21 Students enjoy their non-typical classroom setting

22 Students benefit from cooperative learning and problem solving

23 Most students prefer sitting in a boat instead of sitting in a classroom


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