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Hr Role Swatee Sarangi.

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1 Hr Role Swatee Sarangi

2 Different roles of HR An advisor – To the line/ organization
A partner – Helping develop strategic solutions A guardian - Of policies & practices A leader – In creating change A representative - Employee’s views

3 Step 1 : Establishing HR’s Role
Strategic Business Partner Consultant Control Advise Policy Policeman Administrative Support Tactical

4 Hr contribution into 3 roles
Strategic – Change , Innovation , Diagnostic Legal – Law – Macro & Micro , Audit Operational – Recruitment, Training, Compensation, Attitude surveys, Consultative forums

5 Alignment with corporate Life Cycle
Productivity Maturity Decline Growth Startup Time

6 Challenges in roles Strategic versus Operational
Employer versus Employee Corporate conscience versus team member of the organization Corporate policeman versus Operational player Hence need for a balance

7 Achieve alignment - By A match with the stage of business development – Start up- Growth – Maturity – Decline Alignment with business market focus – (Porter) - Differentiated approach ( Product innovation) – Empowerment, reward risk taking - Cost reduction - Optimal resourcing - Quality enhancement – Encourage personal development, lifelong, Continuous improvement, communication

8 Roadmap Establish needs & interests of various stakeholders
Clarify type of hr support Determine the activities that the function should cover Clarify roles of line and HR Fix structure and fit to deliver Staff the function Establish monitoring systems to meet objectives


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